Alter-Ego Alt to Richeron.

Alliancecrest small Daniel Blake Dippson
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Mage
Age 24
Affiliation Dalaran
Occupation Anthropologist
Status Alive


Daniel Blake Dippson

Prefers to be called just 'Blake'

Physical Traits Edit

Daniel is a short gangly young man with shaggy hair and a permanent stubble. He wears a pair of thick glasses.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Mage (Paladin ooc)

Occupation Edit

Anthropologist, Student of the Arcane


University of Dalaran


Daniel comes from a rather large and expansive Dalarani family. Dippsons may be found working at the most unexpected places, from cleaning the floors at a flower shop in Booty Bay to being secretaries of big-time goblin entrepreneurs. Though Dippsons vary greatly in size, temperament and alignment, they are all, invariably, out of touch with reality.

Background Edit

Criminal Record Edit

- Charged with theft after making several silver coins vanish in to thin air. Absolved after the coins reapeared in the owner's left shoe.

Personal Notes Edit

Daniel specialises in complex and impressive but ultimately useless magic. He is also an amateur non-arcane illusionist, often enjoying the challenge of reproducing aparent magical effects with mirrors, secret pockets and sleights of hand. Despite rarely using magic at all, he can be as skilled as any other mage.

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