Denather Sunglade

Denather Sunglade


Denather Sunglade

Physical TraitsEdit

Denather stands six-foot, seven inches tall and has bulging muscles, showing he prefers strength over speed.

Race and ClassEdit

Blood Elf Death Knight


Keeper's of Quel'danas






Denather was born to a family of paladins, who was then trained in the ways of the light and swore to protect his family, and Quel'danas.

Shortly after the Scourge Invasion, Denather helped rebuild Quel'thalas, then went to help the Argent Dawn in the Plaguelands.

When fighting a large group of undead creatures, one abomination got in a lucky blow, and killed him.

He was then resurrected by Arthas and wreaked havoc on New Avalon with the other Death Knights.

After he broke away from the Lich King's control, he started his trek in Northrend, and swore to defeat Arthas however possible.

Denather was fighting at the Wrathgate, and at Icecrown Citadel where Arthas was finally struck down.

Now that his tormentor is dead, he wanders, wondering what to do with himself now that his vengance is complete.

Family BackgroundEdit

Criminal RecordEdit


Personal NotesEdit

Likes good wine, and lots of whiskey.

Current StatusEdit


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