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Dergo Hugner


Dergo by Dergo.

Physical Traits Edit

Dergo is a normal heighted man with a medium wide jawbone, strong chin and cheek. His left eye is blue and often tired,weary but determined, his hair is just long enough to cover most of his ears and reach down to his neck, often unshaved and therefor giving him a rugged appearance. The hairs colour is chestnut brown but appears diffrent from dirt mostly.

He got a scar across his left arm and a small scar by his right eye.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Warrior

Guild Edit

None currently.

Occupation Edit

Serves as a Commander in the Stormwind Army.


Mother - Belinna - Scourge.

Father - Galiran - Unknown, assumed dead.

Grand Father - Therinad - Deceased.

Younger Brother - Cadeiron - Deceased.

Cousin - Avila Hugner - Deceased.

Soon to be Wife - Elisabeth - Alive

Background Edit

((Working on it))

Recent History: Dergo serves activly in the Guards of Stormwind, ordering recruits around and ensuring they learn to become good guards. However due to a recent incident, 2:th July, Dergo's cousin Avila Hugner had arrived to visit him in the city, and fell victim to "Summer Willy" and his murders within the city. The shock for having to identify the body resulted in a accident which broke his left hand and gave him some time off active service to recover.

Some month later the previous Commander of the Night Watch got murdered, Dergo and Halmar quickly took actions to keep guards in shape and under control, day later Dergo had been promoted to Commander of the Guard group.

Family Background Edit

The Hugner Family originally come from small human kingdom of Alterac, but left as the other kingdoms came to put an end to the treason by Lord Perenolde. The Hugner family moved to Kingdom of Lordaeron where they would live for time.

(( Currently under reconstruction ))

Criminal Record Edit

Got into a smaller drunk fight with a friend once, both paid the fines and repair bills for broken furniture.

Personal Notes Edit

Bow before the sword and laws of Stormwind.

Special items Edit

Dergo carries around several items of one kind of value or the other.

  • Brothers Memorial - After the death of Cadeiron, Dergo took his necklace as a memory of his beloved brother. He now keeps it hanging around his right wrist.
  • State Insignia - Dergo wears the insignia of the state proudly and has it in a chain around his neck, keeping his pride and loyalty to the service to their old work.

Current Status Edit


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