Drafir is a black pelted male Worgen.He is as tall as any other worgen but can seem a little taller.His body is full of scars from fights, accidents and such things.His claws are really sharp incase he loses his weapon.His old black beard is replaced by a white stub of beard.His eyes are Ice blue. In his Human form Drafir has a clearly visible Worgen bite on his neck. His black hair is necklong. His skin has become tanned over the time.


Currently no Guild.


Knights of the Silver Hand, Knights of the Ebon Blade.


Father:Paladin Shawn Ironshield.He wielded the power of Light very strong.A skilled paladin but died of an unexpected heart failure when Drafir was 10 years old...The day after Drafir had run away to Dalaran.

Mother:Mage Sara Ironshield.A powerful mage that was a expert in the arts of Arcane.She was happy with Drafir.But Sara and Shawn wanted him to train both the arts of a Paladin and a Mage.

Wife:Elysa Ironshield.A beutiful woman with black hair.Often wearing beutiful rings and necklaces...What killed her is unknown but some people think it was Drafir himself that killed when he was a Death Knight of the Scourge.

Daughter:Lisa Ironshield.A cute girl that was pretty popular in the village.Beutiful robes and shirts and beutiful jewelery.Lise suffered the same death that her Mother did but it is unknown who killed her.

Criminal RecordEdit

He has been to prison.But it wasn't serious.Other than that...Innocent.

Current StatusEdit



Drafir lived in Andorhal until he was 10 years old and ran away to Dalaran.There he learned many languages like Thalassian and Darnassian.At the same time he was training as a Paladin.The mages there didn't care so much but cared alittle.So they asked for a Paladin trainer from Stormwind to train him.He was training the Arts of the Lights in a couple of years.When he was 30 years old he and 4 other Paladins traveled to Andorhal to try to take it back.They failed.Drafir was the only survivor of that group.When the undead has stopped to come he was inflicted by the Plauge and greatly wounded.He made is way to his old home.He was there a time and continued to the river.He fell in it and sank to the bottom.But he didn't die from drowning.He died from the Plauge.When he felt life and Light going out of him he closed his eyes and died.But a Scourge Spy had seen Drafir fight and was impressed.So he went to a Necromancer that raised him as a Death Knight.When he was patrolling in Silverpine he got ambushed by a Worgen that did bite him in the neck.So he is a Worgen.After the Battle of Lights Hope Chapel, he joined the Knights of the Ebon Blade and became Guard in Theramore for a time.But he quit and joined the Remnants of Lordaeron.It was there he meet two of his best friends.Laredo Hawkstrider and Elosai Shen'dal.If one of them was captured he would hurry to them and free them...Not much else is known at the moment about Drafir...

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