Alliancecrest small Davius Von Osternmark
Title(s) Necromancer, the Constructor
Gender Male
Race Skeleton
Class Necromancer
Age 68
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Affiliation The Cult of the Damned, The Scourge
Occupation Necromancer
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Cynndia


Known by the Public as: Lord Davius Von Osternmark

Known by the Scourge as: Necromancer Davius the Constructor

Physical TraitsEdit

Observing the physical traits of Davius is an impossible feat these days, he has recently begun clothing in attire that hides his whole body, even his face is hidden from view as he keeps it bowed down with eyes to the ground. From what you gather however from how the clothing drapes over him, he appears to be malnourished, the brown linen of his tattered clothing clinging to a dangerously lithe frame. He appears old, hobbling as he moves around, supporting himself with a stave held tightly by his gloved left hand.

Race and ClassEdit

Skeleton Necromancer


Morbid Faith



Skilled Apothecary


Cynndia Snowfall - Neice

Other than Cynndia, the rest of Davius' relatives are missing and most likely deceased.


Not much is known of Lord Davius or the Von Osternmark family. Originating from the town of Andorhal, those who knew the family through gossip or in person are deceased or mindless minions of the Scourge. To know more of Davius and/or his family would recquire asking him in person. These days approaching Davius, let alone asking him questions, is more of a folly than it was before. When approaching him, do so with up most caution.

Criminal RecordEdit

Crimes against the Kal'dorei people.

Consorting with the Scourge.

Use of Necrotic magics.

Cultist activities.

Assault upon two members of the State.

Attempted murder of two members of the State.

Personal NotesEdit

Davius has become significantly hard to find. No longer does he linger so much in Stormwind, at the same time his attire allows him to blend in with the numerous homeless and beggars.

Current StatusEdit


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