Da Blood Bruvaz is a relatively small Horde RP guild on the realm of Steamwheedle Cartel. Guild chat is OOC, but several RP events have been organised. One of its two leaders, Ruk, has been missing for over a month. The other leader is Gorlak, and notable members include Larinas, Forlorn, Naxx, and Lisantia.

From the books of Larinas, Baroness of Da Blood Bruvaz:

"It has been almost two months since Ruk, champion of Thrall and protector of the city, disappeared without a word. Some say he went on a vision quest, other's that he merely had enough of the constant bickering between the Horde. My sources, unfortunately, can not find him nor has there been word of him for a long, long time. As it is, the other Orc, Gorlak, decided that it'd be best for his guild to be run by "members of the Horde", finally fulfilling the ideals of Ruk. As to the future of Da Blood Bruvaz, only time can tell...and an undead has plenty of time...


Our current leader is still Gorlak (in name only) Followed by:

Baroness Larinas; Warlord Ambra; Masta Voyjin

Other notable members also includes Taros, Orra, Goshin,Kahmoon and Lisantia

For further notice: [1]

Please note, that the guild no longer has anything to do with Ruk, nor do we wish to. The guild is still as active as always, and our members are always around if not in force.

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