Alliancecrest small Elisica Aurios-Freethinker
Title(s) Lady, sometimes "Mother Elisica"
Gender Female
Race Human
Class Paladin
Age 28
Alignment Lawful Good
Status Alive
Relative(s) Kalliades Aurios Xeineth Aurios Haleth Freethinker

Name and TitleEdit

Lady Elisica Idine Aurios-Freethinker, sometimes affectionately named "Mother Elisica" by some disciples of the Cathedral.

Physical TraitsEdit

Elisica is physically, a rather humbled beauty, with honey-coloured hair that reaches down to her waist in light cascades. Her eyes are of an intensely bright blue, and are the centrepiece of her quintessentially pretty face. She has a scar on her chin from her days of training, and often bears a rather solemn or otherwise extremely attentive expression on her face. A truly happy smile is something that defines her radiance - and when it is shown, the feeling can be akin to seeing the first rays of sun after a long and tremendous storm. She bears a lithe figure and is rather tall in stature. She prefers colours such as white, gold, silver and red, and can often be seen wearing such colours.


None, but wishes to go back to work within the Guard-force upon Herius Darian's retirement, previously seeing his rule as brutal and unethical.


Former-leader and High-Minister of the Ministry of Stormwind, an order based in the Cathedral of Light and devoted to charitable work for the community, and also works as a teaching-establishment for all budding paladins, priests and first-aiders. She is still well-respected amongst the community for her services towards charity and her good deeds for the less-fortunate.


Her Cousin, Kalliades Aurios

Her Elder Sister, Xeineth Aurios

Her Husband, Haleth Freethinker

Her Son, Elandir Freethinker.


- "By the Light, it is done." (typically used when she concludes a prayer or blessing.)

- (when told by Mevyan that she knew nothing of torture) "I am Xeineth Aurios's sister - I do indeed."

- "Those I help are more important to me than myself."

- "Misguided peoples can have the purest hearts of all, but until they find the means to use it - what good is it?"

- "Citizens of Stormwind, be not afraid! The Light will assist you, and the Cathedral will be there for you in your time of need!" (Brief speech given on the dawn of the first elemental attack on Stormwind, of which she assisted in evacuating the Orphanage to safety and healed a score of injured.)


Born in Southshore to Robert and Lucretia Aurios, Elisica, younger sister of Xeineth Aurios, was born into a very comfortable life. As she grew up, she began to show her prodigy for the Light and for the art of the paladin at a young age. 'Fathered' by her Uncle, Asphar, and friends with her cousin, Kalliades, they urged her to delve into her paladin training and to continue on to the north, throwing her in at the deep end to fend for herself, as it was. She accepted, however, and through the trials and tribulations, was getting along well by herself. But, she was to be joined in her training.

She was joined on her training by a man named Callun Jerathius, a rogueish character who she almost mistook for a thief. However, she offered him water and bandages, noting he had been injured. He revealed to her that he had left on a mission to better himself - his family were not expecting him back alive. The two gradually formed a friendship, which blossomed into a love-affair soon after. However, tragic consequences ensured that she would see Callun no more, and resulted in the unfortunate loss of two lives - a time she does not particularly like to speak of.

After strengthening herself, and returning to Stormwind to seek out her sister, discovering that both her cousin and sister had been leading a successful incarnation of a guard-force known as The State of Stormwind, she soon joined, furthering her paladin training in more complex studies of Light-channeling at the Cathedral of Light, with additional trips to the Plaguelands to assist the efforts there.

Soon after returning, she has settled occupationally into Stormwind - not a fan of the particular 'noble-life', she decided that she would better herself by extending her efforts to something charitable. Coincidentally, she was offered the position of High-Defender in the wake of the retirement of the previous head of the Ministry of Stormwind, Daenala. The Ministry were rather successful in their first incarnation, but person reasons caused Elisica to travel away from Stormwind to Northrend - where she spent a long time thinking, writing and planning her life near Valiance Keep. She has grown to be a fully-fledged paladin, and something of a maternal figure for those she wishes to teach and assist, and now (after a brief stint in the guard-force now led by Herius, which saw her resigning on differences of moral grounding), her life's aim is to further the Ministry, and to help as many people as she can in the process.

However, she has placed the Ministry on hold to further her life as a loving wife, and is the mother of a baby boy, Elandir.

Family BackgroundEdit

Elisica had a close bond with her sister, Xeineth, although the two saw eachother only sometimes - this was thanks to her uncle and the very close bond that she obtained with him. She often respects this uncle as her guardian, in some aspects. She never really felt much of a connection with her father, Robert; and even more of a lack of connection and bond with her mother, Lucretia. Most of her family still reside in Southshore, but the security of her family's position has cemented their standing within Stormwind society.

Current StatusEdit

Working for a better society in Stormwind, and trying to keep as many people as she can out of poverty, and enriched in the knowledge of the practise of the Light. She is now married to Haleth Freethinker, and the couple have a son named Elandir.

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