The Guild Hall

Dandred's Fold is a small farm on the Misty Shore of Lordamere Lake in the far north of Hillsbrad, in the Uplands, just south of the Undercity.

The manor here belonged to Lord Aliden Perenolde, the last known leader of the Syndicate. Despite its charming appearance, numerous Syndicate rogues and mercenaries once snuck through the area, quick to put a dagger in the back of anyone who appeared to not share their affiliation.

At some point around the Cataclysm, the area was abandoned.

In-Game and RP'dEdit

With the location free of NPCs, a number of people were quick to try to claim the location for RP, among them, the Crimson Sun Brigade.

For a while, CSB used the location as their guild hall, though since the phasing was removed from Fenris Keep the mercenary brigade has moved their main headquarters there, though still loosely hold onto Dandred's Fold for a number of logistics and realism reasons.

While the building is more or less as perceived in game, CSB roleplay that there are a few differences, the biggest being that the building has been reinforced with armor platings, reinforced windows with arrow slits and a small lookout tower on top to serve as a sniper spot. The armor plating has been painted with a wood texture, to keep the house looking relatively the same as before.


CSB fully recognize that other players may wish to use this location for other roleplaying purposes and they respect that. We follow the "who was there first" rule: If we see anyone roleplaying there when we arrive, we will let them finish and take our RP elsewhere. We appreciate the same curtosy.
The Guild Hall Interior
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