Alliancecrest small Edala Raidenovitch
Title(s) Mercenary
Gender Female
Race Draenei
Class Hunter
Age 27,000
Alignment Lawful Good
Affiliation Alliance
Occupation Mercenary of the Northwind Free Company
Status Alive


Edala Raidenovitch

Physical TraitsEdit

  • Edala is a tall, light blue skinned Draenei. Her body is little more than fairly muscular, for a Draenei at least.
  • While she is in Stormwind, usually either for meetings or reports or something of that nature, she doesn't normally wear her mercenary armour. However she may have some sort of small weapon on her, for protection.
  • Her voice has an odd accent, more like a mixture of Elven and Draenei accents. Although, her Draenei accent may seep in if she is nervous or taken by surprise, and she may gain a sudden dialect when this happens: (e.g "Are you being sure of this, sir?" instead of "Are you certain, Sir?")


Born on Argus, Edala rarely talks of her past there. All that she ever says is that she was born in Mac'Aree and that she always followed Velen instead of Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden.

On Draenor she originally lived with her people in the city now called Shattrath City. She lived there until the Draenei's trading links wth the Orcs improved and she learned how to hunt the beasts of Draenor from them. She left Shattrath silently shortly afterwards, preffering her solitude, and lived alone in Nagrand hunting the beasts there for many years.

When the orcs started attacking Draenei, including her, she fled Nagrand and moved once again to Shattrath. There she followed Velen and the Draenei who were trying to escape what was then Outland in the Tempest Keep section, the Exodar.

After crashing on Azuremyst Isle, she helped the Draenei in rebuilding the Exodar. After all the technical problems were fixed, the Draenei sent out emissaries to the other races. She was sent to Stormwind and, through negotiations, was allowed to join the Alliance Army where she ascended to the rank of Major-General.

Although she helped in one or two matters in the Outland Wars, Edala was mainly focused on the capture of the self-proclaimed criminal mastermind called "Ameratsu". Edala had tracked Ameratsu down, and arranged a meeting at a waterfall in a secluded area of Northrend. There, she discovered that Ameratsu was the baronetess Lady Natasha Moriarty. Ameratsu, not accepting capture, tried to fight Edala, or so the Stormwind coroner believed. Ameratsu's body, the body of a female Draenei and Edala's military badge were found in the lake beneath the waterfall, and Edala was presumed dead.

But Edala did not die there. She was saved by an anonymous Druidess, who she remains indebted to. She changed her hairstyle, learned to speak Common with more of an Elven/Draenei mixture of an accent. She did not need to change her name, as she was mostly known by the name "Zhaana" when she was in the Alliance Army.

In order to try and gain a goal known only to her, she wished to re-enter some form of private military service. Wishing to remain anonymous, she became a mercenary and through contacts she joined the Northwind Free Company Mercenary Service.

Current StatusEdit

Alive, working as a Mercenary for the Northwind Free Company.

Service MedalsEdit

Medal of Valour: Awarded for helping to rescue a commanding officer during the Cultist's Infection of Stormwind ((Morbid Faith virus, I mean))

Personal NotesEdit

  • Edala rarely visits the Church of the Light, and never enters the Exodar. This is not that she does not revere the Light, on the contrary she feels too obscure and unimportant to be in their presence most of the time.
  • Edala also prefers to stay with the other races, than actual Draenei. She once said that she believed the Draenei to be a race already dead, having been on the run from the Legion for nearly all her life. She thinks the Draenei exist merely to try and "right the wrongs of their Eredar brethren, nothing more."

Known QuotesEdit

  • "When the Exodar crashed, I stood alone in an unknown valley, with no memory of the event that had transpired. It was a beautiful moment."
  • "I too have felt the pain of losing a loved one. Just remember, it gets better in time......even when it does not seem it."
  • "Maybe there is no danger. Maybe it was just the ghosts of the past."
  • "Was I dreaming, when the others suffered? Am I dreaming now?"
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