A recent depiction of Magister Drooge Ana'thariel

Name Edit

Magister Drooge Ana'thariel

Physical Traits Edit

This Sin'dorei is around 27 in Human years. He has long blond hair, which he carefully brushes to the side of his face, and a small goatee. He wears a long, deep-red robe with golden elaborate paterns at the edges. He is usually seen with a small battalion of Imps following him (reading out information) and a few scantily-clad ladies.

Race and ClassEdit

Sin'dorei Mage (Magister)

Guild Edit

Vermillion Crown

Occupation Edit

Magister; Prince Consort



Drooge and one of his many companions

Nadmenny Ana'thariel - Father (Murdered by a rival Magister)

Letum Ana'thariel - Mother (Murdered by a rival Magister)

Bitva Ana'thariel - Younger Brother (Murdered by Drooge)

Dorogy Ana'thariel - Younger Sister (Murdered by a rival Magister)

Bog Ana'thariel - Younger Sister (Murdered by Drooge)


One of the many Succubi employed by Drooge as secretaries and maids.

Background Edit

Pampered and spoiled as a child, Drooge rode the highway in life. His close friends comprised singularly of girls, which could possibly explain his later cross-dressing tendencies. He received the best education in Silvermoon, but loathed the system. The only teacher he had respect for was his mentor Faronus Quae'duce, but it was begrudging and Drooge hated him for it. Faronus shaped Drooge more than any of his family did, and gave him the aching need to succeed with style.

Family Background Edit

Still to come.

Criminal Record Edit

Still to come.

Personal Notes Edit

Still to come.

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