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Reborn a Shadow Edit

...A sea of pain, extending in all directions...for ever..for a minute...for an hour.

She had been so close, Iana stood in front of her, battered, close to falling. Then...agony. With an unearthly screech of pain, Entriia sunk to her knees, her staff falling from her twitching hands. Fighting through the sudden spasms of hurt, Entriia pulled herself around, facing her assailant. Karina. "..Bitch" Entriia gasped, her face a mixture of shock and betrayal. With a grin her other dagger opened the dying kal'dorei's throat, a spray of blood splattering them both. "You will never hurt someone I care about again" Karina whispered to her. Entriia fell backwards slowly, her eyes closing with an almost silent murmur "Kari..." Wiping her blade on Entriia's robes, Karina stroked her long flowing mane of hair at the same time, wiping the blood in.

...A sea of pain, seething, boiling. The Nether... Drowning!

Entriia's eyes flashed open, murky water's surrounded her. She pulled herself up quickly, as her head broke the surface of the water Entriia coughed up a glob of bloody liquid. Her whole body wracked with every kind of pain known to her…And many more. "Who...what" Entriia croaked, moving a hand to her neck, feeling for the gaping tear Karina had opened. Entriia's gaze fell downwards to the water. A Moonwell. A pool of blood. Hearing a noise behind her Entriia spun around with another gasp of pain. "Mistress", Entriia kneeled in the bloody water before the Fellfire shrouded figure. "You are bound to me. You cannot escape even in death, kitty"

..A sea of pain, writhing, flaming...dreaming

Entriia vaguely remembered the long and painful journey she made to Karazhan. Most the time her mind had wandered, her vision grown dim and blurred with pain. But eventually she sighted the tower over the ridge. The rough, scratchy hay seemed at that point like the finest silken quilt. Throwing herself down and coughing up more blood, Entriia closed her eyes...the Darkness claiming her once more.

..A sea of pain, agonising, excruciating...Honoria

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