Name Edit

Dirahm son of Tharim

Physical Traits Edit

His beard is tied up in one main beard. This symbolises the holy light. His eyes are coloured as the beautiful blue sky above the lands of khaz modan. His body is very musculated. On his right cheek he has a small scar. Both his hands show small burns.

Race and ClassEdit

Male Dwarf Paladin

Guild Edit

Dirahm is one of the founderers of Axe and Anvil!

Occupation Edit

Dirahm is a follower of the holy light and member of the silver hand.


Dirahm is the son of a copperminer and so he chose to follow this very respected profession amongst dwarfs. Tharim and his wife Jazirah brought up three sons: Lurvahm, the eldest, Dirahm and Brozahm, and one sister Tilarah, she is the youngest of the family.

Background Edit

Dirahm travelled into the human lands to learn about their mining methods and became a blacksmith with the help of the Stormwind citydwarfs.

Dirahm was born near the underground settlement of Anvilmar. Anvilmar, the last king of united dwarfs.. His father Tharim, son of Rolfagg, travelled long journeys up north to the harbor of Menethil to trade the ores of the family. Many stories he brought back with him and these left a strong feeling of judgement on Dirahm.. and so he began to study perkaments at first in the small library of Anvilmar and later.. when he travelled with his brothers and father to the great city of Ironforge to trade their copper and tin he often studied the old books of Ironforge library. His brothers laughed at him but Dirahm had made up his mind and axe and decided to open his mind towards the world above ground............

So only six months ago, he bid farewell to his beloved family and took the step .. to fight all who tend to destroy in any form the great alliance of elfs, human, gnomes and dwarfs.

During Dirahms travels, he encoutered many people that made Dirahm the dwarf he is now.. Many times a form of friendship and mutual respect arose, but also often feelings of sadness and frustration. So on this day his axe is filled with a strong belief but also with doubt. When many live their own life regardless of the massive destructions of the burning legion, the infected minds of many men of all races.. how can the world of Azeroth ever be turned into a more peaceful place..

The guild Axe and Anvil is founded for all who believe that the alliance is the only answer to fight evil forces in the north and the enemy within.. all axecarriers up to the metalmaster are equal and have to be treated with respect! His main goal is to unite as much people to fight for the cause they believe in.

Personal NotesEdit

When a dwarf takes his axe in his hand and he sees his friends on the same line.. he wil never ever retreat.. or he dies or he vanquishes..

Current StatusEdit

For Axe an Anvil!

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