Diliamem Pentworth.

Physical attributesEdit

Diliamem is a normal sized Gnome, but rather thin. He has a ring of grey hair around his head. Diliamem’s skin is pale and deathlike and his eyes are a white unnatural raging fire.

Race and classEdit

Male Gnome. Necromancer (Mage).


Master Engineer of MEGA

Family and HistoryEdit

If Diliamem has any family or past he has never spoken of it to any. Although recently an eccentric gnome by the name of Dilliwort Pentworth has claimed family-ties to the late Dilliamem.

Criminal RecordEdit

Diliamem has a large Criminal Record from The Peoples' Militia.

Pieced together from remains of records

Assault on a citizen Assault on a militant Spells, Casting on buildings (with intent to cause damage) Arrest, resisting Kidnapping of a citizen Kidnapping of a militant High Conspiracy Escaping from jail

These are but a summary of the nefarious crimes committed by this vile individual. Anyone seeking to capture him in order to obtain the bounty should prepare themselves for a slippery catch.

Current Markings

50 Outstanding Fines: 1 gold, 61 silver

Status: Fugitive

Bounty: 5 gold Bounty payable upon conviction for his crimes.

Personal NotesEdit

Diliamem's personality can sometimes change from being very polite to rude and violent. He is most probably unstable in the head.

Current StatusEdit

Dilliamem was beheaded after a trial accusing him of murdering Minetha Nightingale and her family. But whether or not he is truly dead...who knows

Other InformationEdit

Diliamem is strongly suspected of being involved with The Dark Embrace.

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