Who are we? What're we about?Edit

We consider our Guild to be 'heavy' RP - meaning that roleplaying is what we concentrate on first and foremost, and that we do our very best to ensure that our RP is as fun, challenging and stimulating as it can be. Many of us are highly focused on compelling RP-PVP, PVP and the odd instance play as well, but participating in these is by no means required.

What can we offer you as a community? Edit

- Frequent and engaging roleplaying, both casual and in form of various events.

- Weekly RP events. We have plenty to keep ourselves occupied to stay the curse known as boredom. However it's a new guild, advancing in stages and so these weekly events will be implemented in stages. This was a tried and tested success in the Earthfury Clan

- Dynamic inter-guild RP and conflicts. The Cult of Forgotten Shadow is aiming to unite the squabbling minority cults into one organised Forsaken Faith while forging alliegances (And plotting against them...) to strengthen the lands of the dead. This leads to several wide-ranging plots you may take part into, and RP beyond the usual tavern gatherings. (Though we love those too !)

- IC ranks and duties. While this is currently being finalized, you will have the opportunity of joining several castes within the Cult. Skulk in the shadows amongst the lightslayers or cast away the holy light and embrace it's dark twin under the teachings of the Shadow Priests. There's much more.

- The Cult is likely to be opposed one way or another. We're highly political-based but that doesn't tie us down in the slightest!

-A vibrant and fun guild. Likely even more important than all the RP aspects. We are all mature people here, and are simply trying to enjoy the game the best we can. We help each other, banter in guild chat and generally have a good time. We understand that real life jobs, marriages, studies etc take priority over in-game matters, so we don't require a particular level of activity and you are not required to come to any events you can't make it to. Though please don't join if you're not planning on showing up at all.

- At the time I am writing this we've only just started so bear with us as we continue to grow.

-A firm community which already has build a solid reputation for RP in several other MMORPGs. We have hosted a huge number of events in the past which are crucial to the continuing of the Guilds and you can expect that tradition to continue as time goes on. While we play the game to relax, we are very serious on our members keeping to the server's rules, such as keeping IC in public channels like /say.

- RP-PvP. We frequently engage in roleplaying-based PvP fights, notably being simple yet enjoying sparring and training. We also host a number of RP-PVP events with other Guilds. This will definitely grow as time goes on, and any Cult members interested in these sort of events are always welcome to join in.

- A leadership that actually listens to regular members. Every one of us can make proposals, question decisions and instigate events. We look at higher ranks as more of a responsibility than a licence to boss people around.

What do we require from our members? Edit

That's really simple. You have to be mature, willing to help your guildmates and a passionate heavy roleplayer. Your character has to be a member of the Forsaken, That's it. Your level, class or how many hours a week you play do not matter. Later on in the game as plots unfold there will be more and more vibrant ranks and other choices that will affect people's standings in the Guild.

But what is the Cult about? Edit

Good question -

The Forgotten Shadow is a corrupted reinterpretation of the beliefs and traditions practiced by the Holy Light, and is the religion of the Forsaken. The religion of those who follow and use the shadow is called the Cult of Forgotten Shadow (aka Cult of the Forgotten Shadow). It is a religion of divine humanism.

Forsaken who once followed the tenets of the Holy Light often alter their philosophy upon their transformation. Former priests of the Holy Light lost their faith when they became undead. Lost and hurt, these priests founded a new religion based on a self-centered version of their former faith. Dubbed the Forgotten Shadow, this philosophy centers around self-empowerment and a desire to balance life with death. Many of the virtues and principles of the Holy Light exist within the Forgotten Shadow, but are twisted to an egocentric view.

The Cult of Forgotten Shadow preaches three virtues: respect, tenacity, and power.

Respect:The universe is the physical manifestation of other's wills. Thus, for a person to denigrate the universe is to ignore the personal power of those around them. This is not only disrespectful, it is dangerous. A follower of the Forgotten Shadow must develop his personal power in order to exert his will on the universe, but seeking too much power too quickly puts him in conflict with other, stronger beings. Only a foolish follower seeks to challenge his superiors right away. Showing respect ensures a measure of self-protection.HPG 88, 89

Tenacity:Followers of the Forgotten Shadow put even greater stock in the virtue of tenacity. It may at first seem impossible for a person to change the universe when countless others seeking to do the same surround him. Through unwavering perseverance and tenacity though, they may triumph.HPG 89

Power:Power is the third virtue of the Forgotten Shadow, and the most difficult to attain. A Forsaken who grabs greedily for power might encounter power too great for him or her to handle, and die in their attempt to master it. A Forsaken who succumbs to despair and seeks no personal power has no reason to exist; he craves nothing, desires nothing, he sits alone and pines for his old life. To the cult, Forsaken who do not seek to better themselves might as well still be part of the Scourge. The quest for power requires caution, forethought, and a subtle touch.

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Can I join you? Edit

Of course! We're only accepting Forsaken so don't bother if you're an Elf. We hold recruitment sessions in the Brill Inn once every week which will be advertised with proper dates later, seek us out there. Alternatively, once the forum is fixed, sign up at and submit an application to the Guild.

Aditional info about joining us Edit

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