Alliancecrest small Danjinn Sparr
Title(s) Street Boss // Businessman
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Gunslinger (Rogue)
Age 26
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation The Defias Brotherhood
Occupation Various fronts and small-time buisnesses
Status Alive

Did you mean Danjinn Ren?

Name Edit

Danjinn Sparr

Physical Traits Edit

Danjinn is a fairly common looking man, somewhere in his late twenties. He is certainly no beauty but is by no means ugly. Recently, he has gone unshaven and a wiry beard is beginning to grow.

If seen topless, Danjinn’s chest bears a multitude of old scars and bullet-wounds. His back shows the telltale sign of having once been lashed. If one searched, they would find the cog tattoo inked crudely upon Danjinn’s upper right arm, marking him as a member of the Defias Brotherhood.

Race and ClassEdit

Human, Gunslinger and Entrepreneur (Rogue)

Guild Edit

Street Boss of The Defias Brotherhood.

Dan Cut-throats

Dann and two of his Cut-Throats

Occupation Edit

Danjinn often has his hands in a legitimate business or two, most serving as fronts for his latest schemes. More often than not these are small, sleepy taverns in the backstreets of Stormwind City


Danjinn is from an unremarkable family from the worst slums of Oldtown.

Background Edit

Danjinn Sparr was born in the worst slums of Oldtown. Thus, unsurprisingly, he was thrust into a life of crime at an early age. Encouraged by his family, the young Danjinn learnt the trade of a cut-purse, sustaining them on the money of unlucky market-goers.

By the time he was a teenager, Danjinn was running with a gang of likeminded thugs whom had a monopoly on their own little slice of Oldtown. Eventually he rose to leadership of this crew.

Several years later, he learnt of the plight of the Defias Brotherhood, readily sympathising with their quest to destroy the corrupt nobles of the city, Danjnn quickly declared himself a member and along with his crew began wearing the red masks of the Brotherhood. It was not long before a knife-squad of the Brotherhood visited Danjinn. Seeing his potential they quickly initiated him and began directing the youth’s actions.

Eventually, having outgrown the slums, Danjinn and his gang of thugs left Stormwind, setting themselves up as an independent Brotherhood Band in the bandit-plagued forests of Elwynn under the name of Sparr’s Boys.

Criminal Record Edit

Danjinn has committed and ordered countless criminal acts, from petty thievery to serial-murder. Luckily for him, most of these crimes have never been traced directly back to the man himself.

Personal Notes Edit

Danjinn Sparr is, on the surface a simple man. Often under the influence of narcotics and drink, he is quick to see the humour in a situation and little seems to shake him. Most would be quick to label him an ignorant, brutal slum-dweller. Whilst he is often brutal and cruel, such traits have developed out of necessity. After all, to show weakness in the criminal underworld is a sure way to fall.

His ambition is as strong as any other human and Danjinn aspires to become the dominant player in the criminal underworld of Stormwind and indeed the kingdom as a whole. Though despite this, he does not wish anarchy upon the Kingdom. This, perhaps, makes him stand out amongst the multitude of anarchists that share in his profession. Danjinn understands the necessity of law and order and is often much more willing to bribe the system when others would choose violence

Items of Note Edit

A Pair of Dueling Pistols – These are perhaps Danjinn’s most prized possessions. A pair of high quality, expertly crafted flintlocks. They were originally commissioned for a gentleman of high stature with the express purpose of duelling. Because of this, the balance and accuracy of the pistols is much improved over a standard flintlock.

Deathweed and Cigar-Paper – Danjinn is almost never seen without a sack of quality Booty Bay deathweed and cigar papers. There is little doubt that the man is thoroughly addicted to the drug.

Sniff Vials – Though less of a habit than the deathweed, Danjinn also makes use of finely powdered dream-dust. This is less of a habit and more of a coping method. The dust allowing him to carry on long after agonising pain should rightly have crippled a man.

Current Status Edit

Danjinn has recently re-established a Defias presence on Stormwind's streets, following a final disagreement between himself and his former 'boss' Kalern Mason.

After several weeks of more or less open warfare, Nero Mason (brother of the deceased Kalern) and Danjinn finally resolved their territorial dispute and agreed to peace. Though neither one of them truly believes it will be one of the lasting nature.

With the brotherhood firmly entrenched once again in Stormwind and the coin flowing in, things are looking positive for Dann. Though the Coalition and Kalern Mason present growing problems.

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