Basic Information Edit

Everything filthy, grimey, disgusting, nasty, mouldy and generally bad, all rolled up into one twisted and potentially (every wednesday mostly) explosive combination of complete nutjobs and society-rejects, also known as stereotype witches, evil wizards, and other lowlife scum you don't wanna get more than fourty yards in range of, on account of catching various skin diseases, curses, and/or afflictions along the lines of 'I didn't know that place could itch like that'.

Nice people really. Not a bad word about them. Well, some maybe. About twenty. Maybe more. Okay a lot more, these guys are bloody disgusting.

Storyline Edit

Imagine a witch, who is in the possession of the book that holds The Most Disturbing Religion Ever. The Kajukka Tales. Add to this a wizard, who keeps stealing the book, and getting it stolen from him, stealing it back, getting it stolen, and so on. This chain of events could only result in a life-altering and highly volatile and epic disaster. And it didn't. Instead, they just lost the book in the normal way of people misplacing things and never finding them again. They now work together in refinding the book. But only in their spare time, because they've got better things to do than look for some silly book that'll make them all-powerful if they use it correctly. Besides, reading is for wimps anyway.

Besides the witch and the wizard, there's also Smutty. Ah, good old Smutty. They found Smutty in a swamp, being a beggar. The local wildlife gave him things to eat, mostly on account of his smell. He smells like something that was once edible, but left in the sun for about three months and has evolved microbiologic civilisations that are now competing with one another about who's the most foul and smelly. Imagine this smell, now double it, rub it in some horse droppings and you're not even close.

Together they are the Deadwind Crafts. They can be found pretty much anywhere where you really don't want them to be.

Attitude Edit

All three members are fully independant NastyFactories. They don't need eachother, but things that are equally disgusting tend to stick together in a, well, sticky way. They don't care what anyone thinks about them, because if they did they'd be spending a lifetime trying to improve something that can't be improved. They like to annoy, they like to cause mischief and disaster, they like to see other people get in trouble because of something they did. They sell favours like putting a curse on someone, or a love potion, for the currency of filthy things like juicy maggots.

They work together. Not because they need to, but in the same way a parasite works together with it's host. The only question is who the parasite is.

Current Happenings Edit

All kinds'a stuff, but nothing specific and interesting like a big-scale event or such a thing.

Joining the Deadwind Crafts Edit

Not hard. All you need to do is have a character that fits.

Notes Edit

Boom chk'a.

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