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Coxinga Darkstorm

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Warlock, Blood Elf

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Coxina has blond hair, which is normally geled up into spikes, and some of his right ear is missing. His upper-body's build is about average for a Blood Elf, though a little more built then a normal Warlock's, obviously he isn't 'just' a bookish type. He is normally seen in typical Blood Elven clothes, though he tends to wear lighter clothing when in hot areas and bulkier clothing when in cold. He seem's to be around his mid-20s in Human years.

Personality Edit

Coxinga could be considerd Chaotic Neutral, sometimes seeming open and friendly, at others seeming untrusting and uncaring to anyone besides himself.

Family Edit

Neither parents are still alive, and was an only child. Has no known blood relatives, but has an adopted gran-daughter. Considers Tan'yi'Chaa family, in a way(See also Bamboochaa, Illume, Sasaya and Vazja)

Family Background Edit

Coxinga's mother, Talindra Frostleaf , met his father, Halamar Darkstorm, during their teachings as Magisters, they, at first, saw the other as a rival, though they held no hostility toward the other and became fast friends. Five years before their training would end, they began a relationship and would rarely be seen without the other by their side, and seven years after their training was over they we're both married. Years into the marriage, Talindra became pregnant and gave birth to Coxinga Darkstorm some months later. During the first war, Coxinga's mother was delt a fatal blow by the Fel corrupted Orc's, dying on the field of battle. Coxinga's father mirroring Talindra's death during the the Scourge's attack on Quel'Thalas.

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Missing from Silvermoon

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