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The Letter Edit

Sha'Leigh swung off of his War Elekk and marched up to the line of Militia awaiting his orders. He stopped in front of them, lifted up his hand and saluted them while smiling.

"Militia, today I address you as your Commander and I must congratulate you on your recent performances in combat. The other day you showed courage and skills in battle and you became victorious over the Burning Legion, you have become great warriors and serve your unit well...I'm proud of you all," he announced with a small clap at the end followed by his soldier's cheers. Lt. Commander Balmor Rockhelm approached him and handed over a small letter addressed to 'Sha'Leigh Vaylor'. He ripped it open and straightened it out and carefully began to read it while his Captains gave the instructions for that evenings training session. The letter it said:

 To Sha'Leigh,

I heard you had found out about our invasion this seem to have informats're a good leader and that is why I love you. I want to meet you in Deadwind Pass this evening...we have unfinished business, I'll see you there,

           With Love,

P.S: Come equipped

Sha'Leigh finished reading it and raised one eyebrow. He stepped up and whispered into Balmors ear. His Adviser nodded and he grabbed the side of his Elekk and swung back upon the saddle before riding off to get himself prepared for whatever Calirzy had planned.

Preparation Edit

Sha'Leigh's gryphon set down at the Stormwind Flight area and hopped off. He entered the city's trade district to find many people selling and buying their crafts. He peered around as if searching for somebody before moving on and heading to the Old Town section of the city. There he found Sergeant Cazzane and his friend Askillioth talking and approached them with a concerned look on his face. He saluted before talking.

"Evening gentlemen, look, I have to go away this evening, I have important business with a certain somebody, Sergeant, do you mind getting my equipement ready?" he explained. Cazzane nodded and scuffled off and Askillioth frowned. "An important date?" he said. Sha'Leigh laughed. "Not exactly Ask, yet, I may no return tonight," Sha'Leigh let out a deep sigh as his friend folded his arms. "Running into trouble again...typical old you Sha, well, may the Light be with you my friend, I'm guessing you'll need it this night." Sha'Leigh smiled and saluted Askillioth as he rode off into the evenings busy crowds.

Cazzane returned minutes later with his Commanders armour and weaponary, Sha'Leigh carefully equipped himself and slipped on his Exiled Militia Marshals crown and smirked. Cazzane stood back and examined his leader in his full set of gear and smiled. "You're all set sir, now, if you would like to practice before know, I'm here and ready," the Sergeant explained. The two headed to a small alleyway and drew blades and began to duel friendly. Sha'Leigh used every trick he knew to knock Cazzane to the ground who was the defence dummy. They then switched and Cazzane took up an offensive role and Sha'Leigh defended himself with ease.

After their half-hours practice Sha'Leigh took his leave and headed back to his Gryphon 'Kolo' for a ride to Deadwind Pass. He suited up extra equipment (daggers, bandages and an extra sword). He swung onto his gryphon, saluted Cazzane and he took off in an instant heading out to meet Calirzy for their evening battle to the death.

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