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Dark..Cold. Blood all over my hands.. Oh the puny creatures that have slain me.. I will curse you for all eternity! And I'm following you and your infants throughout times and shall never stop!

I used to be the landlord of Menethil - and then driven away. Pale faced, I was looking at the dawning sun and rising moon. Innocent. Drowning before me, in the open water. I stood at the edge, her blood in my hand. My beloved wife. The rising sun blocked my sorrow, and I stood up, only to listen for the gasps and sobbing all around me. I turned, and they let me go. Murderer, they yelled. "To leave an innocent maid into open water.." Madman. Killer, they barked at me. Later that day someone rushed through the door into my house and found me sitting at table. It was a gnome. He came to tell me that I was thereby to be exiled from the community and driven to Badlands. She was my wife. I killed her? Not true. It cannot be. For the first time in my life I used my serrated blades to kill someone.. someone innocent.. and my floor drowned in blood.. Gnome was later found decapitated in my house. The townsfolk march towards.. an endless march.. crying maids, men in rage.. and I climb over the town wall.

So then.. all goes black and the last thing taking place is a big ugly human penetrating me with a spear; nightfall comes and I close my eyes.. finally rest for eternity.. the Serrated Blade dies and takes place in the great circle.

Then the world rushes in again, I open my eyes - my head is aching, I scream through the thousand woods surrounding me and my crypt - and I scream and scream and scream the name of my beloved.. "Cassandra.. Cassandra.." And I faint again. The halls of the Unholy. Those people are going to pay. And I am going to find that technique of killing myself again. But before my death comes the vengeance.. Menethil is going to suffer. Trust me my friend.. suffer.

((Part from the story of Malis Borgenheim))

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