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(( ok im going to give this another shot and do next bit as a story. ))

Her High Emissary had been called up north due to a increase of Scourge, time was running out for the brood. He went into her quarters and took out her hearthstone. The hearthstone shined and a green mist came from the stone to project a image, the image of Galomire, the ruler of the brood.

“Sire, Imoen’s leader has been called up north to deal with the Scourge. It would seem their numbers are increasing rapidly.”

Galomire grunted, he knew that time was running out and if they did not act quick the Lich king would find out about them and take pride in turning them all into mindless zombies.

“Then we will act now Arganious. The black sheep has been instructed to find a artifact there before we do, however we have the upper hand.”

“What do you mean sire?”

“There was a device made not to long ago by a pack of Goblins. This device was to pump air into unknown planets ready for them to strip the planets clean when they had the power they needed.”


Galomire grined

“Yes, looks can be deceiving as you already know…Imoen.”

Galomire said smirking, Arganious smirked back.

“They are older than you think, it was back when they were mining for the trolls in Undermine, they used their materials to build machine a machine that would gas out their troll slavers and give them freedom. We don’t know what the result was but the machine was found by a few of my followers many years ago, after the great sundering he is still there in the same city…what he has accomplished I do not know nor do I care, we will go to this city and take the machine. Then we will load it with fel and turn the entire population of Azeroth into half demons, then my son will control them all. Then we will go to other planets.”

“And what of the burning Legion?”

“The burning legion will bow before us once we have all of Azeroth under our control, even the Scourge will be under our control! I need you to find that machine it is the only way we can turn the tides of war.”

“I will do so.”

“Good, then get packing. You will meet my brood only a few miles east of feather moon stronghold.”

“Very well sire.”

Arganious bowed his head and the image disappeared, he had not forgotten what he saw back then. He would die during this mission but luckily threw means of fortune telling the future can now be changed.

He had the perfect plan, he didn’t really care about the brood. Galomire was well known to manipulate others for his own gain, he would be betrayed soon enough. He had foreseen it.

As he walked out he saw one of her own brethren stare at him as if he was insane.

“Sister…who were talking to?” The crusader asked knowing that perhaps he would be punished.

“I was talking to the Arch Bishop brother, I am afraid I have also been called to take the High Emissaries side in battle and will be gone for some time.”

The Crusader bowed his head “Light guide you sister.” He laughed “The light need not worry about me.”

He bowed his head and continued to walk to the Gryphon rider, he looked around the civilians of Stormwind knowing that in a few weeks or maybe even days their little simple lives will be shattered.

The time of war, was upon them.

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