Warning! All information in this post is only known by the members of the Line itself.

Names of the Line[edit | edit source]

Primary name: Line of the Dorados'no (Dorados'no means Shadowborn in Darnassian).

Common name: The Line.

What is the Dorados'no?[edit | edit source]

The Dorados'no is one of the most lethal line of assasins ever trained. The Line only consists of one assasin at the time. The current assasin decides to take an apprentice when the time is right. When the apprentice's training is finished, the master steps into the shadows and hands the apprentice the title of the current Dorados'no.

Members of the Line[edit | edit source]

All those who become apprentices of the Line take on a Name of Mastership. It's a tradition within the line. As soon as the training has reached a certain level, where the apprentice's self has been broken down so that nothing remains but an empty mind (which is part of becoming a Dorados'no), like a clean sheet of paper, the master decides to give his apprentice the Name. The apprentice then takes on his new name as his only.

Current Dorados'no: Name of Mastership: Kaliv. Nickname with the Line: the Shade. He is the Twentythird in the Line.

Former Dorados'no: Name of Mastership: Unknown. Nickname within the Line: The The Blade Phantom. Was the Twentysecond Dorados'no before handing down the title to Kaliv.

First Dorados'no: Name of Mastership: None. Nickname within the Line: Shadowborn. No name is known, but the Shadowborn, or the Dorados'no. The Line is named after him.

History[edit | edit source]

The Line was founded by a highborne night elf, who was only called Shadowborn. He was the prime assasin of the Court, serving Queen Azshara. His existence was only known to a few of the highest officials, and only Azshara could give him orders. Following the destruction of the Well of Eternity, the Shadowborn escaped the sinking palace. He lived with the Highborne under command of Dath'remar Sunstrider, those that escaped and weren't charmed by the Legion, as one of his aliases. They were later exiled and sailed to Lordaeron. The Shadowborn began to age as the Highborne turned from night elves to high elves. He took an apprentice, and founded the Line of the Dorados'no. He trained his high elven apprentice in the way he had been trained and passed on the teachings that became a tradition within the Line. The true Shadowborn then dissappeared into the mists of history, leaving his apprentice the title Dorados'no. The Line stayed true to its tradition of only taking high elves as apprentices. It was first at the time of the Troll Wars between Quel'Thalas and the Amani that the humans joined alliance with the elves. The 20th Dorados'no decided to take a human as his apprentice when he had judged them and their potential. After that, the latest Dorados'no have been humans. The current Dorados'no is Carlen Blackshield, having Kalivas his name of mastership. Kaliv's nickname became the Shade, due to his method of assasinating without being spotted at all.

Training[edit | edit source]

The Dorados'no decides when the time is right to take an apprentice. This is after the death of his own Master. The training lasts for +15-20 years. The extensive peroid holds training in all that is usefull for the trade. The program is divided into four parts known as the branches. The branches are: physical- (known as Branch of the Body), mental- (Branch of the Mind) and combat training (Branch of the Hand), and also a branch of study (Branch of Knowledge).

Branch of the Body[edit | edit source]

This branch teaches perfect controll over the body and its functions. Honing the body into a perfect instrument (through for instance a very advanced blend of yoga and meditaion, called Focus of Perfection)and other methods is the goal of the branch. Other things that goes under this branch are the "alterings" that all Dorados'no go though. One example is that all trained Dorados'no are immune to most poisons. That is because a part of the Branch of the Body is to poison the student with small doses of different poisons, but not enough to kill, to make him develop an immunity to them. The Dorados'no are also altered in several other ways. A few examples are using elixirs and potions to perfect the body functions, using a collection of magical artefacts that strengthen the body, and through a small use of magic. Magic use in the alterations are not widely used, since too much magic inside the body would easily be tracked by magicians. The rest of the "alterations" are unknown.

Branch of the Mind[edit | edit source]

This branch trains the future Dorados'no in controll of the senses and hones the mind and thoughts to create an analytical and calm mind. The Master also sort-of brainwashes the student through unknown ways and turns the student into a blank paper, with no emotion, hesitation or fear. Trust, for instance, is quickly wiped away. A tradition is that if the student ever shows weakness or gives an opportunity, the Master strikes. The Dorados'no carries no emotions, but they are all very skilled at simulating them. They may seem human, but their minds are not.

Branch of the Hand[edit | edit source]

This branch is the combat part. The Master teaches the student in use of a vast arsenal of arms, involving daggers, swords, hammers, claws, bows, guns, throwing knives and axes and fist-fighting. Techniques only known to the Line is taught, and also the perfect way of using the weapons.

Branch of Knowledge[edit | edit source]

The Branch of Knowledge is the most important branch. It consists of study and training of thing such as history, anatomy, biology, chemistry, geology, weapon- and armorsmithing, archeology and much more. The Branch of Knowledge is a training that never ends. The Dorados'no is always looking for more beneficial knowledge and information to add to the Line's pool of wisdom.

Customs and Traditions[edit | edit source]

The Dorados'no have many rituals and ancient traditions that are taught as a part of their training. A few are:

  • The Ascending: When the Dorados'no has finished his apprentice's training, he fades into the shadows and watches over him untill the time is right, when the Dorados'no apprentice has proved he is worthy. At that point, the apprentice truly becomes the Dorados'no and is taught the final secrets of the Line. This is called the apprentice's Ascending.
  • The Ritual of Ending: After the Ascending, the Dorados'no master travels to the Tomb of Ages. There, he does the Ritual of Ending. The Dorados'no there commits suicide, using the Dagger of Sands on himself as the altar of the tomb. This ritual exists because only one Dorados'no can be present in the Line. By taking his own life, he leaves the path open for the next generation.
  • Ritual of Mastership: This ritual is when the Dorados'no apprentice finishes his many years of training. As a sign of becoming a master of the trade, the apprentice is given his name of mastership, his new and only name.

Methods of Assasination[edit | edit source]

Preparations[edit | edit source]

A member of the Line will stalk its target for days, if not weeks, to gather the information needed. Behaviors, vicinity, personality of the target are among the things that the Dorados'no gathers. When having the necesary amount of knowledge on the prey, the assasin prepares for the kill.

The Assasination[edit | edit source]

It can be through many ways. Using the Poison Needle, through hiding on a rooftop with bow and arrow, a stab from the crowd, poisoned food or beverage, planting a time bomb under the target's chair or bed or sneaking up from behind when the target is alone and striking at the most suitable spot, like the neck, throat or heart. It can also be through garroting, snapping the neck, or if the more gruesome methods are wanted, the plagueworms or acid are used. When the target is dead, the Dorados'no stays to "clean up", if it wasnt meant to be a quick kill.

"Clean Up"[edit | edit source]

He removes any evidence, places the body in another location if needed to, plants evidence that points the kill to another organisation. If the kill was meant to be fast, he simply escapes as soon as he confirms the target disposed of. Most times, weapons that does not leave a mark on the victim are used to avoid leaving any traces or evidence behind. In the major part of killings done by the Dorados'no, the said assasin was far away at the time of the death.

Artifacts and Relics[edit | edit source]

The Dorados'no have hoarded up a large amount of treasures and relics during their thousands of years of existance. Many of them have had aliases that have specialised in the search for artefacts. A few of these relics they have unearthedand stolen are:

  • Flame of Mathystra: This magical stone was first used as an enchanted prison, for a part of the fire elemental Scorchear. Scorchear was slain by Highborne inhabiting Mathystra a few hundred years before the First War. They contained his essence in the stone to keep his power for themselves, channeling his force into their spells.After the Sundering, because of a long turn of events, the Stone was purified from its Arcane taint by the Priestesses of the Moon and Scorchear's essence was released. The stone then became a relic inhabiting only the small part of Scorchear's lingering power, but in a very pure form. Treasured as if containing Elune's pure flame of the moon, it was later stolen by the first Dorados'no and added to the Dorados'no treasury.
  • Sigill of Whispers: The true history of this relic is unknown. It was unearthed by the first Dorados'no from an old tomb under the Tirisfal Glades. The mysterious powers are used in enchanting normal stones into Stones of Whisper, also imbueing a keyword into the stone. The Dorados'no is also enchanted by the Sigill himself as a part of the training, connecting him to the stones telepathicly and thus allowing others to contact him through them.
  • Stones of Whisper: Created using the Sigill of Whispers. Spread out all over the world, new ones are created by the Dorados'no as the old ones expire and turn to dust over a few hundred years. The stones look just they did as un-enchanted, but they are much, much heavier (one cannot carry a Stone of Whisper without super-human strength, and are impossible to destroy with normal weapons and arms). Connected to the current Dorados'no through a magical link. The stones are used a way of contacing and contracting a Dorados'no.
  • Dagger of Sands: This dagger is the most sacred and valuable relic owned by the Dorados'no. Used in the Ritual of Ending.

Assigning a Dorados'no[edit | edit source]

Being very secretive and always living under aliases, and almost none knowing of their existence, the Dorados'no are very hard to contract. All those who hire them also only know of them as very lethal assasins. Thus, the Dorados'no only take on the hardest of missions. Ever since the first Dorados'no founded the Line and wrote the rules, traditions and regulations, the contracting of a Dorados'no has been made through the use of a Stone of Whisper. If one knows where to find a Stone of Whisper, all that needs to be done is to touch to the stone and say the keyword that was woven into the spell that created the stone. The sayer is then connected to the Dorados'no's mind through a mental link. The sayer tells the assasin the details of the mission. The Dorados'no chooses if he wants to accept the assignment and tells a location and time for a meeting. At the meeting, the rest of the details are decided. To seal the deal, a Mark of Death (a type of contract that magicly binds the two signers into completing their part of the deal) is signed by both. At the completion, the one who gave the mission in contacted by the Dorados'no and a place for the last meeting is told. At that spot, the assasin recieves the payment and both sides of the Mark of Death are fullfilled. The Mark of Death] is then destroyed using the Flame of Mathystra another Dorados'no relic. After this has been done, the bond is dispelled and the assasin disappears off.

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