Dailor Silvershade

Physical TraitsEdit

Like most Forsaken his body is in a state of halted decay. Due too the way he died his body is covered with puncture marks from swords, spears and arrows.

Race and ClassEdit

Forsaken Priest


For the time being he is not connected too any guild or group.


In service of the dark lady Sylvanas. He is seeing himself as Sylvanas eyes and ears, searching for traitors and weak links among the Forsaken.


Bolvar Silvershade and Katarina Silvershade, both dead due too the attack upon Lordaeron.


Bolvar Silvershade was a noble in the city of Lordaeron, before the Scorgue fell upon the city. Dailor was the 4:th child of 6 and had no hope of getting any part of the estate and lands his father held, due too the fact that he had 3 older brothers. So instead he turned too the light and became a priest. He was a good priest and followed the teachings of the light completely. Then came the plague and the Scorgue. In the beginning he was only preaching about the Light and trying too keep up the morale and hope among the citizens. But after several battles he joined the forces of Lordaeron in a final attempt too break through the Scorgue. As history already has told this failed. And in this battle he fell.

The reason to him not rising until now is uncertain and he should have become scourge. His awakening was somewhat extreme. As he rose up he was struck by dark memories of meetings and discussions. He had a memory of Undercity and both Sylvanas and Varimathras. And this seemed strange too him, as he had not met them before. He made his way too Undercity and discovered that he was in the prime of his powers, but also that during his time buried under earth, he had also learned the ways of tapping into the powers of shadow. And he had a clear memory of being taught by Sylvanas. When he reached Sylvanas in her throne room she cleared the room of guards. It is unknown what was said, but as Dailor came out of the throne room he walked with confident steps and was not ready too take orders from just anyone.

Personal NotesEdit

It is very difficult too say anything about Dailor. Except that something seemes very wrong about him.

Current StatusEdit

At this time he is coming too terms with his new existance as a Forsaken.

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