Neutralcrest small Crimson Sun Brigade
Crimson Sun Brigade Crest
Role Paramilitary Guild
Location Everywhere
Base of Operations Fenris Keep
Leader Sir Koranith Dawnfire
Officers N/A
Allegiance Azeroth
PvE Yes
PvP No plans at the moment
Requirements A serious attitude toward roleplaying.
Recruitment Status Welcoming
Recruitment Contacts Koranith

About UsEdit

  • Name Crimson Sun Brigade (CSB)
  • Theme Paramilitary
  • Recruitment Status Welcoming

Official SWC Forum Thread Official AD Forum Thread

  • Contacts Koranith
  • Lands The Crimson Sun Brigade Headquarters is located in the keep on Fenris Isle, just south of the Undercity. Dandred's Fold is used as a supply route, farmland, meeting place and lodging for guests of the brigade that are not trusted with access to the keep.
  • Forum CSB Forum
  • RP Yes!
  • PvE Yes.
  • PvP No plans at the moment.
  • Raids No plans at the moment.

Hiring UsEdit

The Crimson Sun Brigade is open for hire by individuals and organizations alike!

While we would like for the defence of Azeroth to be our only goal - and will freely aid others to this end - finances can be a tricky thing. The Crimson Sun Brigade is and has always been primarily funded on others being able to hire us in nearly all matters 'aside from direct involvement with the Horde-Alliance war.' We offer our blades, our spells, our craftsmanship - our time and effort for coin, which has given us the label of "mercenaries" and "sellswords."

Our prices depend largely on the type and difficulty of the mission, but we will not accept contracts that endanger our neutrality.

OOC: Or in other words, invite us to add flavour to your events, bolster your troops in big battles, help heal the wounded in the aftermath, guard your festive parties, guard your person, an object, or a location, or whatever!

More often than not, prices will be set in emoted amounts of money, and such things will be agreed upon OOCly.

IC BackgroundEdit

The Crimson Sun Brigade was formed by Koranith Dawnfire, along with the two fellow Death Knights Groshnahk and Yngvar Thor Swansson, following The Broken Front incident in Icecrown, where Koranith realised that the inane fighting between the Horde and the Alliance was only hampering both sides against the real threats to Azeroth.

He abandoned the Horde's campaign in Northrend and returned to Silvermoon City where he launched the Crimson Sun Brigade, initially pitched as a mercenary brigade that would later grow into a neutral faction of its own. Under Koranith's leadership, the Brigade follows a militaristic structure and discipline.

As stated before, the Brigade is faction neutral. The Crimson Sun Brigade accept contracts, as well as members, from both the Alliance and the Horde, so long as they do not violate the Brigade's neutral stance in the Horde-Alliance war. We stand for the defense of Azeroth as a whole rather than for any one faction.

The Crimson Sun Brigade are professionals. We follow rules, morals and discipline. We won't do just anything for money. We defend Azeroth against the real threats it faces and try to help its inhabitants along the way.

OOC BackgroundEdit

The Crimson Sun Brigade is a serious roleplaying guild that was formed on May 27th 2010 with the purpose of providing structured yet open, quality RP not limited to any race, class or level. We offer quality roleplay, roleplaying tips and help with leveling.

The decision for doing mercenary work was to have a viable excuse to interact with just about any other guild or individual for almost any reason. It also provides an excuse for a wide variety of events, everything from killing Scourge in Northrend to collecting rare materials from the Un'Goro Crater, to detective work in Duskwood, to taking down a whale shark.

Rules of the Guild Crimson Sun Brigade CoAEdit

Members of the Crimson Sun Brigade are expected to follow certain rules, some of which are simply common sense while others are a little more specific due to us being a paramilitary organisation in character.


  • Recruits are not allowed to wear the guild tabard, as they are still in their trial period. Instead they are provided with armbands to show their allegiance.
  • Members are not to wear the colors of other factions around the brigade grounds or while on official brigade business. They are, however, not restricted in which style of guild tabard they can wear (regular, illustrious, renowned).
  • Members are not to steal nor destroy the property of the guild or its members, whether intentionally or through recklessness.
  • Members are not to get drunk, high, or otherwise impaired by intoxication, while on duty or at the workplace. The workplace includes Fenris Isle and Dandred's Fold and any and all missions.
  • Members are not to harm or incapacitate fellow guild members, allies, clients or guests.
  • Dangerous pets or minions (such as giant beasts, undead servants, or creatures of demonic nature) are not to be left unattended, nor are they to be summoned when they are not specifically needed (such as for a mission or combat), nor should they be kept within the keep without an officer's permission.
  • When an officer gives an order, you are to follow it and complete it to the best of your ability. If you disagree with an order, state your case calmly and clearly, and if you feel that an officer is behaving unreasonably, report it to another officer.
  • Show respect to fellow brigade members, including but not limited to addressing each other by surname, rank or title, saluting those higher ranking than yourself, and speaking a language that all those present can understand.
  • Members of the brigade are not allowed to commit decidedly evil or cruel acts toward innocents.
  • Any friendly fighting should be kept to the designated sparring areas and a medic should always be on hand (namelessly emoted for if necessary).
  • Any medical treatment beyond first aid should only be administered by non-medics if there is no designated medic available.
  • Members shall use common sense when they date, particularly within the brigade, with an eye to preserving the integrity and professionalism of our workplace.
  • When a prisoner is being held in the dungeon, the door to the stairs is locked and only officers have the key. No unauthorized personell are to be in the dungeon while prisoners are being held there.

(( Ask in /gchat or check the forum if you are unsure of whether or not someone is in there, and if you can't find out, just avoid it until you know. ))


  • Activivity: Show your face every now and then and show interest in IC and OOC happenings. If more than one month of total absense goes by, it will be assumed that you are uninterested in the guild (unless reasons are given in advance). Most often, those kicked for inactivity can easily rejoin the guild upon returning to the game.
  • Members must have at least one guild character of the rank Runner or above to have alts in the guild.
  • General knowledge of the Warcraft universe and of roleplay. If you have questions about something in the lore, ask someone, check, and feel free to discuss various aspects of the lore with fellow guildies, but don't just guess.
  • Quality roleplay. Use common sense and basic logic when you roleplay, listen to fellow guild members, don't take the piss, and if you have any questions regarding if something is okay or not, don't be afraid to ask!
  • Keep what you /say IC and redirect any OOC chat to /party or /guild or /whisper
  • Please use the default game-mechanics languages that all players present can understand (Orcish on Horde/Common on Alliance) and either use an addon or manually add the IC language to your sentences when you want to ICly speak a different language. This is done as a courtesy to not exclude anyone OOCly from what's going on. On the flip side, don't have your character answering things said in a language your character doesn't ICly understand.
  • Check your writing. Spelling, grammar, capitals and punctuations in the right places make a definite difference to how your roleplaying will be perceived. We'd much rather wait a bit longer for a reply if that means it will be better written.
  • No ERPing in the open. ERP, like IRL sex, should be done behind closed doors. I don't really care if your character gets it on with another character, but either timeskip it, hide in an instance, or do it outside of the game (for example in Skype or Discord).

Those who fail to follow the rules will receive at least one warning and possible IC disciplinary action in the form of mundane chores. More severe offenses or failure to shape up will result in getting kicked from the guild.

Guild RanksEdit

The military structure of the guild is reflected in the ranks, both in the name choices and in what is expected of members of a certain rank. All members are expected to help those of equal or lower rank and listen to and obey members of higher ranks.

  • Recruit: The fresh recruits, members of this rank are still in their trial period and have to prove themselves to the rest of the guild as serious, roleplaying members before even being allowed to wear the guild tabard, instead wearing armbands to show their affiliation. Recruits are often assigned to perform various chores for senior members. (All members start at this rank.)
  • Runner: The junior members, non-combat members, and messengers of the guild. While permitted to wear the guild tabard, they are not required to unless delivering an offical message.
  • Footman: The proven members of the guild and likely skilled in combat, whether with blades or spells. Footmen can be entrusted with scouting missions and even lead a small group of runners.
  • Corporal: Proven loyalties and well trained in combat, they receive orders for the battlefields and are often accompanied by a senior ranking member. Though not a true officer, a corporal can lead groups up to a full sqaudron size (3-9 soldiers).
  • Sergeant: The first officer rank, instructor to junior ranks and assistant to the higher ranking officers. While training other members, the Sergeant holds a responsibility to report the progress of those he instructs to the KnightCommander. He may also recommend members for promotions.
  • Lieutenant: The Lieutenant is trusted with more responsibility both in the field of combat and in diplomatic missions, often helping to plan out events.
  • Captain: Getting this far in the ranks shows loyalty and dedication and comes with its own perks as well as its own responsibilities.
  • Knight: Highly respected members of the guild, the Knights are feared combatants and work to uphold the structure of the guild, as well as seeing to their other duties.
  • Knight Captain: Second only to the KnightCommander, the Knight Captains hold this rank for a reason. To cross them would be next in kin to crossing the KnightCommander himself. *Only three people may hold this rank at any one time.*
  • KnightCommander: (The Guild Master) The KnightCommander is obliged to listen to the opinions of the officers, and indeed, the opinions of all members, but has the final say on most matters. While all officers can recruit members, only the KnightCommander has the right to expell members.

Field SpecialisationsEdit

These are titles that members can use to easily identify what they primarily do within the brigade, noted in their guild member's note and, if they like, in their MRP/XRP.

Agent - Nice, broad, general term for scouting, cloak and dagger, intel gathering and guarding of individuals. Medic - Both magical and mundane. Infantry - Melee fighters of all kinds. Ranged Infantry - What it sounds like. Archers, marksmen, snipers, etc. Spellweaver - Magic wielding combattants. Logistics - Rather an umbrella term, this specialisation encompass those who serve to move ammunition, supplies, food, somtimes even soldiers around, making sure that there's no shortage of supplies anywhere, as well as those who handle paperwork, animals, repairs, or function as combat engineers who can build or demolish buildings or bridges on demand or fill other non-combat roles.

Joining the guildEdit

The Crimson Sun Brigade is a friendly and serious Roleplaying guild. Roleplayers looking to join can contact just about any guild member and get redirected to someone who will perform an interview (both IC and OOC).

The Crimson Sun Brigade is faction neutral.

The Crimson Sun Brigade aims to do good in the world of Azeroth. While individual members may stray from this concept, it is disadvised to play an evil character within the organisation. Kindness and respect towards fellow Brigade members (both IC and OOC) is expected and needlessly cruel or evil acts will be punished.

The Crimson Sun Brigade is open to all classes, though that does mean characters of a natural or holy inclination will have to accept that there are warlocks and undead present, and vice versa. Do consider this when joining.

All members start as Recruits and will have to work their way up through the ranks and earn the trust of the other members. Roleplay is the only way to gain ranks in the Brigade, and although mere casual roleplay can gain you some basic ranks, participation in events, helping with event planning, social skills and leadership skills are required for the higher ranks.

There is no requirement or restriction on class, level, race or gear.

We request that there be no lore-breaking, and that common sense is used.

It's perfectly alright to be good at fighting, but don't be massively overpowered. Take a hit once in a while, and be sensible about it and your attacks.

We want serious character names and won't invite someone named "Sonofarthas" or "Legolassxxx".

We value good quality roleplay over any stats or donations and are more likely to kick a rude and OOC donater than a stingy but kind and serious roleplayer.

Notable Guild MembersEdit


Guild Leader Koranith Dawnfire

Knight Commander Koranith Dawnfire, the Guild Leader.

DKBloodElf male Koranith "Kor" Dawnfire

Knight CaptainsEdit

DKOrc male Groshnahk - Second-in-command


BloodElf female Lanáriél Belore'Draco - Third Company Co-Leader.

Draenei female Sisyria- Ambassador to the Alliance Races


BloodElf male Liánquith Everbranch - Third Company Co-Leader.

Undead male Eric Balston - Second Company Leader


Troll female Wiba

Troll male Zu'zil


BloodElf male Aeryndal Riverheart - First Company Leader

BloodElf male Lovian Sunvale

BloodElf male Renreth Sharpleaf


BloodElf female Auferias "Feri" Bloodsilver

BloodElf female Rothien Sunflight

BloodElf male Dalamohs Sunflame

BloodElf male Gadehos Sunflame

BloodElf male Varthon Heartsfire

Goblin female Gadget Tinkerblast

Human female Issrabella Black

Orc male Lo'klor Stormblood

Undead female Eve Southstrom

Undead female Marlyndra Hawkriver

Undead male Yngvar Thor Swanson


BloodElf female Arlána Everbranch

BloodElf female Fanariel Duskblade

BloodElf female Kethla Leystrider

BloodElf female Ilia Mavren

BloodElf male Naethilan Swiftwind

BloodElf male Theninor Taurë'Draco

Human female Helen Hagell

Tauren female Matuwa Ironwood

Troll male Thaz'lo

Troll male Volijja da 'Eadhunter

Troll male Zel'jaze


BloodElf female Anneah Silverheart

BloodElf female Ilia Mavren

BloodElf female Kim'belore Taurë'Draco

BloodElf male Daniyel Goldenbough

BloodElf male Harethir Silverbranch

BloodElf male Kalithus Maernt'larn

BloodElf male Saneos "Shadow Lynx"

Gnome female "Kib" Kibisprocket

Gnome female Lilicky Kneecapper

Gnome female Flamespark

Gnome female Mitsey Frostspell

Goblin male Bozzix Quickprofit

Pandaren female Huan-Bao Brewpaw

Tauren male Rabanu Raintotem

Undead female Alexandra "Alex" Balston

Undead female Samantha Gallows


BloodElf male Amonth Darksun

BloodElf male Aereth Keenarrow

BloodElf male Kaelthorel

Draenei male Aipicosos

Dwarf female Sigridr Arreathammer

Goblin male Blitz Nitrofizzle

Human male Nigel Fairburn

NightElf female Naithalli Springleaf

Orc male Murzog

Pandaren female Linshoo

Pandaren male Akihiró

Pandaren male Lynchi Dirtpaw

Tauren female Karja Sundream

Tauren female Muya Windmane

Troll female Shaajuti

Troll female Shantika

Undead male Sinklar

Former MembersEdit

BloodElf male Ysaac Sunsworn - former first company leader (captain) - Deceased

Orc male Rhamok Firesteel - Ambassador to the Beastmaw Clan (captain) - Deceased

BloodElf male Suolcerus Van'Sphall (sergeant)

Orc female Varulva Skullpierce (footman)

Orc female Drohna Ironfist (runner)

Tauren male Bromgol Dawnstrider (runner)

Undead female Maríenne Dubois (runner) - Deceased

Undead male Carson (runner)

Current StatusEdit

We are working both in-game and through the forums to increase guild activity, plotting and scheming for larger and smaller roleplay events and working to build relations between ourselves and other roleplay organizations.

While we focus on these things, we welcome active roleplayers to seek us out and help bolster our community.


Roleplaying vs Game mechanicsEdit

In the eternal struggle between what the lore says and what the game mechanics say, here are a few tips on how to handle the contradictions.

  • Character level: We have an In Character level system to go along with our Roll Emote Fighting System, which you choose yourself, ranging from 1 to 100, and is used as an estimate of your character's power and experience in combat situations.
  • Item Level: For roleplay, we disregard average item levels and just look at the appearance.
  • Holy Light: If you are an unholy being, such as a Forsaken or Death Knight, you will be adversely affected by holy magics. While your toon may be unaffected by a priest casting Holy Nova next to you for the sake of game balance and friendly fire, your character would lorewise feel quite a bit of pain from it, but it is up to you how you emote that and one may scale that pain based on the level difference between you and the priest. For instance, a level 20 priest who has just learned the ability would not harm a level 80 Death Knight very much, while a level 68 priest casting the same spell would be quite formidable. Similarly, while roleplaying, a Forsaken priest might want to refrain from using any "Holy" labled spells unless they can come up with an excuse, like saying that they are using the Shadow to heal.


For those new to roleplaying, certain terms might be confusing. Of these, the most important two are IC and OOC.

IC = In Character (What your character says, does, thinks, feels, etc)

OOC = Out Of Character (What you the player say, do, think, feel, etc)

Another important one is "emotes". That is when you describe what your character is doing with /command or /e . Emote text appears in orange by default.


A list of some of the addons we use in the guild, mostly roleplay oriented. All of the listed addons are in use by the current Guild Master, but not all of them are required by guild members.


We use the following addons and highly recommend them to others who wish to RP with us for greater immersion and depth.

XRP XRP is yet another roleplaying profile addon, along the lines of the venerable FlagRSP or MyRolePlay, for adding more viewable detail to your character, such as surname, nicknames, title, appearance description and background. (XRP or similar Required by members.)

Tongues Allows for more language options, for example allowing a Forsaken or Blood Elf to retain the ability to speak Common to each other. (Cross-faction communication is still impossible.) (Not required.)

AddEmote Useful for macroing often used custom emote to slash commands, making an RP session run a bit smoother. An example is macroing "/e 's ear twitches." to "/ear". Instructions on how are on the linked page, as well as in the ReadMe. (Not required.)

Popular non-RPEdit

While many people both in and out of the guild may have these addons, they are not currently required for anything guild related.

Armory An addon that saves a database of all your characters, their levels, professions, money, inventory, what's in the guild bank that they are members of, and you can even link items and professions across characters. (Meaning my engineer could link my tailor's profession and a head item from her bank.) (Not required.)

Auctioneer An addon that can seem very confusing at first, but greatly helps with auction house transactions, checking prices and posting items with greater ease. (Not required.)

Recount Damage-meter. (Not required.)

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) Useful for handling boss fights, particularly as a tank. (Not required.)

Final notesEdit

We can recommend CurseClient, to make it easier and more convenient keeping one's addons up-to-date, as well as simplifying the processes of downloading and installing new addons or removing unwanted addons. (Not required.)

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