Neutralcrest small Dethrak
Dethrak Blightspreader Main Screen
Gender Male
Race Forsaken, Human
Age 53 (living years)
Alignment Lawful Evil
Affiliation Forsaken
Occupation Doctor, Apothecary
Status Undead


Apothecary Doctor Dethrak Carax Blightspreader

Apothecary Dethrak

Physical TraitsEdit

Long oily dark hairs, a face without mouth and a rotten skin, Dethrak Carax Blightspreader isn't what could be defined an healthy person. Luckly his knowledge brought the undead to be a skilled Apothecary, for the time being, the only one in the Shadows of Lordaeron. As could be assumed, he wears a dark robe, the typical robe of apothecaries.

Race and ClassEdit

Undead Apothecary


Doctors of Apocrypha


  • Aphoecary; Herbalist; Doctor;
  • OOC: Engineer


Not important.


Has to be re-written.

Criminal RecordEdit

Insulting taurens, poisoning a blood elf for insulting him, also killed a troll with venom, still there are no proofs of these crimes.

Personal NotesEdit

Dethrak is mainly a skilled apothecary, his greatest success was when he made a guild named the Inquisition that had great relevance among the Forsaken for a short period of time. The undead is incredibly loyal to Sylvanas and his loyalism ethics prevented the undead from betraying the forsaken.

Current StatusEdit

Working on plagues and toxines.

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