Basic Information Edit

The Deeprun Tram Technicians, or Tram Tech for short, were originally a team of gnomes put in place to take care of the delicate workings of the Deeprun Tram.

They used to exist out of one big family, the Toastbucket Family, who still remain as the core of the members. But over time, non-Toastbucket members joined the team.

Storyline Edit

However, most of the Toastbucket Family has quit their jobs at the Tram recently, in hopes of finding better jobs elsewhere. In other words, they were kicked out by Bonkle and Sponkle, the remaining core of the Tram Tech, for doing a lousy job.

They have set up a respectable business undertaking, Toastbucket Emporium, in the booth in the Tram to your right, coming from Stormwind. Here they try to make copper, not gold. Gold is not very useful as an engineering material, where copper has a lot more potential. You can buy gadgets, gizmos, devices, and other engineering things from them, provided you give them something useful in return.

The other thing they do is maintain the Tram, while selling tickets to everyone who's unlucky enough to run into them. When they're not taking care of the Tram, or selling gadgets, they're doing inventions for the good of science.

Attitude Edit

As true scientists, the Tram Tech believe advancement in science is the highest goal. The means to achieving said goal are irrelevant, as long as the job is done. This has in the past lead them to several conflicts with law-enforcing organisations, but that's all been cleared out and they're keeping a low profile.

Attitude of individual members is up to individual members to decide. Just keep in mind that you won't be employed when you don't agree with most of the Toastbucket point of views.

Joining the Deeprun Tram Tech Edit

There is no level requirement, there is no gear requirement, there is no uniform, there is no species requirement (it'll be hard to join with an elf or draenei though).

What we do want, is roleplaying quality. Don't be overpowered, don't be silly, and use your common sense. It's okay to be good at fighting, but take a hit sometime, and be realistic.

Activity is not a requirement. You can make an alt for us and play on your main 90% of the time, we don't care. We believe that when roleplaying a Tram Tech is fun, you'll start to play more out of your own free fill, not because of some silly activity requirement.
Get in touch with either Sponkle and Bonkle, through In Character in-game mail, adressed to the Deeprun Tram. There's no need for tricksy wordplay, just say you're applying for a job and how we can reach you.

We're probably elitists. We're not sure what the term includes, but we expect high quality roleplay and nothing less.

Quality over quantity.

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