Name[edit | edit source]

Eileena Maureena Bannon

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Being around the age of 30, she is of average height and average built.
Her pale complexion together with almost white hair and icy blue eyes make up for a surreal whole.
Her staff serves as her eyes since her own have been useless since birth.

Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Human, priestess

Guild[edit | edit source]


Occupation[edit | edit source]

Officer in Starlight.
Healer through the Song she perceives in the world.
It is her calling to help that Song remember what it was to be whole.
As such she reminds both the body and the earth how to be healthy when it has seemingly forgotten by getting hurt.

To quote a friend: "She cooks, she sews, and she's enchanting. No wonder Nomine married her!"

It is true that her spare time is filled with needle and thread or the occasional calling of the Song to a piece of clothing or equipment. True to her belief that every bit in the world has it's own melody, the woman tries to call up that part of the melody that people wish to see strengthened in their gear.
Not a stranger to cooking, her favourite recipes include such classics as warpburgers and dragonbreath chili.

Family[edit | edit source]

Father: Nathan, blacksmith
Mother: Leila, herbalist
Brother: Jonah, scout

Husband: Nomine

Background[edit | edit source]

Some time ago -who counts the years?- I was born in Goldshire. A colourful place, some might say. A good-looking place, others might remark. I will keep to calling it a friendly place, for my eyes have never been of use to me. Yes, I was born blind.

I can hear the 'aw' and the 'poor girl' remarks arising, but I assure you, there is no need. The world is a most wonderous place for whichever senses you use. I was blessed with keen instincts and hearing that supercedes that which others pick up on.

It was as such that I first heard a strange Song being played in the woods. When I asked people about it, they shrugged and continued on their way. Some merely called me 'touched by madness' and perhaps they were right up to a certain extent, for touched I was, just not by madness.

Touched by Life, I think you could call it. Touched by the gods, they call it in church where I was finally called in by our neighbourhood priest. Alcor is his name. Maybe he's still around. I'm not sure...I should check up on him one of these days.

Anyway, he called me in the church after I told him about the strange Song reverberating throughout the village, a Song I could hear in different tones and rhythms in everyone and everything around me. It was there that the good man told me about the Church of Light and how the Light touched was there that I understood that my senses had given me a completely different perception of the living world.

I was admitted into the ranks after careful deliberation. Nobody was sure what to do with a strange, blind girl that talked about some melody as if it was the most important thing in her life! Yet somehow a small majority voted me in, ready to instruct me on the necessities to fulfill the path I had subconsciously chosen already.

Fulfill it I did.

Once ready to set out in the world I could not deny the Song and ever since I have followed it and healed it where possible...for this is what I was born to do: to touch those that need healing and somehow make them feel...that there is a place for everyone.

For the light creates it's own shadows and one should learn to embrace the shadow in order to accept the ligh.

Oh yes, there will be many who judge me on this point of view.

Are you among them?


After some wandering I happened upon a kind person who seemed to recognize this Song in me and invited me into his growing guild for further exploration. Yet soon it became clear that this person was nothing more than an egocentrical maniac, out for personal gain and unquestioned adoration!
Needless to say: I left.

Disappointed? Hmm, not sure. I just know I decided not to join any of those guilds anymore, since they usually revolve around one person on a very high pedestal. Yet I was wrong again...

March 28th 2006. It was a sunny day in Stormwind as I passed the fountain and heard a whistle. Now, I usually do not react to whistles. Who knows whom they are for, after all? Yet upon passing someone touched my arm.
I stopped.

"I see you are without a guild. Why not join ours?"

Ah, those might not have been the exact words, but the goal was all the same. Of course I shook my head and explained I would not be joining any guild. A chuckle followed, together with a challenge. How could I resist such a charming bet? Gods, I can't even remember the boundaries of that challenge. All I remember is that smile and that voice.

The man was Nomine and the guild was Starlight.

He won the bet: I am still with Starlight.
Yet with that bet he also won my heart.
I guess that if you think on it, I won, for I may call him my husband now.

Family Background[edit | edit source]

Family has lived in Goldshire since Nathan married Leila.
Before that he used to roam the lands, an itch he has passed on to his son, Jonah.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]


Current Status[edit | edit source]

Alive and happily married, even though she realizes fully well that Nomine will not have the World of Women deprived of his charms.

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