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Dev standing ready to defend his home.... The Alliance!

Facts Edit

Name: Devasos Lionpride

Rank: Lieutenant

Occuptation: Lieutenant of the Northwind Free Company

Physical Traits Edit

Devasos is a young and healthy man at the age of 26. Despite his undead condition, he does alot to keep his body in shape and he always makes sure that he looks representable. Across Devasos' face runs a scar he recieved in the service of the Lich King, other than that his body is unscarred. He has icy blue eyes and his voice sounds rash after the ressurrection altered his usual calm and soft voice.

Current Status Edit


Devasos is 'alive' currently serving Northwind Free Company as a Lieutenant.

Recently he was called to Icecrown by the Ebon Blade to do his share in the fight against the Lich King.

Occupation Edit

Devasos is currently a Lieutenant in the Northwind Free Company

Criminal Record Edit

<Blank, other that the things he did for the Lich King>

History Edit

Early history Edit

Devasos was born in Andorhal shortly before the 2nd war. His father was a Captain of the Alliance Army and his mother was a former doctor, but at the birth of Devasos, she decided to stay home and take care of her children. Devasos also had two siblings. A brother and a sister. The three were very different from each other. Dev's older brother was very curious and often wandered off to explore the world. His sister had problems with obeying the law. She was often caught stealing from others or having punched some one down on the street. But apart from the small time troubles, the family went by just fine. Until the 2nd war came. Dev's father was called off to the frontlines, leaving his family behind. His mother and the three children stayed in Andorhal during the entire war, not suffering that much... Until the war was over. A soldier came to the family house, bearing ill news. Dev's father had fallen in combat and his remains were yet to be found. All the soldier could find was his father's sword. Dev's mother fell to her knees and started screaming, tears were running down her cheek as she screamed out for her husband. Dev heard the noise and came downstairs, only to see his mother on her knees, crying. Dev approached the man in the door and asked what had happened. When he was told, Dev became speechless, he didn't know what to say or do, he just stood in the door looking like some one who had seen a reincarnation of Holy Light. The soldier told Dev the story and handed him his father's sword and left the house.

Teen years Edit

((More to come!!))

<Several sheets of paper follows to describe Devasos' service as a Scourge>

Family Edit

  • Father: Monlethan Lionpride (DECEASED)
  • Mother: Silja Lionpride (DECEASED)
  • Children: Jenavive Forworth (Daughter - ALIVE)
  • Siblings: Monlethan Lionpride Jr. (Brother - MISSING) , Ilyandria Lionpride (Sister - ALIVE)
  • Pets: <BLANK>
  • Carers: <BLANK>
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