Hordecrest small David Lupin Gravgot
Title(s) Commander
Gender Male
Race Forsaken
Class Rogue
Age 30 (biologically)

31 (time spent 'alive')

38 (since birth)

Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation neutral, close ties to Forsaken.
Occupation Engineer, mercenary; something like that.
Status None of your buisness
Relative(s) Eclyptic Gravgot (Sister, alive)

Casdin Woodmoore (Exwife, status unknown)

Daniel Woodmoore (Son)

David Gravgot is an oddly intelligent Undead. After death he went the opposite way to most and became smarter, more likable, and his hygene improved, this isn't saying much though.

He currently lives in a first class ditch in Tirisfal and spends most of his time inventing and decomposing.

Full NameEdit

David Lupin Gravgot

Physical TraitsEdit

Dave is scrawny, even for an Undead. Whilst he believes himself to be intimidating, as undeads go he looks pretty underwhelming. He is always wearing a red mask which he has for the sole reason of thinking it makes him look cool, and despite his weak stature he is always seen carrying a large technologically advanced backpack which conceals the large amasment of weaponry he needs to compensate for his lack of physical strength.

He is very agile, though this is hampered by his abundant weapon stock, using this mostly for cheap shots at his opponents when he cannot simply reduce them to ash by way of lasers, or escaping from situations he'd rather not be in, mostly involving affection.

Everyone of his body parts has been replaced at some point in his life, not always human. Though he does somehow still have a very human look, even moreso than most Undeads, he has black greasy hair and a bright yellow eye, the other eye appears to belong to a bird of some sort. If you see him covered in duct tape, this is not strange.

Race and ClassEdit

Undead Rogue


Recruit of Crimson Sun Brigade


The best undead engineer in the history of ever (according to himself), in actuality his inventions are flimsz, following a Goblin style of temporary functioning. His devices follow a rule of `the simplest solution is the best one` because of this they need constant repair.


The Gravgot family are incredibly unpleasant and seem to die alot. They also kill alot.

Daves father and mother died during the Forsaken attack on Southshore, which Dave was fully aware of and made no attempt to save them, he actually assisted with the plague catapults.

His remaining close family consists of his sister, Eclyptic Gravgot, now a Worgen. His son, Daniel, of whom he knows next to nothing about. And his ex-wife, Casdin, status unknown.



Born in Southshore, Dave was risen as an assassin by his father and as an alcoholic by his mother. His upbringing was the same as all Gravgots, he was required to kill small animals until he was desensitised and


Criminal RecordEdit


"Would you mind interfering with that fight and preferably getting killed? I have a wager going on it, I'll split the winnings with you"

"Science my dear boy, science"

"I am fully recognitive of my surpassing vocabulary acomplishments and prowess"

"Up yours"

"Screw you, and no I don't mean that literally

"Well if it isn't Captain Stupid and his band of merry morons"

"I hate you much"

"I asure you, I haven't the foggiest"

"Only I get to use sarcasm"

"Let the good times roll"

"You know I loves ya, now never speak of it again"

Current StatusEdit

Reluctantly Optimistic

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