Name Edit

Danjinn Ren

  • Master Rogue
  • Proprietor of the Poison Dagger Tavern

Physical Traits Edit

Danjinn is a young looking man. He is most likely just reaching his twentieth year. He is nearly always to be seen with a "High" expression across his features due to his heavy addiction to Plague-weed. He is not ugly and yet not attractive in the usual sense. Danjin's hair is cut short and is a dark black color.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Crime Boss (Rogue)


Defias Renegade

Guild Edit

Street Boss of The Defias Brotherhood.

Occupation Edit

Danjinn is the partnering manager of the Poison Dagger Tavern in the Park District as well as the local boss of the Defias based on the streets of Stormwind, although this isn’t widely known.


Danjinn has a young brother, Janton Ren. They were brought up by their mother but Danjinn left her care long ago.

Background Edit

Danjinn lived on the streets of Old Town for most his life, at an early age he was already the leader of a small time drug-gang operating on the streets. Soon after his fifteenth birthday he became entwined with the Defias Brotherhood, doing various work in their name.

Recently he was instructed, along with two other Defias members sent from to Vancleef to serve under him, to begin forming a self-sufficient cell of Defias members based within Stormwind, his goal to destabilize the city from the Streets upwards.

Family Background Edit

The Ren's are and have always been a poor family from Stormwind and thus there is nothing of note to say about them.

Criminal Record Edit

< My Lord, it has come to my intention upon checking to request an arrest warrant that the files upon a Mr. Danjinn Ren are oddly… full of holes. It is worrying that someone may have tampered with his file. >

< Ah...who would do such a thing, Captain? Terrible... >

Personal Notes Edit

Danjinn is a young man caught up in the lust for power and wealth, be it material or reputational. He strives to be the one dominant underworld player in Stormwind and will stop at little for that goal. Yet he can be a gentle and fair person much of the time, he is always quick to laugh and joke and yet quick to anger also. A complex person to be sure.

Danjinn has a fairly heavy addiction to a certain strand of Plague-weed which he frequently smokes. He is an over average shot with the pistol and throwing-dagger but lacks slightly in martial prowess. He can hold his own in a dagger and sword fight yet would be surely pressed to defeat a well trained oponent.

Items of Note Edit

Pendant of Shadows Danjinn carries around his neck a magically imbued pendant, given to him as a reward for freeing her, by the Noblewomen Arty Alania. It increases his, already impressive, skill at hiding silently in the shadows and darkness.

Gemstone Necklace Danjinn was given a gemstone necklace from the strange old woman Evelyna as a gift; she claimed it would be useful when he needed it.

Duel-Chamber Flintlocks Danjinn recently spent a portion of his rapidly accumulating wealth on a pair of Ebony handled duel-chamber flintlocks. They are of the highest quality, capable of firing two shots each before needing reloading. After the first shot is fired the duel-chamber centre rotates around so that he second chamber is aligned with the firing tube of the pistol.

Plague-Weed and Rolling Paper Danjinn is nearly never without a bag of illegal Plague-weed and a set of rolling paper, match and tinderbox.

Other Assorted Weapons Danjinn usually carries an assortment of hidden knives and daggers, a well worn blunderbuss and an assortment of poisons, a garrote and a bag of tightly packed iron-ball-bearings used to sap his victims.

Current Status Edit

Danjinn is solidifying his security within Stormwind and steadily increasing his spider-like network of allies, contractors and spies. Little do many of them know, Ren is playing the different groups off against each other, reaping the benefits from all sides and steadily weakening each, increasing his own strength at the same time.

Danjinn met his death during a violent and ongoing street war between the Defias Brotherhood and the Malvalon Gang. He was slain and beheaded, the Poison Dagger being burnt down in the aftermath.

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