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by EwoldiEdit

The Allaince of Loarderon was already crumbling those under the Banner of Varian Wrynn remained loyal to the Allaince and still adorned the tabards of the Allaince, as the 31st Stormwind mounted division rode in colom, in time to the constant patter of rain and the descending Light the night would bring a new dawn for some of the men of the company.

Lok'tar Ogar The war cries echo a Horde of eyes as Red as the very blood they would spill charge from the tree cover, axes raised in the sky the moonlight glimmering off the blades, as the 31st staggered around in desperate search. Corporal Elwoldi Pendragon, stampered from his tent in search of his Captain Benerik who had already gathered a small number of men who were mounted and ready. Whilst at the south end of the collum's camp the green tide has already begone it's blood thirsty massarce of all life. The orcs tore through tents they mocked the men they slay, stamped and spit upon there corpses looting as they went. A small runt like Orc adorned the helmet of one of the Forlorn as the smoke shifted North and fires lit the night a Orc taller and more agile of build, strode to the Orc, his blade flashed, the runt's head caught in between his hands and he laughed and mocked and cackled in the blood letting. The runt's blood poured upon him, as he rubbed the blood across his chestpiece, creating the mark of his clan upon his chest piece, having a prisoner lick the blood off to make the burning blade visible.

Men fled in their droves seeking refuge by escaping from the camp, even the North had become engaged. All order had gone, broken alone they fought the Orcs foul stench, their breath would be the last thing they knew, all their was, all their will be is death. Elwoldi swung his blade at the brute that had descended upon him, the Orc drove his axe at the broadsword as he went to parry it, by then Elwoldi has put his thin needle like dagger through the Orc's throat. As he pulled the dagger out, he was pummeled to the ground his arms held down, his saw a green fist brought down on his... a flash of silver glinted infront of him Captain Benerik shifted his weight forward launching himself for the orc, his blade glimmering as it seemed to catch the Moonlight, he slammed his shield into the oncoming orc, the violent slashes which werw barbaric and blood crazed from the orcs were equally matched from the tactical and precise strikes from the Captain as he strode on, killing atleast seven Orcs, before Elwoldi had even found his feet. The slender orc's form seemed to control the scene, the smoke parted for him his blood caped features a site which made Elwoldi turn on his heel, 'Benerik wouldn't run.. I won't, The orc was upon him, winding him from a kick to his ribs sending him several yards across the floor, the Slender orc moved on, as several smaller and broader orc's moved in behind their leader. Elwoldi staggered up, shaking in terror he wanted to run, he prayer to be anywhere else, he lunged memories flooded through Doomhammer... Lothar it all came back, his blood rose he lunged his broadsword cleaving off the orc's blade arm, kicking him in the chest knocking the orc down, an arrow pierce his shoulder, Elwoldi roared in agony as the second orc dug a tooth-like dagger into his arm, as he slammed his head directly for the orc cracking the orc's skull and sending it to the floor. The adrenaline pumped through his viens he strode onwards, searching for companions, Orcs to slay, he murmered a prayer as he leaped onto an orc stabbing it, biting into it fighting like an orc, he spat, wiping his face covered in the blood that spurted from the Orc's artery. Elwoldi dropped to his knee's dropping the blade, a blade had pierce his kidney he sank to all fours, he pushed up bursting for strength being pushed down. Benerik had lost count of orc's he'd slain he saw the Corporal on all fours , he dropped his shield, he charged carving a path through the orc's his strikes precise, the blade was black with blood by the time he got to the Corporal he shouted atop his lungs Esarus thar no'Darador! the orcs snickered at him three of them broke at him. His weight shifted to his right as he lunged his blade in and out of the orc's chest it dropped silently to the floor. a pain piered his side, an axe had cleaved deep into his side and he gave the orc no chance, his plated elbow crushing the orc's cheekbone into the top of it's skull, Benerik sank onto one knee, vision clouding dragging the blade, parrying weakly until a crowd of orc's lay dead. Benerik holding the boy close just under where the axe had impacted as the smoke cleared, the fires ushered to mere sparks - Silence.

Shadows crept out of the smoke, as the slender orc stepped forward a step ahead of the rest, he roared something the Orc's halted forming a circle. Benerik rested the boy down, his footing wavering, his stance, his body broken. His spirit his Honor intact. The orc swung at him with such ferocity the Orc's gasped in suprise as the wounded Captain parried the blow, sparks flew for mere seconds as the Captain's left arm below the elbow was amputated by the Blade Master, met by howls of lust by the Orcs at the scene. The captain stubmled forward making a weak lunge , the blade master brought his open hand to catch the fist, thrusting the captain in the air, met by more cheers for the Blade Master. The ground seemed to thunder before the Captain his vision a blinding white for a moment, until a clouded green face appeared and what seemed an eternity a blade of two metals with a violent curve slipped down and down towards his chest, met by jeers from the Orcs and Benerik' gulping down blood.

Elwoldi awoke he tried to sit up, but was met by the sounds of imprissonment and the pains of the wounds he suffered the night before. There were two others like him, one sitting up, were braided hair stopping at his shoulders, caped in dirt and grime, roughly shaved. another who lay curled up into a ball constantly shivering and howling cries and hatred at the Light. They were chained near the Camp fire of these Orc filth the area stunk of piss, flesh, rot and another stench fouler than the rest he couldn't put his mark on. Years seemed to go by, they were kept in chains dragged as trophy's for the Orc's as they came across other Clans they were made to fight, Elwoldi hadn't said a word since his capture other fought, in hope they'd be rewarded the Orc's cackles of pleasure at the blood bath of gladitorial combat making their prisoners fight their brothers. The clan seemed to swell qith prisoners at one point this one sooned rewritten by the Blade Master and his warlock superiors, they were all strung up above pryers which were lit, burning the flesh from the Men as they cried out, begging to be killed, the Blade Master in turn used a hooked dagger, worn with use, to tear there burning flesh away and allow there guts to fall upon the fires. While the Warlocks kept their souls alive long enough to endure the pain, as the orcs fo clan drank and jeered.

Years went by Warlocks died, grunts died, want to be Warchiefs died. All fell to this Blade Master this chieftain from what Elwoldi had picked up he was Jubei'fel or something along those lines. A small caravan had broken down, the Chieftain adorned his armour of that was Benerik's blade, this was the first time Elwoldi had spoken in ten years his voice deeper than that of him when he was more boy then man. His lips curved and tongue strugged to grasp some of the orc syllabals the orc's in ear shot, silently snickered and expected... The Blade Master left the Caravan and the Orc's of the clan moved to the nearest clan, Elwoldi being beaten by the Blade Masters' hands and thrown in three years of Gladiatorial fights, with remaining members of the Blade's prisoner's: Ewoldi simply knelt in prayer, and would shout at the top of his lungs Esarus thar no'Dardor. Enraged yet pleased with his Prisoner's defiance Jubei'fel continued to torutre Elwoldi using more extreme methods in an attempt to get him to strike him, upon the 14th year Jubei'Fel pitted all his gladiators against each other, with one twist He and three aspiring Blade Master's would be in the contest too.

The aspiring Blade Master's to blinded by their ego's and desires for power charge chewing up ground at great speed, their blood pumping at such as excessive wait they had failed to spot the Chieftain's fatal illusion Both Blade Master's ran each other through their blades imapling each other, as they sank to the floor in roars of denial and defeat. The prisoner's some dived for Jubei'fel, he braught his thunderous fists and raw brute strength, to dominate those unarmed and stupid enough to show the admiral courage that the Orc's feed on destroying.

The pit the Orc's had made was full of corpses 9 out of the 10 Human prisoners remained the oldest kept Prisoner and the old Orc Blade Master, he strode forward dropping the Human's blade in front of him in his reach. You obey my blade slave. spat Jubei'fel. Elwoldi began his prayer interrupted by the on coming boot of the Orc, knocking him onto his back, facing up at the Orc, as the Orc ran his finger's up his blade, caressing the blade, as if it was purring in expectation for it's meal like a small pet cat. Pendragon's eyes flashed as the glimmering blade glanced past his body landing aside his head by a marginal distance, Elwoldi showed no feelings, Until the Orc drew a Third blade, the broadsword Benerick wield upon his back the blade he died with... Elowldi roared in rage, leaping up swinging his fists as if possessed each fist connecting with an Orc Blade Master, but all mimics of the Chieftain, who laughed some yards, away, palming the remaining mimics which paved his path to the Prisoner as they dispersed into the wind, becoming smoke re-rendering the scene where Benerik died.

The blade master rushed in, slamming Elwoldi back against the wall of the pit as he grunted in pain, crawling across the dirt his shambling form slowly heading for his blade, Jubei'fel draw his warblade, ripping it from the ground, as he strode towards where Elwoldi's blade lay, he rested his foot on the hilt kicking lightly towards the Human, mocking him getting his clan rowdy, supporting their leader. Elwoldi had found his feat, his footing had changed his posture, his sword held in both hands, the fingers dancing along the hilt, as they ran across it the Blade Master's lunged to the Human's left, Elwoldi parried deflecting the blade outwards, as he turned on his heel landing a firm elbow into Jubei'fel's jaw with cracknig crunch, knocking the Orc off his footing and back met be Oo's from the Crowd and silent jeers from those who would oppose the chieftain. Chieftain's pride wounded, meant by the Human's determined eyes, redoubled his efforts landing a kick sending the Man's cascading into the wall of the pit, as he sank the Blade Master attempt to drive the blade into his exposed shoulder, yet he missed and had ended up jamming his blade into the wall, such an insult would not go unpunished. The patter of footsteps across the dirt alerted Jubei'fel as his agile formed leaped to the top of the pit one bound, as he tore the axe of a worthless grunt from him and kicked him into the pit, where he was mercilessly cleaved from jaw line - waist, the Human's strikes gained cheers from the Orc's hunger for blood, being replenished and yet more howling of loyalty went to their Chieftain, who descended the pit, throwing the axe, impaling the Human to the floor of the arena, the blade's speed sending him to the floor and impaling his shoulder to the floor. The blade master tore the blade from Pendragon's grasp as he struggled to keep a grip on the blade, which was within finger tips reach, as he thrust into the air, Jubei'fel toyed with the adoring crowd, as they began pelting whatever odd items they had from small stones to rotten flesh at the Human, hoping to see a show of gore from their Chieftain, A gasp which was echoed by every orc in the crowd descended into temporary silince par, the patter of blood and deep sighs of exhaustion from the victor. Elwoldi holding his Captain's blade, had ran the Blade Master through the back, the blade impaling through his chest as the orc Blade Master brought his palm round slamming the Man down and almost a meter away form where he had stood, as the Orc sagged down, into a stagger as he limped to his would be killer, he made four steps before collasping to his knees, where the man staggered across the Arena floor, grunting in pain, as he hefted the blade of Jubei'fels from the wall, dragging it as the blade tore across the dirt.. Jubei'fel vision flickered he saw everything he'd done, and he smiled in satisfaction, as his Blade drove through his neck, decapitating him.

The Orc's chanted the Human's name Dabu Gol'Kosh it echoed for several days, as they drank and feasted until a new Chieftain could be selected many of the Warlocks had been put forward. During this time Elwoldi who earned the Former-Chieft's blade and reclaimed Benerick's blade, staggered away, and upon the eve of the Third War, had made his return to Loarderon where he been inducted into the Order of the Silver Hand after the First war.

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