Alliancecrest small Eclyptic Gravgot
Eclyptic 2
Title(s) Sergeant
Gender Female
Race Southshorian Worgen
Class Warrior
Age 30
Alignment Chaotic Good
Affiliation The Alliance
Occupation Front Line Offense
Status Bored
Relative(s) David Gravgot (Brother, Undead)

Daniel Woodmoore (Nephew)

Eclyptic Gravgot is a purposefully cursed Southshorian Worgen, known for her uninhibited, snarky attitude and a pretty creepy love of beating stuff to death. She's bitchy because she's distant and distand cause she's bitchy.==

Full NameEdit

Eclyptic Grace Gravgot

Physical TraitsEdit

A well built woman with muscle mass considered slightly excessive to men. The obvious word to describe her would be intimidating.

She has short cut black hair hanging over her face and yellow eyes. She is a bulky woman, giving her a less than flattering figure, and has two default expressions; Sadistic joy and cynicism.

Overall, you could be forgiven for mistaking her for a male. Not by her though.

She has a scar running past her eye to her jaw, is missing the ring finger on one hand, has several broken or missing teeth (mostly replaced with false teeth), and a scar across her stomach from an impromptu medical prodecure.


Eclyptic has the mistaken attitude towards behaviour in that hwever she may hurt someone, she still deserves forgiveness. She is quick to anger and frequently insults people without reason. Most of the time she is not malicious, she just believes her behaviour is acceptable and that people should 'man up'

She is prone to boredom, taking no joy in the simple pleasures of life. Even gratuitous violence and mockery lose their luster after an hour or so. During her boredom, she will attempt to start conversation with those she considers to be her friends, acting shocked and insignant when they don't want to talk to her. While she has been trying to improve her demeanour, every time she must face the consequences of her behaviour, she finds herself acting worse still.

Despite her defensive and distant attitude, she tends to feel very lonely. Those who actually accept her as a friend, she will take great affection towards, though she will never admit it. The best one could hope for is for her to punch down anyone who offends them.

Race and ClassEdit

Southshorian Worgen Warrior


Sergeant of Kingdom of Lordaeron


Eclyptic has always been in the fighting buisness. Starting in the local defense force for Southshore, Eclyptic joined the army at 16. She remained in the military, fighting against the Horde for nearly a decade. She did not rise to any significant status due to her disobedient behaviour and the fact that she was discharged five seperate times. She is grateful that the desperate nature of the war meant that she could reapply with no suspision.

After moving to Stormwind, she joined the Gilnean Military, posing as a Gilnean. It was quickly discovered that she was not Gilnean, but by this time noone really cared.

After rising to Captain of her regiment, the regiment was dissolved due to issues with leadership. She quickly joined Kingdom of Lordaeron, where she works today.


Most of her family died when Southshore was destroyed, remaining family includes her seven year old nephew currently living in an orphanage in non-specific Northrend. And her brother Dave, who is currently a Forsaken. Eclyptic has previously mentioned that she would have no problem killing family members should they have risen.

Hubert Gravgot - Father, deceased

Helvetica Gravgot - Mother, deceased

David Gravgot - Brother, undead

Daniel Woodmore - Nephew, alive


Eclyptic has lived in Southshore with her family all her life. All she ever wanted to do was make her parents proud, with her Mother being an escort and her Father being a fairly bad assassin and thief, she accomplished this fairly easily by becoming a guard/mercenary. With the fairly small amount of crimes she could deal with in Southshore she quickly started using punishment by brutality for insignificant crimes such as littering, crime stopped almost instantly much to her dissapointment.

From a young age, Eclyptic was taught the only way you could have something is if you fought for it. She was exposed to frequent violence as a child, often towards herself. While it started as something she simply had to tolerate, soon it became the norm for her, and she began to use violence to solve all her problems. She was the only member of her family to get any form of education, studying Common Language and Political Theory with a local tutor. Her father dissaproved of this, and when Eclyptic turned ten, her father began showing her how to kill, hoping she would take up the family buisness. At sixteen, following her brothers death, Eclyptic joined the army.

Several years passed with her serving the Alliance, frequently returning home. On one of these returns home, shortly after the Cataclysm started, Southshore was attacked by the Forsaken. In this attack both of Eclyptics parents were killed. Eclyptic was able to survive by drinking the blood of a Worgen, who had donated it in light of the recent Forsaken attack on Gilneas. Eclyptic became a Worgen, and with the extra strength and resistance, was able to escape.

She spent alot of time in Hillsbrad afterwards, as she began to lose her mind to the Worgen curse. During this time she found some joy in destroying a plague caravan. She was eventually saved and cured by a small group of Hillsbrad and Gilnean refugees who were traveling to Stormwind. Eclyptic joined them.


In Stormwind Eclyptic managed to become a member of a Feral Worgen pack, in which she became Alpha-Female before the pack dissolved. Following this she tried to lay low in human form, after several months of remaining human she realised that acting like a feral was insulting to her and began harbouring a grudge against others who embraced the form.

After the fall of the pack, she joined the Gilnean Military. Her attitude and discipline improved dramatically, eventually leading to her becoming Captain of her regiment. The regiment was dissolved later on due to unknown reasons. Main ideas are that there were no longer enough recruits for the Regiment to be necesarry, or that the owner of the Regiment had become corrupt.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Gravgots are crude, violent, unlikable people. Their family emblem of the Skull and Knife represents their love of stabbing people in the face. They all tend to enjoy causing pain and getting payed for it, and curiously none of them have ever gotten the hang of magic. This is attributed to their stupidity.

Eclyptics Father was a desensitised assassin, viewing violence as a way of getting things done and nothing more of it.

Her Mother was an abusive alcoholic, working as an escort. She presumably cheated on her husband several times and would often beat her children. This stopped when Eclyptic realised she could fight back, then the abuse was reduced to verbal only.

Eclyptics brother, Dave, was very similar to his sister, only more violent and less intelligent. He loved his sister but only to the mandatory level.

Criminal RecordEdit

Arrested multiple times for threatening civilians.


"You will not recieve special treatment just because you're more sensitive."

"Shut up!"

"Worgen are not cute, they are not pets. They are the embodiment of instinct and ferocity. They are weapons."


Current StatusEdit

Mentally unstable, killing spree iminent.

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