Alliancecrest small Durner Rumbleshot McGowland
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Class Rifleman
Age Old
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation Stormwind Law Enforcement
Occupation Amateur Gardner
Status Alive
Relative(s) Haben McGowland


Durner Rumbleshot McGowland

Physical TraitsEdit

An aging dwarf with a large known, greying hair and a pair of round goggles. His large fluffy beard usually sports a few tangled roots or weeds and there is usually some floral or earthy smell emanating from him. He usually carries a rifle on his back and an assortment of gardening tools, along with a small axe, attached to his belt.

Race and ClassEdit

Male Dwarf Rifleman


Currently guildless

Ex- Stormwind Night Watch

Ex- The State of Stormwind

Ex- The Wild Rose Society

Ex- The Peoples' Militia


Amateur gardener


Brother - Haben McGowland


Durner grew up in Kharanos in a small hunter family. Like the rest of his family, he became a Hunter (Except his brother Haben, who was a thief). From time to time, he helped the local guards in investigating crimes. As he became older, he started having health problems due to the extreme cold, so he moved south, to Elwynn. He instantly fell in love with the flora of the zone and dedicated his days to creating a luxious garden around his house. He soon realised that the local authority of Stormwind, the Peoples' Militia, was in need of help, and remembering his days helping the kharanos guards, decided to join. When the Militia was disbanded he went to live in Aerie Peak along with the remains of the Militia, now known as the Wild Rose Society. Finding that the Wild Rose Society had practically died and that a new military group was enforcing the Law in Stormwind, Durner decided to apply to join the State of Stormwind. However, after merely a few days he has decided that he does not aprove of the group's policies and abuse of the prisoners. Eventually he removed himself from their numbers and returned to his gardening. Some time later, Durner was glad to discover that the State Guards had dissolved and had been substituted by the Stormwind Night Watch. Upon discovering that Caliyen, whom he had worked with in the People's Militia, was a high-ranking officer in the Watch, he decided to join it. When the Stormwind Night Watch disbanded, Durner returned to his gardening.

Family BackgroundEdit

The McGowland are a small, reclusive clan of Kharanos Dwarf Hunters. The first McGowland to break the mold was Haben McGowland, who became a succesful thief nicknamed "Nimblefeet". But even Haben has the McGowland pride and tendency to completely exagerate their own qualities and talents.

It is believed that the McGowland clan may have origins in the Marriage of a Human and Dwarf many generations ago. However, the only proof supporting this theory is the family name and a slightly greater height average.

Current StatusEdit

Wondering wether to plant roses or lilies.


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