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Medivh's Tower in Deadwind Pass.


A Dark and forboding place, Deadwind Pass is a desolate and morbid stone corridor, leading from the Undead-infested forest of Duskwood on the western border, to the vile Swamp of Sorrows on it's eastern edge. The region is overshadowed by the terrifying tower of Karazhan, where the Last Guardian, Medivh, spent his final days before an angry mob, led by his apprentice Kadgar, stormed the tower and killed the crazed Guardian. A large tribe of ogres can also be found here, and although as intimidating as they are, they live in constant fear of the evil lurking within the ancient halls of the Tower...

It is rumoured that Lombard spent most of his time in hiding in this eerily silent place. Since he has returned, the few ogres who are captured by S:17 operatives speak in terrifed tones of a man in dark armour, who slew many of their number, whom they've primitively dubbed 'Deathbringer Warap'mand'.

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