Eillyrea "Durasta/Tiriash" Frostheart
Title: Nicknamed 'Durasta'
Allignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Female
Age: 2972 years (31 human)
Race: Draenei
Class: Death Knight Hunter
Affiliation Military
Location N/A
Spoken Languages Common, Darnassian (Little), Draenei
Status: Undead.

Full Name

Marshal Eillyrea "Durasta/Tiriash" Wolfwalker Frostheart the Deathknight Hunter

Physical Traits

Eillyrea is a very old woman of two thousand nine hundred and seventy two years, although young by Draenei standards, it does seem to show on her body, having aged her physically, her hair being more of a gray than white, and a deep frown always on her face, although she tries to be happy and enjoy her life, she generally does seem more interested in thinking of her past, although very few bad things have happened to her, the sights from various wars have left her shaken. Eillyrea's body seems always to have bruises on it, fighting with the burning legion before the crash, and now the horde have left her a strong and incredibly quick to react person, shooting first and asking questions later, and even people jumping around corners to surprise her can usually end in a quite bad attack, this is visible from her constantly shift eyes and glaring at people mistrusting. Physically she seems an underdeveloped woman for a Draenei, her breasts being only A-cup, compared to the normal Draenic size, and slightly shorter than most other women, her muscles are visibly stronger than other females of the species, quite often with her uniform keeping her breasts squashed down out of way by her uniform and her body, she can be thought of as more of a man than a woman. For clothing, she is usually always seen in her uniform, a dark green set of armour, custom made to fit her body, it has various parts of mail on it and other settings mainly designed to stop slashing blows, as she aims to mainly dodge her attacks and use her shield defensively, at her belt she has two hand crossbows, each of them sitting in holsters made from leather and ready to fire as soon as pulled out using an ingenious reverse spring fire mechanism, she also has a few pouches on her belt filled with ammo for her hand crossbows, and a small satchel slung over one shoulder for if ever she needs to camp outside, with a set of blankets inside for a makeshift bed. Eillyrea has a lot of small insignificant scars over her body, leaving her slightly tetchy to people mentioning her attractiveness, some of the more major ones being 10 large deep scars along her back from a whip, military punishment during the start of her service for gross insubordination, and on her right hand she has 3rd degree burns from a spell backfiring on her, Eillyrea is missing the furthest right tentacle off of her face, the final significant wound is on her right horn, coloured a slightly darker colour than the other as more of a grey, and sticking out in a different direction from having it regrow.

((Anyway, at the minute she's a head... Without a body))

Race and Class

Draenei Death knight Hunter


The Marshal was in command of the special force based in Menethil, guarding the land there until her death, currantly her step-daughter and lover is in command "Chalyss"


Marshal of the military forces in Menethil.


Eillyrea's only true family are the Wolfwalkers.. Whom she very much despises, having consitantly fought with her cousin, Nastranai and other members of the family.


Eillyrea has always been one to favor silence of her past, not knowing much of it herself, she was in a lovign relationship with Alerie Silverleaf for a very long time, until one bad day... Eillyrea then fell for the least likely person she thought possible.. Her own ex-wifes step-daughter, although there was no connection between them as true relations, they kept it a quiet secret.

Family Background

When Eillyrea came a tumbling down to Azeroth in her pod, all was burned from it apart from two words "Clan: Wolfwalker".. Which lead her to find Nastranai Wolfwalker, and others.. Despite have no similar physical characteristics, she stuck around in hopes of remembering something, using the invented name "Durasta Wolfwalker", at a later point during fights with her family and leaving, she changed it to "Frostheart", having felt expelled and alone in the world, although there are speculations that Eillyrea might have come from a seperate part of the same clan.

Criminal Record

One counts of murder, two counts of assault, four counts of property damage, one count of breaking and entry, two counts of kidnapping, one count of using the army for personal reasons, one count of torture. (She does what she thinks is right to keep the law enforced, even if it's the wrong method)

Crimes not on her record

Six counts of murder, four counts of assault, two counts of breaking and entry, one count of mental manipulation magic, five counts of torture.

Personal Notes

Eillyrea is self-righteous and does what is right, and is all in all a good person, apart from her anger problems, her lack of memory and other problems causing her to quickly snap at people and attack before thinking, she's customised her uniform with a setup designed to kill a deathknight in minimum time, with no effort.

Current Status

Eillyrea is currantly a head, her body having been thrown into the great forge, her head in the possession of... Whoever is weird enough to keep a severed head.


For Eillyrea, I used the character "Illyria" from the TV show angel as a base starting point, and built on her with other things, another inspiration was the drow in the Drizzt novels, their wrist mounted crossbow being the starting point, also taking Eitri's duel pistol, and modifying it with Crossbows, still going via the Drizzt drow sleeping poison, and then finally the big gun repeater crossbow strapped to her back, after watching van helsing.. Giving a fairly powerful setup of ranged weapons.


Eillyrea was originally rolled as a paladin which I got to level 34, and due to being depressed with the RP currently happening I deleted her (You may remember back then she was also called Durasta), from there I rerolled her at a later date as a shaman, both the paladin and the shaman were healers, I changed the name Durasta to Eillyrea when she was at level 52 shaman.

The Ghost

During a stage when Eillyrea was dead, a young magus came into her house and forced her spirit back from the great beyond, her body came back totally void of clothing at first, but after powerful concentration, she's managed to warp and reform her spectral form to try and get some clothing. The cloths that appeared was in actual fact her uniform. The clothing she'd felt most comfortable in her life, also her body is different from when alive, in her spirit form she sees herself as the younger more beautiful girl she was thousends of years ago, her hair a shimmering and radient silver, her eyes full of wonderlust, her stomach no longer buldging from get pregnancy. Eillyrea is also now lacking in all wounds that were on her body previously, having come back perfectly healthy, although bound to the house she was brought back in, unable to pass the threshhold of either doors in her house, she can't make contact with any items in the house, her hands passing through them, although she can make contact with people she had a very strong emotional connection with. (Causing her to be able to touch Chalyss, and almost kill Umbert when he came to torment her) Eillyrea is constantly feeling cold and lonely, spending all her time in the house, without sleep, her love away for long times without Eillyrea being aloud to leave to go with her, she's left with nothing but her lonely thoughts, she wanders her old house, sometimes crying, sometimes punching the magical barrier stopping her exit, the more depressed Eillyrea gets, the more she seems to fade from sight, quite often turning almost fully invisible, nothing but a spectator to the small house with it's locked door, keeping her barred away from the world, she yearns for nothing more than freedom to be with the one she loves...

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