About House Dawnstriker[edit | edit source]

With roots deeply written into Highborne lore, the Dawnstriker family name bears a long tradition of service to the royal family. Though there was a period of time where this loyalty was called into question, both men and women in the family have dedicated themselves to the defence of both their King and of Quel'thalas.

Youngest child Orana's self-imposed exile, and the Scourge attack on Quel'thalas, eventually tore the family apart, and for several years it was believed that eldest child Solance was the sole survivor of the family.

With Orana's return and Solance's marriage to Rosaceae, the line is rebuilding itself.

Living Members of the Dawnstriker family[edit | edit source]

Solance Dawnstriker

Orana Dawnstriker

Rosaceae Dawnstriker-Sunrider

Solarius Dawnstriker

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