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((Apologize for the story, i personally feel the 4 part is poor))

So it begins Edit

It was a beautiful midday in stormwind, the sun shone brightly over the great city.

along the Canal Sat Amy redcross, her russet hat slanted over her eyes as she lay in the boat, gently cradling her precious infant Daughter as she took the time to relax, no war, no pain, just her and Norra.

unfortunately such peace was broken with a loud and deep "hello down there"

Amy looked up at the bridge grinning at the man, he was quite short but he was fully equipped in Chain mail armour and a large yet unique sword on his holster

Amy shouted up in a friendly tone "Can i help you?"

he smirked "perhaps you can, have you heard of a miss Redcross, you see i have this document saying, that for the next month she is under my command"

Amy's eyes widened at the news "you WHAT!?"

the mans face lit up even more "you must be her then, welcome to the 33rd northern sabers, i am your commander yoeink hansneki"

"this can't be right, im going to see the Field marshal about this" Amy announced Unpleased

Yoeink only smirked "oh you can do that if you wish, ill see you in the next morning at Corins corner, until we next meet" he climbs onto his horse on the other side of the bridge and rode away.

Amy took a deep breathe, sighing as she carefully placed Norra in her carrier, shaking her head at her playfully, sticking out her tongue out, watching as the small infant gurgled, Amy took the oars of the Boat, rowing to the nearest pier and climbed off,slowly walking towards Old town

Orders confirmed Edit

Amy marched towards the commander centre, clearly not impressed at the news she had just received, Norra still gurgling Cheerly on Amy's back, she provoked one of the field marshals sharply shouting "field marshal!"

the Field marshal turned around, gazing at amy before calmly replying "can i help you corporal?"

Amy glared at him "you can actually, apparently i am under the command of yoeink hansneki, is this true?"

The marshal nodded "indeed it is Corporal Redcross, i would suggest you prepare for you journey, it is a long way, even by griffin"

Amy narrowed her glare, showing that she was getting more unimpressed by the second "you can't do that, I'm under the command of lord severket you ha.."

the marshal interrupted in haste "and you forget Corporal! that you are bound by the alliance since you joined in the Arathi Highlands, let me just remind you of that!, now you will be at Corins Corner by the morning, Am i understood?"

Amy just sighed replying "yes sir" Saluting to the commander as Norra continued to gurgle, walking out of the command Centre slowly.

several long Hours passed Before Amy decided to at least tell someone, her thoughts flying around in her head

you can't go Amy, think of Norra

Your Honour depends on this

Xania's going to be so sad when i tell her

Come on Amy They clearly need you up there

Think how Proud Nick will be

What if you die? think of norra

Amy reached the Cathedral, Norra Calmly sleeping and gripping onto the Black bear fur inside, Amy looked around slowly, she saw the Archbishop slowly walking up to him and bowing in respect "archbishop have you seen Sister Imoen" with a calm and soft smile he pointed toward the Scarlets Catacomb, Again she slowly Bowed before turning towards the entrance of the catacomb, slowly walking down she began to hear Suzies and Imoens voice, clearly they were disciplining the other recruits, amy lent on a pillar having enough manners not to interrupt

"tell me the three virtues of the light? anyone?" Suzie's Face expression showed she knew but she kept quiet as Imoen knew that she knew unlike the likes of Thepol or Kalliades

"Thepol Can you tell me?" Imoen said sharply, glaring at him

Thepol pondered a bit, clearly not knowing with Kalliades sniggering in the background, "is it...erm...i dont know"

Kalliades continued to Snigger, Imoens falcon like glare turned to him "maybe you can tell me?" she said sharply, Kalliades gulped as the spot light suddenly turned towards him " i erm....compassion, respect and um...chastity?"

"you were close the three Virtues are Compassion, respect and Tenancy, who can tell me anything about Respect?"

again the recruits remained silent, imoen turned to one of them "what can you tell me about the virtue of respect?" the recruit stuttered a bit not sure what say

"to gain obedience you must have full respect" Amy interrupted

Imoen turned towards her, smiling gently "Correct, see even someone who is not of our own is out doing you"

"hello Amy is there anything i can help you with?"

Amy nodded before answering "yes, if i can may i talk to Suzie?i will try not to keep her to long"

Imoen nodded "sure if its alright with Sister Suzanne"

They moved down into the catacomb, Amy looked towards the floor, Suzanne looked with concern "whats wrong"

Amy swallowed, though deep down she was confused, she had no idea where this sudden fear came from "they've sent me to Corins corner"

Suzanne's eyes widen slightly "oh my, what about Norra?" suzanne asked inquisitively

"I'm going to leave her with Xania, i know she will take good Care of her"

Suzanne Nodded before quietly saying "you make sure you keep as safe as possible okay?, remember Tyrs hand isn't far from there, they will give you safety if the worst is to happen"

Amy nodded "I'm just scared is all, I've heard things about that place"

"Believe in the light,it will protect you, now your not meant to be really down here so ill escort you out"

Amy smiled, her fears had been lighted "thank you Suzie"

they began to walk back to Imoen and the other recruits, as they reached their destination, they gazed upon Xania who smiled at Amy joyfully

"hello my love, are you well?"

amy replied "oh yes but theres something i need to talk to you about" Xania nodded as she held her hand out to Amy who gently took it, walking up into the main cathedral area, Xania continued to smile towards Amy

"so what is it you wanted to tell me?" Xania softly asked Amy

Amy just had she done suzanne, bowed her head, gathering her inner strength

"the military have sent me to Corins Corner up in the north, they said I'll be there for a month"

Xania Frowned "and what about Norra? didn't they care about her?"

Amy shook her head "Don't you think i tried to get out of it!?" her frustration began to show

"i need you to look after her for me, would you do that for me?" Amy asked quietly

Xania's eye glistened with Sadness before slowly lifting Amys face so there eyes met each other, she moved Amy's face closer with ease, giving her a soft kiss on the lips

"of course ill look after Norra"

"i best get ready, i have to be there in the morning my love" Amy proclaimed quietly

"Sod their orders!" Xania announced loudly "let us atleast spend Tonight together, we'll head to my home in Ironforge"

Amy suddenly Grinned, nodding eagerly

Goodbyes and fairwells Edit

"But firstly, i best say goodbye to the others, you know it might be..well.."

Xania nodded understandingly she slowly raised from the bench and followed Amy toward the catacomb again, her heart felt heavy, she was sad and worried at the out come of this posting.

Amy and Xania slowly Came across Imoen, Thepol and Suzanne, Thepol clinging onto his special book whilst talking to his "sisters"

"hey, sorry to interrupt, was just going to say good bye, i hope we meet again"

Amy sighed knowing that she revealed too much as Imoen asked with haste and concern "what do you mean by that?"

Amy instantly looked to suzanne for her judgment, Suzanne nodded to Amy who turned instantly to Imoen, taking a deep breathe

"the military have sent me to Corins Corner"

Imoens eyes widened in Shock "Cornins corner!?"

Amy nodded slowly "ive got to be there by the morning"

Imoen came forward and Hugged Amy gently "believe in the light it will guide you"

Amy nodded as she gentle held Imoen "i best get going" Amy said quietly yet loud enough for everyone to hear

The others waved as Amy slowly turned and walked away up into the main sector of the cathedral, Xania follow closely

A half hour later

the pair arrived at Xanias house in Ironforge, Slowly entering with smiles widened on there faces along with laughter as they sat on the bed, they gazed at one another, smiling gently as they lent closer and softly kissed

"you Don't have to do this you know?" Xania announced

"I'm sorry but orders are orders" Amy replied quietly Xania sighed loudly, Lying down slowly as Amy slowly followed the movement,carefully she took the Sleeping , again she pulled herself up closer to Xanias cheek, kissing it gently before both fell to sleep

a couple of hours later

Amy awoke, yawning tiredly like she hadn't slept, it was Very early dawn so it was still dark, Amy took a slow, deep breathe and held it, gently and very slowly she began to wriggle out of Xania's hold, eventually she got free of the hold, gently and silently she placed her foot on the floor

as soon as the foot made contact with the cold, stone floor the young baby Norra suddenly burst into crying causing Amy to jumped startled and turning to her crying child

She carefully picked up Norra, gently holding her close and looking down lovingly towards her, gently craddling her as she cried

Amy cleared her throat gently, slowly she began to Move around the room as if she were Ball room dancing gently and quietly singing

when night falls across the land and the wind blows through the mountains

when the wind Freezes the land, do not fear, mother is here

fathers Hammer pounds No more, he is here, do not fear

the Moon shines Tonight and Smiles on thee..never fear

Continued to dance little more before slowly stopping as she she watched Norra Fall back to her slumber, carefully placing her on the bed, kissing her softly on the forehead

"Goodbye sweetie"

Amy slowly raised from norra and took a few steps, turning back to look at the pair on the bed and sighing before picking up a bag by the door and slinging it over her shoulder, taking her swords into the other hand and slowly walking up the stairs

The long journey Edit

She gently patted Serenity on the nose, taking out an apple and offering it to the large Black stallion who gratefully took it.

Amy placed the bag onto the horses saddle, tying it tightly before putting her foot on the sturrip, hopping onto the Saddle and wrapping herself in a Blanket

"ride strong and fast serenity, we have much ground to cover and little time to cover it"

she gently tapped the horses sides with her feet making the Horse stand on its hind legs before running swiftly into the cold Region of Dun Morogh, Serenity charged vast into the mid morning of Loch Modan as News had obviously spread from Ironforge as some of the residents stood along the road waving her goodbye knowing perhaps even for good no one really knew, the rider and horse continued to ride though Khaz modan riding on the side of the horse though Dun algaz to avoid sighting by the Orcs located there.

Once in the marshes of wetlands Serenity began to trot which Amy took the time to gently lie on her favoured horse, she reached into her pocket looking for her Ammo tin instead she pulled out busko who was Norra's bear, she sighed loudly as she held the infants toy close to her, placing the bear back into her pocket before slapping the reins of her horse

"he-ya! ride swift serenity we still have to get through Dun Modr"

Serenity charged across the marsh swiftly and tirelessly, swiftly pass Dun Modr before the Dark Iron Resistance could react and reaching Refuge pointe by Midday

Bitter arrival Edit

its was mid noon as Amy rode into Camp located one of the Ruined Watch towers, opposite Darrowshire, commander yoeink continued to talk to his higher Ranks before one of them pointed towards Amy in which he turned and faced her, clearly displeased as he stormed over to her

"You where meant to be here Ten Hours ago, thanks to you and a few others we have had to delay the Assault!"

"My Apologizes its not easy riding from the south to the north"

she turned as one of the Sergeants Spat on the floor At the word south

"Bah, bloody southerners, all ways full of shit and no muscle, weakling" the sergeant smirked, she spat pat again, this time close to Amy's feet,

"Now be nice Sergeant be nice shes one of our comrades now"

"that small weakling? i would rather call an Orc a comrade" the sergeant Laughed as she slowly turned her back

at the Chance Amy lowered down quickly and picked up a small stone, throwing it at the sergeants head who quickly turned around

"well if im such a Weakling how about i prove myself?"

the sergeant Laughed, clearly amused "ok then GIRL lets test ya" she threw her sword to the Ground and Charged Amy who quickly untied her holster and waited before throwing her feet toward the charging womans face, knocking her down and landing on her,

Amy quickly rolled off, getting to her Feet before her opponent could

"I'll Teach you a lesson for that southerner!"

Amy looked towards commander yoeink who only Smirked as he watched,

"go on then Corporal show yourself" he shouted

Amy looked at her opponent that hit her in the face off her guard, splitting her lip as the Sergeant came into to Attack Amy on the ground before Amy cunningly kicked the sergeant in the throat

she Growled like a tiger, quickly Flipping to her feet and pouncing onto her Foe who at this point was struggling to breathe, groaning weakly as Amy delivered a sharp punch to the face, causing the sergeants Nose to bleed, as she began to unleash the fury of her second punch, commander Yoeink quickly grabbed her arm and threw her off the Sergeant

"OK CORPORAL i believe you proved your point, Now get cleaned up both of you! and i don't want to see anything like that again!"

Some of the other soldiers helped the bleeding Sergeant to her feet taking her to the medical tent

Amy panted with her hands by her sides, beginning to calm herself down, quickly turning as a man her height walked up to her and gently placed his hand on her shoulder

"About time someone beat the crap outta her, she really is a pain the backside with new recruits, the names Sergeant Kunz, welcome to the 33RD Sabers" He smirked, leading Amy towards his part of the company

Night came as natural as a flower, the Voices of the plagued could be heard from miles through out, there voices cold and tireless.

some of the newer recruits sat outside there tents, a small fire weakly burnt, almost nothing but cinders and ash remained but still they tried to gain whatever heat it was willing to give

"goin to be quite the fight tomorra eh?" the first recruits said some what pleased

"aye Lad boot w'ere ganna send dem Bastards back Plaguewood"

the first recruit laughed looking at the third "ey elf lady whatca thinking about?"

the third recruit turned suddenly to face her fellow soldiers "oh i was looking at that new corporal in her tent, seems to be holding a teddy or something"

"leave 'er to 'er own devices, doun't wa...OI! whatca doin!" shouted the second recruit as the third walked over to Amy's tent to take a good inquisitive look

Meanwhile Amy at this time sat there, staring a busko slightly sadden and enraged, wincing slightly as she touched her split lip

What if you die? what about norra?

Amy shook her head quickly, her attention being grabbed as the young high elven asked

"hello? want to join us outside, got a fire though its not a very good one"

Amy said not a word and nodded, putting busko safely in her pocket and walking out the tent toward the fire place

through out the night the four talked, having a jolly laugh before deciding to return to there tents for the next Day

The Slaughter Edit

Dawn arrived quickly, though not that of a beautiful dawn like that of other places but the air was thick with spores from the over sized mushrooms north of the camps position

Rally company! get to it! get to it!

Quickly the regiment sprang into there armour, mixing from chain mail to woolen robes

All armed with a mixture of swords the regiment began to form quickly, massing with a flurry of banners towards corins corner

commander yoeink hansneki Arrogantly rode up and down the battle line on his powerful chestnut horse, for a moment it was calm, yet the calm was not natural, everyone could feel deep down in there hearts the harshness of the calm before the storm

then outside the plagued township, through the fog of spores they could be seen, the undead scrouge in all its unholy glory, the skeleton, the abomination and the necromancer all stood firm in front of the regiment, their cold, dead stare looking there living counterparts in the eye as the living did the same

for a slight moment in time there was silence, the two sides waiting for the other to make the daring move to begin the slaughter

eventually the move was made by the 33rd Saber regiment, with an almighty scream and shout they began to charge, the Horsemen going in to in a daring attempt to break the enemies lines, hope was mad as the powerful horses of the alliance Smashed daringly into the lines, there swords attempting to cut the enemy down, kicking violently those that got too close, then disaster fell upon the living as the infantry entered the battle, the Undead skeletons proving there reputations correct, tirelessly hitting and bashing there counterpart enemy with similar power as there first strike, things were only made worse by the Necromancers, using there unholy and disgusting power to bring the Dead back into the fighting, Soon enough the 33rd found themselves out numbered, yet commander yoeink hansneki did not back down, he was not dis hearted by the mass loss of his regiment only to give a loud war cry to egg he Soldier to fight harder, amoungst the onslaught was Amy, fighting what seemed the hardest fight in of her life, her blades struck swiftly at the enemy, though they had no effect, only seeing what would, if her opponent had a jaw, an utmost evil and cold grin.

Quickly it swing its large skeletal fist Towards Amy, but not quick enough to make the strike as Amy evaded the attack only to get struck by a Strike not intended for her,her tired body hitting the ground hard, yet her spirit was unbroken.

She lay on her Back looking frantically until hope showed itself as a large one handed Mace, she tried to push herself toward it,only to find a Harsh Step land Heavily onto her Ankle, The Foe staring at her with a cold grin as he Ready his beaten old sword, making a Strange sound that sounded like laughter, though fortunately for Amy this would be his last action, from the mist of Battle Leaped The good Sergeant Kunz, his Glowing Mace striking the Rotten Rib cage of the skeleton and through the spine, causing the Minion to fall, Quickly He pulled Amy to her feet and pulled her away as the survivors began to panic and Retreat, the Scrouge in hot pursuit Before Cutting off Due to a valiant Gryphon Assault, forcing the Scrouge to there Hold

"we had Angels all this time!?" Amy bursted Watching the assault in disbelief

The regiment from the Camp watched as those that had fallen Join the Ranks of the enemy, the horrific labour had been in Vain only making the Curse enemy Stronger, Amy looked around for her friends the night before, her face saddened Briefly for a couple of seconds as she realized that they were now amoungst them.

She walked off exhausted to her tent, Glad she managed to survive, clenching her fist as the Commander preached about tomorrows Assault, this was enough no more, she began to pack her things, forcing Busko into her pocket as she panted angrily, night calm slowly that day, quietly Amy came out of her tent,placing her Bags onto her faithful Horse

The desertion HomeEdit

After placing her Bags onto her horse Amy Quickly hopped on her horse,kicking the sides of her of her faithful Stallion with the heels of her boot, forcing the horse to stand on its hind legs before charging in any direction before any of the newly arriving recruits could see her, she thought to herself for a moment using the hills as her cover, becoming very alert from the hounds and bats that had taken control of the area, not to mention the flying scouts and air support of the scrouge the gargoyle

remember Tyrs hand isn't far from there, they will give you safety if the worst is to happen

Amy smiled and clicked her fingers, there was no time to rest, she pulled herself to her feet,she slowly and carefully took a small clothes bag from serenity and tied it over her shoulder tightly and Carefully climb back onto the horses back,tapping his sides to quickly ride over the hilly terrain, managing to ride quickly past the Scrouge garrison At Corins Corner, watching as she rode on her side of her horse, a mixed sigh of relief and anger passed her lips as the horse continued to ride forward.

Several hours later and Dawn had appeared In eastern lorderon, though it was no longer as beautiful as it once was, now it had been infected by the plague

the Gates of Tyrs Hand were now in sight, Amy smiled Happily, patting her horse on the neck as she began to ride closer, something was different about the Untouched Bastion, the Grass could be seen from outside the Gate from a fair distance, living grass to be exact, it seemed to be the Diamond in the rough, Amy climbed off serenity carefully and held his reins, tiredly walking closer to what she thought would be her sanctuary.

half way to the Gate a small patrol drew closer to her, it consisted of five people, one of which was on a Brown Stallion, wearing a luxurious Red and gold set of robes with Wooden Sandals, upon her back was a large staff, the head shaped like a large Cross with a red Jewel into the centre, she was well into her primes with a few wrinkles upon her brow and cheeks and long Gray hair, beside her Horse there were Four Guards covering the front, sides and back, each wearing Red and Silver plate Armour, there faces or hair not visible but one could tell that Two were male and two were Female.

As Amy watched them Approach, smiling in Relief and waved to them , trying to pull herself and her exhausted mount close, The woman on the horse noticed the somewhat rough, dirty alliance soldier, scowling as she leaned to the man at the Front

"guard, that soldier has come to kill me, i order you to attack"

The guard nodded and signaled to the other man and woman to his left and right to do so as well, they began to rush forward ,all with there swords and shields posed for An attack, Amy's eyes widened as she realized but was too late to react the Second male guard who was the fastest Charged towards Amy hitting her with a direct blow with his shield, causing her to fly from her spot a good couple of metre, skidding a few inches more as she remade contact to the ground causing Serenity to run in terror, her eyes closed tight shut, groaning a little, opening her eyes and quickly as the woman who was with the two Men tried to deliver a quick blow to the head with a downward strike of her sword,forcing Amy to quickly react by rolling away, managing to get to her feet as the female guard had clearly missed her only to have the Fist guard Charge and knock her off her feet again, sending her even farther than the first time, causing Amy to once again become mildly airborne before hitting the ground harder than before, she writhed a little on the ground before rolling on her back as the two side guards moved forward, Amy stared desperately at the grim sky,thinking for just a mere second.

"I'm not going Down like this" she quickly thought to herself as the second male Guard placed his foot on her chest whilst the women Advanced toward the male guard to prepare a finishing blow,Amy frantically gripped the foot to try and push it off, she was too tired to put up a Real fight, as the female guard brought her sword down to cut Amy head clean off she gasped behind her helmet in shock as she found her sword half way through her comrades leg that had been pulled to a desperate Amy's neck just in time, the second male guard screamed in pain as he pulled his foot away, the Female guard in too much shock to react to Amy exhaustedly pulling herself to her feet and using what little reserve of her Energy to make a quick retreat from the scene.

About half an hour passed before her last ounce of energy ran out, Amy continued to stagger an extra few feet before her legs keeled under her weight, causing her to hit the ground face first where she remained, panting with exhaustion, every breathe she took seemed to just escape with the next heavy exhale

Maybe just a short Nap before i get back on my feet

No!got to keep moving, got to keep moving

but a nap is seeming so tempting, and this dead grass is...

Amy closed her eyes, still panting with exhaustion, her battered and exhausted body remaining motionless, heavy foot steps could be heard, coming closer towards Amy,who ever it was they were wearing plated armour, but who was it, scrouge?a scarlet? someone entirely different, who ever it was, they were strong enough to lift Amy from the ground, she was concoius, she opened her eyes just enough to see that she had been lifted,she closed her eyes again, who ever had her now, she was in there mercy

light in the darkness Edit

She woke briefly from her exhausted slumber, her vision nothing more than a blur, sh released a soft groan before trying to lift her heavy head, only managing to look to her right a few short seconds before flopping it down again, from the best she could Observe she was on a horse perhaps and that someone was holding her on, a firm, Steel gauntlet on her Stomach Insured she would not fall forward, was she saved? or captured she thought to herself.

Observation clearly stated that the mysterious rider was not alone, perhaps with another or another two, she could not really tell in her state.

"'ey 'up lads, i think shes awake"

Amy listen carefully to the voice, there was indeed more than one rider it would seem, but it was still to be determined, She seemed more worried than before as she tried to sit up, she could not fight one person in the state, let alone how many there were, she tried to speak but Simply slumped her head, returning back the realms of unconsciousness

"i guess not" the rider sigh, gently pulling close to himself so she was not cutting of her air ways.

Several hours passed, again her eyes opened in a blur, but this time a little more clearer than before, clearly she was in an old building of some kind,the wood rotten slightly, though surprising it was not too cold, but that perhaps was because she was sleeping on a makeshift bed, a mattress upon the floor, a thick, woolen blanket covering her body, her sight beginning to clear up, as this occurred tow figures were noticed in front of her, a Woman in a pink dress and oddly a forsaken in rather formal dress, a sword tide to a holster around his waist, in his hand a plate sat on his palm, upon it hot food, of course Amy did not notice this at first as she was more interested in Living dead person in front of her.

"undead! you'll Get nothing from me!" Amy tried to Scramble in her bed to her weapons on the other side of the room, this action causing the Forsaken to shake his head and slap the other palm upon his head.

"If miss would be as so kind to calm down and close your mouth stop that silly noise which is your voice then miss would realize that I have brought the young miss Dinner, the Fried maggot will provide protein so that misses muscles will gain strength once again, an the bat wings will provide Carbohydrates so that miss will regain some kind of energy for quicker recovery."

Amy had managed to get off the bed and tried her best to keep her foot, she looked baffled at the word that had left the undeads mouth, she cautiously took the plate and looks to the Woman in the pink dress who smile and nodded approvingly, gesturing Amy to take a bite, she took a piece of bat wing and with little caution began to eats as much of the meat as possible on the wing.

Amy was not a fussy eater, she had never had been, in her earlier days in the military herself and a small group were so hungry on duty that they captured the Generals Cat and potted it, indeed she was not a fussy eater, Funnily enough, it did not taste half bad either, was better than Gruel at least. Amy Continued to stuff her face, picking up a piece of Fried carrion maggot and taking a large bite from it, barely chewing it before, the Human women just sat and watch seeming to smile at the rather quick recovery of the Patient.

"is that Even touching the sides?" the Woman asked with a slight Chuckle, the forsaken just stood and watched

"doubt it" Amy said with her mouth full, swallowing the last of the Carrion maggot, lifting her right arm to wipe her mouth with the sleeve

"was the food to misses liking?" the Forsaken male exclaimed, offering his clawed hand for the plate which Amy very cautiously gave to him, this causing the Woman to laugh.

"don't worry about him miss, hes only Humfrid, one of the many forsaken that work for us, hes a great cook, can make food from a stick" the woman told, smiling at Humfrid who only chuckled, though this sounds more of a sickly cough rather than a laugh.

"One does try Madam" Humfrid said before bowing, talking off with the plate.

Amy's mind suddenly mind suddenly clicked with a thought, who exactly were "they"? she looked to her weapons as the woman smiled to her, she decided that perhaps wasn't the best option yet, slowly turning her attention to the woman and simply smiling back briefly.

"so who exactly are you and who" she said in her calmest voice, her eye still looking to her Weapons resting in the corner, her hands tensing, waiting for the first sign of suspicion.

"oh how rude of me! My name is Jessica Chambers and this is Lights hope chapel, its now used as an inn and a staging point for the Argent dawn" she pronounced rather proudly, smile printed on her face, though for some reason Amy kept silent for a moment, the name running through her head, the voice not her own.

Lights Hope chapel

she ignored this for the time being turning to Jessica "the Argent dawn?" she said with a rather confused voice, she had of course heard the name but never knew what it was about, this Shocked Jessica as she asked "you must have heard of the Argent Dawn?"

"i have heard of it, i just don't know much about it is all"

"well the Argent Dawn are a holy order Aimed at defeating the scrouge here in Lorderon, but they are not Zealous like the Scarlet crusade." the last part she said quietly as she looked over her shoulder to a conference table, on one side Argent dawn officials and the other Scarlet crusade, Amy turned her attention to the table of men and women discussing pressing matter, or rather more bluntly, Arguing about pressing matters.

Amy quickly turned her attention to Jessica as she saw her lips move to speak

"So who are you then miss? and why did we find you as we did?" she said rather straight forward and bluntly.

Amy returned to the comfort of her bed. sitting upon it, a heavy sigh was released as her hands rested close to her face. she spoke quietly. looking and sounding rather ashamed.

"Amy Redcross is my name...And i deserted the Alliance front here. i went to take refuge from the Scarlets in Tyrs hand but...they attack me"

Jessica slowly knelt down and sat beside the woman "Well i won't place my opinion into desertion but i assume you want to get home? well i can talk to someone and see what we can do."

Amy managed to pull a smile to Jessica as she slowly rose to her feet and walks away. the argument at the table getting ever more heated. Amy wanted to put her opinion into the conflict but thought better of it. she remained sitting on the bed and sighed heavily with very little to keep herself occupied. her smile had far faded by now and she looked somewhat miserable as she slowly lie down upon her bed. but before she could close her eyes she heard a rather similar voice enter the chapel. it was the rider that had saved her.

"Aye! then i smashed that Necromancer right in the Bol...Oh! look whos awake lads!"

The rider and the other two men with him slowly walks closer to Amy. there armour clanking from their footsteps. Amy quickly sat up, purely out of respect and politeness

"ya gave us a good scare when we found ya you know ain't that right lads?"

The other two men began to chuckle and nod, one of them accounting rather loudly how he had to beat the living daylights out of a pursing scarlet. he was quickly hushed by the other two as the arguing suddenly stopped and the people at the table turned to him.

"Scarlet Pimpernels he meant...the corrupted soil made them go all nasty and the such ya know...vicious plants"

The commanders gave the three riders a confused and uncomfortable look. single brows were raised, not a moment too soon the arguing began once more. The three riders sighed with relief before turning back to Amy

"Anyhow. I'm George felling and this is me pals, Tod the loud and Darrian Tailor. he likes a good joke he does and were your rescuers"

Amy managed to pull a rather amused smile and stood up. giving a rather comic curtsy to the riders

"Well you can call me Amy" she spoke before pulling a sweet smile to the three men.

"Well I'd call you many things my'lady" Spoke Tod loudly before being elbowed in the gut by George. Darrian just laughing at the comment and the...repercussions of his comment. Amy laughed along with Darrian rather than find comment offensive.

"Your a rude bugger and you always will be Tod!" Exclaimed George, seeming not to have found the comment amusing at all

"Well, you know me George"

"Yes, unfortunately i do" replied George

"Ha! you won't be saying that in the next scrap George" replied Darrian who just chuckled after his comment

"Yeh! and your the one who insisted on carrying Amy on your horse!" exclaimed Tod in a rather sly and rude manner.

George coughed loudly and spoke "Quite" before quickly changing the subject "Anyway. how'd ya end up there anyway? Oh and i think we found your horse as well. big black Stallion?"

Amy with held her sigh this time. this time being easier to speak of what happened having explained to Jessica.

"I went to seek Refuge after long days of riding. i got to the gates of Tyrs hand and got attacked"

"Well the only refuge you'll get from those red bastards is in prison cell waiting to be tortured" spoke Tod again in a very loud manner. George. Darrain and even Amy covered his mouth again as the table turned to them again. George shouted back to the table/

"Red trolls..trolls painted in blood..he meant trolls..he calls them red bastards"

The scarlet commander spoke as she glared at all four of them then spoke sharply and bluntly.

"Then why may i inquire are you covering his mouth?"

The four looked a little wide eyed before Darrian quickly spoke "Well Ma'am...were covering his mouth so no more disgusting filth is spoken from his mouth until we can fetch the soap and water.swearing in a place of worship..where is your respect?" Darrian ended by shaking his head and tutting at Tod. the Scarlet commander seemed convinced enough to turn to the table and begin her argument again.

"I swear Tod if you alert them one more time I'll cut your bloody tongue out" spoke George.

"Regardless" he continued "so you went seeking for refuge huh? well i suppose you've been taught not to trust them with something like that"

Amy nodded and they all turned as the commanders stood up and the two Scarlet's walked out. Jessica moved over to the Argent commander and spoke with him. George waited for Amy to reply as she watched Jessica point at her then the commander speaking. Jessica slowly walked over.

"I have talked to the commander. he says he knows exactly who can help you."

Amy's face lit up as she thanked Jessica whom after telling the news walked away. Amy turned to the three men and proceeded to tell them the events of what happened.

The brothers untrimmed. Edit

It was night time in the plague lands once more as the riders had placed a small lamp between them all as the talked and conversed

"And that is what its like to give birth" Amy spoke. followed by a nod as the three riders sat in horror. not even Darrian could laugh at what he had just been told about the 'joys' of giving birth.

"Thank the light i'm a Bloke!" Exclaimed Tod before being hushed by the others.

Amy laughed and gave a light sigh. leaning against her hands and was now dressed in a long. woolen robe. it looked plain and white and was a bit itchy in places but regardless, it was more comfortable than her sweaty armor.

"So your a mother eh? Aye,have a son myself" spoke George, a heavy sigh broke past his lips. Amy looked towards him with a sorrowful gaze. she knew all to well his pain.

"Ah you'll see him again George. he's a cute fella i tell ya that" Said Darrian. not short of a laugh.

Amy smiled and slowly lied down on her side on her bed. staring at the flames. gently stroking the pillow under her head. her breathing was calm. she turned her head as Tod pulled the blanket over her. she pulled a sweet smile to him. he smiled and sat back down.

"So..what did you three used to do before...all this?"

Darrian spoke before the others. clearly more confident than the other two.

"Me well...i used to be part of the town watch in Andorhal. was a good laugh that was. enjoyed the job a lot. of course Andorhal fell so i fled joined the Dawn and met these two. these are good times too" Darrian laughed. Amy smiled and then turned to the other two. George eventually found the courage to speak. he swallowed slightly

"Used to be a simple farmer myself. managed to get me and my family to southshore to saftey but decided to join the cause of the Argent dawn."

Tod eventually found his own courage and spoke with an almost stutter.

"i used to be a musician in Stratholme. used to play in the taverns for a bit of coin. got out before the purge...found refuge in the Dawn and decided to give something back"

Darrain laughed and gave Tod a light punch on the arm "Aye, i'm thankful of that...never said you were a scrapper as well!"

All of them laughed before the three men stood up slowly and walked towards their bed.s bidding each other and Amy. Undressing from their chain mail and changing into night dress. lying on there matresses and slowly falling asleep. Amy lay a wake for a while. listening to the sounds outside the building. people on night guard of the chapel. even the sound of gentle burning of a torch. she focused on the sound to calm her nerves. she gently batted her eyes and descended to sleep.

Morning arrived as it usually does. the conditions with still similar to that of morning before expect for one thing...very loud Dwarves.

"Ach Righ' where this additional cargo lad?!"

Amy had been awoken by the very loud dwarves. her hair was scruffy and she looked tired as she sat on her bed. munching on Bat wings that Humfrid had given her. he sat with her. not having much to do himself he spoke.

"I wonder madam. are Dwarves always this obnoxiously loud?"

Amy gave a slow nod. chewing her good and staring towards the Dwarves at the spoke loudly to the commander.

"I would say Madam that you look like death itself but...from me one would believe that to be a hypocritical statement."

Amy just nodded again before moving her arms out and stretching slowly.

"Righ' then! So tha' lass is our new cargo?! she is ah' thin thing she is..doubt she'll make it...Besides we ain't gonna take 'er without additional payment."

" extra keg" spoke the commander =. his face looking like he isn't prepared for long negotiations.

"Ack tha'll do me and Brokk Ah treat ah think...don't ye think Brokk"

"Aye ah de Nethilm, Aye ah de"

"Righ'! lets get tha' lass on 'er way!" Both turned towards Amy and looked with shock

"Look Nethilm! Tis Amy o'Thelismar! Ye know wha' tha' means Dun't ye?!"

Nethilm nodded and quickly turned towards the commander and exclaimed loudly

"AYE! another o'ye kegs for this one laddy!"

the commander rolled his eyes and places his hand upon his face. a loud groan released from his lips before a quiet " extra two greedy little bastards."

Brokk tutted towards the commander and waved a finger.

"Tut tut commander...nae swearin' in ah place of Ma would 'ave ye over 'er knee and be spankin' ye until til ye cannae sit doon!"

Nethilm shook his head in disgust at the commander before turning to Amy who was saying her goodbyes to all her new acquired friends.

"Righ'! let meh introduce ourselves! I'm ah Nethilm and tis is Brokk and we are tae brothers untrimmed!"

The very well built dwarves both formed a rather heroic pose together. there large muscles bulging. Brokk had long black hair with a thick scruffy beard whilst Nethilm has bold with a short. scruffy beard. Amy just looked at them with a confused look and shrugged slightly before speaking


Both dwarves looked at each other in shock before turning to Amy with there look.

"Ye know..Tae Andorhal runners? tae evaders of death?" Nethilm spoke and looks rather frustrated as Amy shook her head rather innocently.

"They are supply runners. they use some of the fastest rams to ran through Andorhal and Corins corner to get supplies from our base in western plaguelands to lights hope" spoke Tod loudly

Brokk nodded proudly at the description "Nae ever been stopped ah tell ye lass. ye wanna get 'ome..we'll get ye out o'ere ah tell ye!"

"Aye! so kiss ye friends goodbye lassie and get ye arse on a 'orse! tis a good day o'ard ridin' and ah want tae be outta this 'ell 'ole befer it gets dark!"

Amy sighed heavily as being hurried and gave each a hug. even Humfrid who seemed rather taken back by actually being hugged. still he smiled somewhat as the riders, Jessica and Humfrid slowly watched Amy descend from the door before returning back to their buisness.

Amy threw Serenities Saddle onto his back and tied and buckled it up before putting a foot in the reins and quickly hopping on. the two brother dwarves holding tight to their reins of their fleety rams.

Not before long the three began their quick advance. it was obvious from the distance of the brothers and Amy that their choices of mount had been bred for different purposes. the brothers rams where a bit scrawny compared to that of a Dwarven military ram. but in speed they showed Amy's stallion whom was bred to be a charger the difference. Amy lingered a little behind. barely able to keep Serenity in a full canter whilst the brothers were almost into galloping speed. she could hear them heckling and mocking the speed of which her horse traveled. The air was dry and the temperature quite mild as they neared Corins corner and it had its full share of the undead whom had their attention drawn by the loud and rather over confident Dwarves. screaming loud swear words that dare not be heard by the ear. the two brothers went in first. howls of excitement from the brothers were heard as their Rams moved quick footed through the township. passing ranks of undead that seemed to just stare briefly before deciding to pursue. it was to no avail, there wasn't a chance in hell that the undead could catch up to then. Brokk laughed loudly as she reached to a leather holster from the rams saddle and without aiming fired a casual shot towards the undead to taunt them as he and Nethilm reached out of the township.

Amy had managed to encourage Serenity to go into a full gallop. constantly 'spurring' his sides with her heels to make him maintain his speed. she was lucky though, the brothers had done nothing but keep the Undeads attention as she galloped through the township, she thought this too easy that thousands of undead and then wondered how two dwarves could manage to pass an entire battalion of scrouge but not an entire army? regardless of this she passed the township and now ran into a problem. The undead had pursued the brothers turned back and had spotted Amy moving through the township and with tireless speed charged towards her. five hundred undead running towards her and Serenity, He was a good charger but he could not charge though that many ranks of undead.

She drew her sword and 'spurred' the Horses side once more. keeping him in a canter as she tries to weave around the undead rather than charge directly at them. they did near. one even tried to give a lucky strike with a longsword to the horses neck but found his sword parried aside by Amy's sword before riding clear of them. keeping her spurring motions continuous before she looked the township whilst the ranks of scrouge slowly backed off from pursuit and skulked back to crossing. Amys brow farrowed as she noticed the numbers had dramatically increased. she knew one thing,though in her heart she dared not believe it but the facts where there. the rest of the battle group had fell in battle and had been...'recruited' to new masters of the field. regardless she had no time to inspect the battle scene. she roused her horse forward to catch up with the brothers who now were a fair distance ahead of her.

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