Dor Alshar Shanra/Scarred Justice, The Plague Champion, The Fairy King

Physical TraitsEdit

Upon seeing Shanra the first thing that is distinctive is the stench of death upon him, it fills the air with the odour of dried blood. The man is a hulking being, muscled and tall even for a Kal'Dorie. His eyes are distinctly un-deathly. They are clear and dreadully blood shot, giving Shanra the look of a barely contained rage driven beast. His teeth, contraire to this seem new and well kept, filed down to points, gleaming white.

His body is marred with thousands of thin scars, they are in such number they grey the skin almost becoming the texture of the skin rather than something signifying. Still for all this it does not seem to bother the man and apparently makes no change to his physical capability.

Shanra moves with precision, his moves are subtle and eloquent, well calculated. Still with this being the case he also appears to be rather weak, when not with anyone, he often moves slowly, in an exhausted manner as if the world has beaten him down, his head lolling side to side. Of course to the observer It is difficult to say what this is, lament or sheer bored arrogence. Still upon seeing him you can tell something is very much out of place. You feel a sense of unease, like something is wrong with this being, a deformity of the soul perhaps.

The left arm is completely tatoo'd. Pitch black lines scrawled aross it erraticly, sprawling from his hand up halfway across his chest. Upon seeing these there is something off-putting about them, as if they are pulsing. Writhing, restless. A new mark has also appeared on his chest, a large X, the X of an exile, the lines seem to have.. wormed around it, framing it.

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf Death Knight


Previous Head Of The Coalition

Current First of the Three Shadows within the Fifth Sect


Aspiring Blacksmith, Explosives Engineer, Ex-Major of the Alliance, Ex-Scourge Plague Knight. Head Of The Coalition


Yurshinth Forestbright, Arch Druid = MIA

Rysanthia Forestbright, Sentinal Captain = Mobile around Northrend on many assignments.

Nemil Forestbright, Trainee Druid of the Claw = Residing in Moonglade.

Fellanor Forestbright, Half Mad Drunk Sheavanist = Deceased.


Shanra began his life as Yellanos Forestbright, he was raised in the south of Darkshore in a fairly well off family. His parents were quite an odd couple, but for some reason seemed content. Yellanos spent most of the younger years of his life being privately tutoured, being groomed to fill one of the high slots in the Cenarion Circle. However, Yellanos never really cared for this. He disliked the details and preferred the more superficial nature of the world. He took to reading alot, some of which far beyond his age and quickly became a wild child. A free radical, a constant burden to his Orthodox father, his mother was rarely at home who got on fairly well with Yellanos. So it was down to his father to raise him.

At about the age of 52 Yellanos confronted his father declaring he wanted to undergo Hunter training and join the sentinals. His father declared his son not his and they two drifted apart quickly. He would come and go at all hours, spending days out in the woods, learning bits and pieces from local trappers and any gaurd who would entertain him. He learned though most how to survive on the land and formed a close bond with nature.

However, homelife began to grow worse. His fathers dominance spread into sibling rivalry and soon he was pitting Fellanor against Yellanos in almost anything. Eventually there came at the age of 78 for Yellanos that he came back, proudly holding a freshly skinned Landstrider onto to be ambushed by his brother letting it fly into the mud, ruining the meat. Yellanos went into a beserk rage and when he came too his brother was lying unconscious in the mud, two fingers missing and a broken arm. It did not take long for Yellanos to run from the scene, he never looked back.

Without any equipment Yellanos made his way south into Ashenvale forest where half dead he was helped back to life by a local hunter. The hunter was another man and his name was Ursode Woodwinder. Who took the young Yellanos under his wing and taught him the ways of huntsmanship, but also nursed his intellectual curiosity. Eventually Yellanos decided to undertake his goal to become a General and ran off to join the Sentinals at the warning of his new master. He was underaged at the age of 120 when he joined having lied.

The Soldier YearsEdit

Yellanos spent his first few years doing afew trash operations. Very little, mostly basic scouting and some gaurd work. He made afew kills in this time on small vermin, Murlocs and such. He earned the nickname Fleeting Falcon for his impressive archery skills, nothing very special but he was quick on the draw. Eventually at the age of 150 he got his first real action.

There was an outbreak of a plague within the southern areas that are now Descolace. The Kolkar Clansmen in the area were for the time uninfected but very close to the area. At night while the huntsmen were busy the Sentinals crept into the camp and innoculated the children. THey came back a day later to observe before seeing a ghastly sight. THe little arms of every child in the village had been lopped off and thrown in a fire. The creatures had somehow found out about the innoculations. Trying to retreat the Sentinals were surround in the area. Afew small skirmishes and they were all brought down and put into tribal slavery. He was there for fifty years, the Kolkar clan became increasingly agggressive and eventually provoked an attack by the Kal'Dorie. Elven archers tortched the entire village not knowing of any slaves. It was a feat of luck that after all those savage conditions he went though he was somehow able to get out.

Yellanos had his mind broken from the ordeal. He was sent to Moonglade on "Gaurd duties" to recover, Where he met his sister Nemil for the first time. He spent 100 years there as a gaurd and met her in the last ten as she was enrolled there. Giving him a link back to his home.

Eventually though he went back into the field. He was a knew man though, skilled in close quarters and a confident Soldier. He rose to the rank of Sergent quickly but never made it to officer as he was considered too aggresive. Often pursueing retreating enemies far further than was called for.

Officer CareerEdit

At the battle at Hyjal Yellanos was in the last line of defence and during that time his Captain was ripped to shreds by a pack of ghouls, Ceasing the moment he took command of his battalion and although loosing 3/4 of thier number towed the line. After that with the formation of the Alliance Yellanos was given an officers commision for his skill at the battle. From then on Yellanos proceeded to move from position to position. There is probably not one place on Azeroth owned by the Alliancce that he has not killed someone at. His efficiency in combat coupled with the new speed at which Humans promoted soldiers meant he was quickly made Captain.

His first blow to disillusionment came in a battle on the Alterac. A young Human Commander who had bought his commission was in charge of a great push towards the Horde's main base. He was sent in on a tight formation in the heavy infantry, timing was off so there was no other support. THe poorly orrganised regiments feel quickly under catapult fire and heavy cavalry. They were pushed into the highlands, blocked by harpies on one side and a new front Horde camp on the other. The forces spent three days in the freezing cold in armour, dropping off one by one. Eventually a second attack came hosted by a Dwarfvern commander. the stranded took the oppurtunity to rush for the opening, many getting cut down. Soldier's for retreating were flogged at the orders of the Human. Yellanos was spared because he was an officer which thrust him back into political philosophy.

The Burning CrusadeEdit

Yellanos had earned the title of Major by the time of the Burning Crusade. During this time he spent little in actual conflict, transferred rather to help Kurenai. He spent his time as an advisory officer trying to negotiate the cities survival by keeping the Murkblood and Ogres in check. At this point Yellanos developed a Strong connection to the Draenei, admiring thier resiliance in such times. Though at the same time developing a distaste for the higher ranking members for thier treatment of the Fel infected Draenei.

Towards the end of the Crusade he was positioned in Shadowmoon Valley for five months where he took part in some very grizzly campains. Eventually he was tied down in a similar situation to Alterac Valley trapped at the top of a mountain while Fel Orcs charged up at them. He was brought out of it by a timely Dwarvern airstrike, though he was the only survivor. In this period of temporary madness about the destruction he claimed to have seen Elune. Who had told him to find the old tomes of Forestbirch. He took a desk job back in Nethergarde and set about the starting of his revolutionary career.

The Prayer To Pact To EmbraceEdit

In his large amount of off time Yellanos spent it forming a group of revolutionaries known as the Prayer Of Resistence. This had some gains at first but was repeatedly put down by the Stormwidn Night Watch. The army lost most of its skilled members and devolved into an army of poorly trained low moral militia. Yellanos was able to save face from the watch and did not go to prison and covered his tracks by slaying his old officer regiments. Giving him a clean slate.

Yellanos was given a safe place though among the Shadow Pact, although former enemies him and Shinodan got along well. He was soon bumbed up to second in command. Doing his part and fighting various State factions. However he had little satisfaction in this. After afew months he came to meet the veluptuous Catherina and so he first became embroiled in the Embrace.

Yellanos spent months then slowly being indoctrinated into the Embrace. Being broken down and slowly rebuilt. Eventually he revolted in the Shadow Pact, then Peace Keepers. It lead to the ousting of several members but set about a decline in the Peace Keepers at the time. Shortly he was brought in fully to the Embrace.

Within the Embrace he developed a close bond with the leadership and showed strong leadership potential within his Cell and efficiancy in combat. It was not long until we has made an Embraced of thier number. However with the Death of the Oracle in the north of Darkshore Yellanos became dispondent and paranoid that Ashana was planning on changing the numbers, replacing them all with her own army of Deathknights. He was killed by Tikal after sustained many injuryies on the days before this.

The Plague KnightEdit

"Yellanos no longer exists, there is only the Scarred Justice."- Is the first words he said as he awoke. Unlike the reguler Death Knight Yellanos's batterd corpse was far harder to resurrect. Because of this a new breed of Death Knight was made, one with two aspeccts minimalised, sending thier command over death out of control. He became a walking death factory, designed to spew out deseases to kill the land they fought on. Just as before he proved himself a skilled scourge leader. Striking terror into his enemies.

He himself is not entirely sure as to how he was brought back, but he is certain it involves one of the West brothers and the Shadows. Out in the Dark of Duskwood he was reborn. He was brought back into the Embrace at his own rank. But it was an embrace in decline. Eventually he left to live with the Kalu'Ak to clear his mind. When he came back the Embrace was no more.

The CoalitionEdit

Little can truly be said of the Coalition yet. But he brought together old and new allies to form it, learning on the lessons of the past to making something truly great. The Shadows life in some of the members thier. But its fate to become a Cultist movement is uncertain. For now it is a political pressure force.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Forestbrights are traditionally deeply seeded in the Cenarion Circle. Generally a more forward thinking group of the circlecontributing generally to alot of the Kal'Dorei culture with philosophy and arts. However the roots of thier family actually come from the Forestbirch family. A family of zealous Druids who formed a secret society during the war of the Ancients dedicated to the eradication of the Arcane and the survival of the State through aggressive militarism. Created a large orthodox compedium based on the supposed words of Elune that has now been scatterd into obscurity.

Criminal RecordEdit

2 Accounts of Treason

18 accounts of aggrovated assault

5 accounts of abduction

7 accounts of murder

1 account of theft

24 accounts of conspiracy to murder

11 accounts of relation to murders.

On this note most of this knowledge has been lost through changes in gaurd forces and payments to make achives go amiss.

Personal NotesEdit


Chaotic Good/ Lawful Evil -- Hard to state as where is intentions are somewhat good he still has little restraint in application. Believing that his end justify the means.

Current StatusEdit

Fairly calm and content.

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