Alliancecrest small Dravius Lanceford
Title(s) Darkrider
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Death Knight
Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Affiliation None
Occupation Necromancer
Status Alive
Relative(s) None


Dravius Lanceford

Physical TraitsEdit

Dravius is a fairly well preserved specimen, after his last trap to the shadow realm. Recently killed, he doesn't show any scarring for the events that took place. Nor is he a pile of ash.

He is of slightly above average height, and has a fairly muscular body - although you'd be lucky to see it under all of his armour.

Race and ClassEdit

Dravius is a Human Death Knight, though finds himself often using magic rather than melee.

Current AssosciationEdit



Current StatusEdit

Alive, practicing necromancy out of the way of everyone.

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