All information available at -guild link to follow-

Basic InformationEdit

Recruiting: We are openly recruiting every class at the moment, we are looking for mature, friendly players primarily, previous experience raiding and attunement to moltencore/onyxia will speed your membership process along.

General InformationEdit

· Our website is at

· No character or class restrictions.

· Your character must be level 60 to join.

· Alternative Characters are allowed one per full member.

· Our Rank system is based on the horde player vs player ranks. Scout's are trial members, Stone Guard's are full members, Champion's are members which have made a major contribution to the guild, General's are the guilds officers and High Warlord is reserved for the guild leader.


· We raid Molten Core, Zul'Gurub and the ruins of Ahn'Qiraj weekly. Molten Core raids are usually Saturday 7pm servertime.

· We use our forums to signup for raiding.


· We recruit on a trial basis for around a week depending on your activity, if you make the grade you'll become a fully fledged member.

· Applicants should post on the recruitment section on our forums or contact Pureblood, Heathen, Demoriel, Bluntaxe, Djaffer or another officer in-game.

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