Name Edit

Egitor Kleinstone

Physical Traits Edit

Short, black hair. Remarkably unscarred, apart from an unseen scar on his back. Goatee.

These days less commonly dressed in tough leather armaments, and often seen wearing comfortable clothings.

Many tiny bottles and a small quiver hanging from his belt, sided by a few large pouches.

Wears a small silver signet ring shaped like a dragon.

Has a silvery necklace hanging from his neck, a crystal vial filled with what appears to be sand hanging from it.

Race and Class Edit

Human male, Blademaster (rogue)

Guild Edit


Occupation Edit

Retired senior agent of SI:7 - file number 878HS (level 5 security)

Overseer of Dragonslayers

Diplomat extraordinaire under King Magni Bronzebeard.

Knight of the Alliance army.

Family Edit

Father (deceased) - John Kleinstone, retired hide cleaner, resident of Ironforge

Mother - Maggy Tailor, arcanist, resident of Stormwind.

Stepfather - Eldalote Dumass, master arcanist, Keeper of the Mage Tower in Stormwind.

Records state some possibly related Kleinstones former residing in Tarren Mill, but further family is unknown to these registers.

Background Edit

Living with his father in Ironforge, Egitor had a good youth. Learning the trade from his father, he became a master of the skinning knife, providing many hunting parties with a good trophy. John, recognizing the talent in him, crafted dummies out of scrap leather, and taught Egitor how to wield swords. When he could teach his son no more, he recommended him to a SI:7 officer.

Recruited by SI:7, Egitor began to study. As an agent, he proved himself thrustworthy and skilled on many an occasion. His most recent assignment with the SI:7 was part in a larger study of newly forming groups: He was to infiltrate a certain band of adventurers, identify the groups structure, leadership and analyze the goals this group of adventurers was most likely to strive after. Quite shortly after succesfully infiltrating, the group proved themself to the City of Stormwind by slaying numerous dragons that were threatening the city for some time. Honoured by Stormwind, the group was named Dragonslayers and awarded with Signet rings. Upon these events, his objective changed to gathering information on specific interesting individuals in this group. Because of personal reasons, Egitor decided to resign from duty and never revealed his reports.

Finding himself with much time on his hands, Egitor started roaming Ironforge, and discovered Engineering as a hobby. Investing his spare time into his newfound passion, he swiftly became a skilled engineer under G.E.E.K. After discovering the small libraries held in the Dragonslayers residence, Egitor studied the many books found here, learning much about the history and inhabitants on Azaroth. Spending more time there, he also got closer to many of the other members of the Dragonslayers.

In an exploring trip to the plaguelands, Egitor, Teliviel and Berdrin came to be stuck inside Naxxramas. They only barely managed to escape, but he suffered a bite from a large nerubian spider, which caused Egitor's left hand to turn black. After trying many forms of medicine to counter the infection, Teliviel brought Egitor to the Moonglade, where he enjoyed a slow healing process guided by the Cenarion Circle druids. They grew closer and closer, falling in love. Eventually, he asked her to marry him. To his great happiness, she immediately replied "A thousand times yes".

With the rising threat of the Burning Legion crossing from the Dark Portal, Teliviel and Egitor decided to get married rather sooner then later. As husband and wife they crossed the Dark Portal, traveling into the shattered remains of Draenor, now known as the Outlands.

Criminal Record Edit

While the filing organizers exist, they merely hold a sheet of paper noting "Taken in under SI:7 code 18/7:42. No public acces."

Personal Notes Edit

Hardly ever leaves Teliviel's side. Rides a variety of mounts, amongst his collection being a Grey Ram, two sabers and a black horse Has a great fear of spiders and anything else with many legs and fangs. Has a mechanical yeti of sorts follow him around since a short while. Also sometimes seen with a mechanical toad.

Current Status Edit

Lives with and is married to Teliviel. They make their home on the Aldor's Rise in Shattrath City.

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