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==Current Status==
==Current Status==
She was expected to arrive in Menethil Harbour the 17th, but had for [[Extinguished|some reason]] not appeared with her group. Consequently she and her contingent had been listed as missing in action, their situation unknown.
Last she was seen she had left Stormwind, heading for Lakeshire to hook up with a small contingent of soldiers heading northwards, along with two Junior Paladins - the goal being a long distance patrol. She departed with an aura of satisfaction, being pleased at getting into the field once again as opposed to being "''cooped up in the Cathedral''".
However, due to the efforts of various friends and allies of Elizabetha's, they were able to pinpoint her in the Blackrock Depths, rather battered, hungered and weak by the harsh treatment at her captors, the Dark Iron Dwarves and Twilight's Hammer cultists.
She was expected to arrive in Menethil Harbour the 17th, but had for [[Extinguished|some reason]] not appeared with her group.
She currently recovers in Ironforge, most of the time delirious, and oblivious to all around her.
Consequently she and her contingent have been listed as missing in action, their situation unknown.

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The image depicts Elizabetha as she was mostly seen before the loss of her eyes, dressed in the robe and tabard of the Scarlet Crusade; the robe signifying the vow of poverty.


Lady Elizabetha "the Gentle" Istro Withamhall.

Nicknames attributed by others: Eliza, Eliz, Lizza, Lizzie, Liz, Ellie, Elzbeth.

Other attributed nicknames: The friendly Scarlet, Gentle One, Lady of Light, Lady Pure Heart, Squirrel Heart (the two latter used by Illidor).

Physical Traits

A woman in her early thirties of average height and beauty, blonde hair, slim and usually cheerful face. Only ornaments visible are two ear rings that her grandfather made for her, and which she's had since reaching adulthood, as well as a golden ring with small diamonds surrounding an emerald, which she caresses gently from time to time, smiling. She also wears a signet ring with her own personal coat of arms, which she uses for placing her seal on letters. Around her neck she wears a golden necklace to which a shining purple stone is attached - this being a wedding present given to her by Kisun, a former Embraced and a man Elizabetha, along with Merwyn, aided in overcoming the Shadow that he had once submitted to.

Since she's always dressed so that only her head and hands are visible, the three scars, two minor and one long, on her stomach (as a result of being stabbed twice, once having the knife twisted around and having a sword slashed across it), two scars on her left upper arm and the several scars on her lower left arm are not visible, and few know of them. She also has a set of claw marks on her right thigh. Scars also adorn her right side and her left thigh - this caused by ghouls.

She wears an eyepatch to cover her one empty socket. Her one eye sports a bright blue iris.

In some very rare occasions, Elizabetha may have a faint glow about her, when having called upon the Light for whatever reason - a manifistation of her total devotion to the Holy Light.

(What Elizabetha might look like if she were real, just click here.) ((As perceived by Hejin *hugs* ^_^))

Race and Class



Stormwind Academy.


A Paladin defender of the Church of Light.

She has occasionally also assisted with history classes in the Academy.

Due to her grandfather having taught her some blacksmithing, she did at one point seek out the Dwarves of Ironforge in an attempt to learn the more advanced armoursmithing. However that was neglected upon losing her eyes - and she did not pick it up again after acquiring the eye in Moonglade.


†James Istro, father, presumed slain by Orcs in the First War.

†Annika Istro, mother, presumed slain by Orcs in the First War.

†Archibald Romold, grandfather, father of Annika Istro, died of old age while Elizabetha was trained as Paladin.

†Lexandra Romold, grandmother, mother of Annika Istro, died of sickness before Elizabetha joined the order of Paladins in Stormwind.

The other grandparents are likewise presumed slain in the First War along with the rest of the family that resided in Elwynn Forest.

Sophitia Istro, cousin, daughter of James Istro's sister. Dwells in Stormwind.

Lord Richeron Miller Withamhall, husband.

Iohannes Williaum Istro Withamhall, son.

Annika Benedicta Istro Withamhall, daughter.


Born in Stormwind to a common family and lone child of James and Annika Istro, and lived aproximately in the area where the current district, the Old Town, is situated. At the age of four Elizabetha was evacuated with her grandparents shortly following the fall of Stormwind. Due to her young age and inability to remember fully, it is presumed that her mother had placed her in her parents' care in case Stormwind would fall.

Lived in Lordaeron in various places of the Tirisfal Glades till around 10 or 11, and returned to the Kingdom of Stormwind upon successful completetion of the Second War. Up until joining the order of Paladins in Stormwind, Elizabetha was taught blacksmithing by her grandfather, Archibald Romold - perhaps the lack of a son motivated him to this - much to Lexandra Romold's protests who feared it would make Elizabetha more tomboyish. This doesn't seem to be the case, however.

Not long after the death of her grandfather Archibald, Elizabetha came in contact with the Scarlet Crusade's missionaries in Stormwind. Various reasons were to her joining them, but her main reason, as she herself has been heard saying, was a sense of being indebted to Lordaeron for their aid to her country. Futher statements from her side reveal other reasons that appear to motivate her - this being a shock at how other races reacted (in her eyes) rather ignorantly towards a people that had suffered greatly (this being people from Lordaeron). She has also been heard complaining about the hate that burns between the Scarlet Missionaries and 'non-Scarlets'. Her clear motives are known only by those who listen. She was a member of the Scarlet Crusade, and held the rank of Missionary and was by function a Knight, albeit her devotion to the Light seem to be more that of a priestess. However, the loss of her eyes disabled her fighting abilities, and she's subsequently retired from the Crusade, devoting her life to aid others in whatever way possible. She was reaccepted among her brother and sister Paladins of the Church of Light, despite not actively taking part in military activities, obviously due to her lack of sight.

It was during her time in the Scarlet Crusade that Elizabetha came to know Honoria Detol, and rather quickly came to view her as an older sister. Not until after Honoria was expelled from the Crusade did they become close as true sisters. Elizabetha, having had no siblings and lacking a family (albeit she did love all her Brethren as siblings), focussed much of her effort in helping the Apostate, even defying the orders not to speak to the branded traitor - this caused by her general compassion, as well as fearing Honoria's wrath against the Scarlet Crusaders. Eventually both women acknowledged this bond, and viewed each other as sisters, though their blood was not akin. Subsequently, Honoria's betrayal and stabbing of Elizabetha hurt her deeply, yet a letter from the selfsame person did comfort her.

The struggle to root out The Dark Embrace was both emotionally and physically challenging as well as exhausting for Elizabetha, who though in that time established new friendships with both former foes and strangers. In this period did also her relationship with Richeron Withamhall grow stronger, and what is known by very few, is his recent marriage proposal that not only gave Elizabetha much needed inner peace, but also hope for the future.

Not long after this did she return home to Stormwind, where she and her husband-to-be planned their wedding. They were married Saturday the 17th of February at Uther's Tomb by Sister Suzanne Bellmarsh, who oblieged to Elizabetha's request of conducting the ceremony, Nouala Ravenwind being her maid of honour, and Berdrin Stormspanner being Richeron's best man. To her joy many friends that she had made both during and after her time in the Mission attended, and she was almost overwhelmed by the many gifts bestowed upon her and her husband. Due to Angst Ironboot and Ulgarf, as well as the rest of the Mountaineers, 183 fireworks were shot off in celebration, this being the only time after her loss of eyes that Elizabetha actually enjoyed the noise. Suffice to say, it was the happiest moment in the troubled life of Elizabetha Istro, who is now known as Lady Elizabetha Istro Withamhall. Later during the festivities the banshee form of Ashana visited Elizabetha at the tomb, part of her old self having returned due to the close presence of Elune during the Lunar Festival, thus accomplishing her desire to see one of her friends in her most happy occasion. The two parted as friends, Elizabetha glad to have heard Ashana's voice one last time as her old self. During the festivities Elizabetha also discovered that she might yet have a relative still alive of her father's side, yet this remains to be fully confirmed. Nevertheless, Elizabetha has accepted Sophitia Istro as her cousin, and vice versa.

Quite some time later, Elizabetha discovered to her shock and utter joy that she was pregnant - this being confirmed by her friend Blueleaff. She was, of course, both excited and worried, but over time the happiness of becoming a mother took hold, and she eagerly awaited the day that she'd give birth. And she was to have more blessings on her way as her friend and fellow Paladin Auburn took matters in her own hand, making inquiries with an old Kaldorei friend, who in turn sought out a powerful druid. The result, after much pain and toil, was that Elizabetha was given a single eye, living as though it was her own, though sporting a bright blue colour instead of her previous grey-blue ones. And though initially thought to have failed, Elizabetha started seeing on the third day after having been given this new eye, and on the fifth she could see clearly.

Family Background

James and Annika Istro, the former a farmer's son from Elwynn Forest and the latter a blacksmith's daughter from Stormwind, married shortly before the coming of the Horde and got but one child, the daughter Elizabetha Istro. Her father enlisted as a soldier and presumably fell in its defence. It is also presumed that Annika Istro, her mother, possibly refused to leave her husband, and thus sharing the fate of most of those who remained in Stormwind when it was razed to the ground.

It is believed that the remaining members of her father's family in Elwynn Forest were all slain by the Horde during the First War. The parents of James appear unknown, since Elizabetha only came to know her mother's parents. However, it appeared that a sister of James survived, and gave birth to Elizabetha's cousin, Sophitia.

Elizabetha's grandfather, being a well-off blacksmith, helped supply the army with weaponry in both wars, having served as a soldier in his younger days. He not only taught Elizabetha blacksmithing, but also managed to persuade certain Paladins whom he had supplied armour and weaponry to allow her to enter the ranks of the Paladins in Stormwind. Lexandra in turn taught Elizabetha to cook. Both grandparents contributed much to Elizabetha's devotion to the Holy Light. Archibald passed away from old age, whilst Lexandra fell ill and died after a short period of being terribly ill.

Intently Elizabetha left for Ashenvale with her husband and a few friends, where she early in the morning on the 17th of June, after going into labour during the night, gave birth to the twins Iohannes (Iohan for short) Williaum and Annika Benedicta.

Criminal Record


Personal Notes

Traits: Warm, friendly, open-minded, gentle, compassionate and loving - at times very emotional and prone to tears, when grieved or sad.

Appears to have extensive knowledge, and an appetite for history as well as books regarding the nature and ways of the Holy Light.

A truly pious woman, and though commonly thought as young and naïve, Elizabetha is rather the product of idealism, clinging fiercely to it despite the odds she faces, and is a fervent devotee of the Holy Light. Driven by the (perhaps vain) hope that the Light is able to change people, and that the world can become a better place for all, Elizabetha nourishes a belief that no one should come to experience the losses that she has suffered and quietly mourns. Frowning upon outright cruelty and hate, she stands aghast against such emotions that are the opposite of the three virtues of the Light, respect, tenacity and compassion. Indeed, she has even twice intervened on the behalf of a Sister or Brother, causing her to be stabbed in the stomach and being beaten almost to a pulp - this motivated by her belief in selfsacrifice and selflessness. However, she soon fell into the 'great trap' of compassion, which means that she attempted to help where no help was wanted. Confused and disappointed that she saw no effect of her attempts to better the world, as well as suffering additional blows as the death of Dywana, and the expelling of various Brothers and Sisters of the Crusade, this caused a depression, which nearly caused her to lose her mind and become suicidal.

The aid of her Brethren, however, as well as the few individuals that know her, helped her to overcome this, and once again strive (though more carefully) to continue the work and spreading of the Light. She has never forgotten her time in the Crusade, regardless of how her former Brethren view her, and is as a result quite sympathetic to their cause, despite whatever rumours there might be on the approach of the Scarlet Crusade in their efforts to retake Lordaeron. And deep within she feels guilty of having failed the vows to the Scarlet Crusade she swore by the Light to uphold.

Regardless, she can still be prone to melancholy, and moments of deep despair, until reminding herself of the strength available in the Holy Light, or comforted by a friend. The loss of her eyes has not helped her mood, however - but discovering Richeron Withamhall's affection for her has, though - her love for him but growing stronger after her dark time of both personal and physical loss and affliction, torment and sorrow, as he continually supports her by merely being within her arms' reach.

Regarding her devotion to the Light it would appear that she has reached a new pinnacle, appearing to be able to heal nasty wounds and even broken bones, channeling the holy power of the Light through her. This has caused her hands to almost shine and become pleasantly warm when praying for healing. In some matters she's been seen having a faint glow about her, as the Light manifests itself in her. (What effect this has one creatures and followers of both Darkness and Shadow is at anyone's guess)

Due to Merwyn's efforts, Elizabetha had gained the ability to see for 12 minutes and 34 seconds - this being powered by some sort of arcane essence implanted in her brain by Merwyn. Merwyn had named this Hoshitangan - One Eye of the Star. Hoshitangan could only be used once per day, and if used longer than 2 hours and 30 minutes it could've exhausted the essence, as it required to recharge itself, lest it be spent utterly. However, with Merwyn's 'death' Hoshitangan faded away, and can be used no more.

Deep within her heart, Elizabetha grieves for how her sister at heart, Honoria Detol's fate seperated them from each other, having loved her as deeply as any sibling would. Still hoping that Honoria will be saved, Elizabetha has nonetheless decided that it won't be of her making, and having learned a new disturbing truth from Entriia only made her wish to forget even stronger. Nevertheless, her love for her fallen sister will never truly disappear, always slumbering within the deep recesses of her great heart, though it has appeared that she refrains from ever speaking Honoria's name, merely using the term "sister" instead.

If there's anything that really cheers her up, it is children, infants in particular, as could be noticed when she first held Brannon, Fae and Berdrin's infant son, not to forget Norra, Amy Redcross' daughter. During High Lord Kruul's attack on Stormwind, Elizabetha withdrew to the orphanage, telling the children stories to calm them whilst the sounds of battle resounding in the city. By some Elizabetha is revered almost as a saint due to her concern for others before herself, while others (sometimes Shadow followers) think her an idealistic fool, belittling her for her compassion to the weak and her faith in the Holy Light.

Lastly can be mentioned that she loves her children deeply, sometimes spending the hours of their sleep merely watching them, feeling blessed immensely by their coming. Naturally, she likewise loves her husband deeply - and as is common, it is also he that can irritate her the most. (As depicted by Lashela *huggles*)

Current Status

She was expected to arrive in Menethil Harbour the 17th, but had for some reason not appeared with her group. Consequently she and her contingent had been listed as missing in action, their situation unknown.

However, due to the efforts of various friends and allies of Elizabetha's, they were able to pinpoint her in the Blackrock Depths, rather battered, hungered and weak by the harsh treatment at her captors, the Dark Iron Dwarves and Twilight's Hammer cultists.

She currently recovers in Ironforge, most of the time delirious, and oblivious to all around her.

(Refer to: A Price for Sight and That Which Eludes Their Eye for the loss of her eyes, A New Chapter and Two Sisters at Heart regarding Honoria, the latter being more an OOC poem, but which I find relevant. The Knife and Song of the Naaru can also be read for relevance. For the acquiring of the eye, refer to Blind Path. All of my stories can be seen at RPStories. Enjoy!)

Older notes (As depicted by Xahryn. *hugs*)


There are various characters of either real or fictious persons, as well as other things, that have influenced Elizabetha's personality. Here is a short list.

Grief and mourning on behalf of others:

Nienna. As this article will state Nienna, one of the Valar, was known to weep and grieve the troubles of Arda and all the Children of Ilúvatar. In the Music of the Ainur, her tune was one of sadness, but as Silmarillion states when she would visit the Halls of Mandos, she comforted the souls of the dead, teaching them endurance in hope.

Compassion and charity:

Elizabeth von Thüringen. Revered for her charity and compassion for the poor and the ill - it did affect Elizabetha's slogan, "Give without taking, seek no reward." However, I had no knowledge of Elizabeth von Thüringen prior to making Elizabetha, and her name is therefore not inspired by her. Mere coincidence. However, after discovering the tale of this saint, she did inspire me regarding charity and compassion.

Holiness and purity:

Anezka, the Czech nun from Vampire: The Masquerade. I was unable to find a proper description of her, sadly, however there was a scene in that game where Anezka stood defiant against a couple of vampires, fending them off to protect a fellow nun - one of these vampires then complains annoyed about Anezka's purity shining brightly like the sun, a moment that I often think back on when Elizabetha faces evil in various forms.

Shining with the Holy Light:

Albeit that Paladins were most often renowned (at least in Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness) for their eyes shining with inner Light, Elizabetha's lack of eyes made this difficult. However, being inspired by the fact that they could, and also bearing in mind various depictions of saints (in the real world, that is) with shining halos, it did inspire me to allow her on rare occasions to shine with Light, this having happened mostly when using the Light to heal.

Sensing Light and Shadow:

Shoaneb Culu, and the Miraluka in general. Renowned for their Force-sight, these near-humans could 'see' the world around them through the Force. Bearing that in mind, and not wanting Elizabetha to be utterly blind, as well as considering her strong devotion and faith in the Holy Light, I decided that it would work in a similar way, with her sensing both variants when used actively.

Devotion and piety:

As can easily be guessed I've been inspired mainly by how saints are usually expected to react and behave, though not forgetting Elizabetha's humanity, thus her periods of deep depression and melancholy. To read up on saints and what the word signifies, do refer to:

Utter selflessness and love:

Yimo, one of the characters from Tales of the Past II, a WoW movie that I do love watching (think you can google it). Regardless of him being a Gnome, the words Arthas says to him in his dream really gave me a solid idea of how I truly wanted Elizabetha to be, "You are dedicated, Yimo. For years you've been doing nothing but trying to prevent others from meeting their death in war. Even though you have met nothing but hate, you would still sacrifice your life for them... And yes... You would even sacrifice your own soul! That is why you are so rare, Yimo - your love and compassion reaches beyond that of mortals."

Though the situation is changed, I thought I might as well leave this inspiration still:

Blind Saint: Well, some things stem from somewhere, no? In any case, quite befitting I found to draw a parallel between Elizabetha and St Lucy (or Sankta Lucia, as I know her from our local tradition), who during her martyrdom lost her eyes, albeit Elizabetha's not a martyr...yet. Regardless, the tradition in which we in Scandinavia celebrate St Lucia is quite metaphorical, in my view, since it's a way of showing in the dark Northern winter that light is coming. And considering Elizabetha's shining inner Light, her compassion and love prompting her to selflessly offer help to anyone in need, her parallel to St Lucia being a bringer of light in the darkness seems to fit Elizabetha quite well - and I might add, one of my purposes for the blind Paladin. For a little info on how St Lucia Day is celebrated, plus the various metaphores in it, well, just click the link.


Give without taking, seek no reward.

The Light shines in the darkness, and it is a beautiful sight.

The Light is my strength! (mostly used as a battlecry, but also used in a less loud manner in other occasions)

The Light abandons no one. It is people who abandon the Light.

As long as there is life, there is hope.

Life is full of diversity.

Esarus thar no'Darador. ("By Blood and Honour we serve" - the motto of the Knights of the Silver Hand)

Coat of Arms

By courtesy of her husband, a coat of arms was designed for Elizabetha, which should remind her that she were but a Lady, and was not bestowed the title of her husband, as well as telling others of this. However, due to what appeared to be a misunderstanding (though some of the nobility profusely claim otherwise), the final coat of arms appeared rather extravagant for a Lady.

As is apparent, the two gryphons are of her husband's coat of arms, as are the various symbols on the lozenge (the diamond shaped shield, typical for a female coat of arms).

However, there are various things that differ. For instance, this one sports two gryphons, instead of just one, facing a Lion rampant. Secondly, in the middle of the lozenge, a book may be seen, which signifies the teachings of the Light. The winged men in robes are supposedly a hinting to the legends that Elizabetha grew up with, regarding the Celestials and Hopes. The winged great-sword, however, is a notification of her Paladin status. On top of that may be seen a building, which appears to be a chapel - another symbol regarding the teachings of the Light and her service to the Church. Lastly can be mentioned the two pointed crosses that one might surmise is a reference to her time in the Crusade.

The motto appears to be one of Elizabetha's most common phrases, which would end with "seek no reward".

Role models

As any other person, Elizabetha has certain individuals that she looks up to and admires, some of which she hopes to follow the examples of:

Lord Anduin Lothar, Lion of Azeroth, Commander of the Alliance.[1]

Lady Mara Fordragon, Patron of the Refugees of Stormwind.[2]

Lord Uther the Lightbringer, the First Paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand.[3]

General Turalyon, Lord Lothar's Lieutenant during the Second War, High General of the Alliance Expedition into Draenor.[4]

Archbishop Alonsus Faol, benevolent benefactor of Stormwind's rebuilding and restoring the Brotherhood of Northshire, co-founder of the Order of the Silver Hand.[5]

Significant Relations

Nelinde Belgarde: One Elizabetha regards as her closest friend, initially met in the Cathedral during Elizabetha's time in the Scarlet Mission - the reason being that Nelinde wanted to tease any Scarlet Missionary, but was turned into an interesting conversation, which helped to create a bond between the two women. Nelinde would later support Elizabetha greatly during her times of melancholy and loss.

Nouala Ravenwind: Initially met during the time Elizabetha was blind with Nouala suffering from a poisoned wound that wouldn't heal. Due to the efforts of Elizabetha the wound was healed and cleansed, thus sparking the beginning of a solid friendship, with Nouala hardly leaving Elizabetha's side. Nouala also helped Elizabetha give birth and was there to receive the twins as they came to the world.

Imoen: A young woman of Lordaeron that Elizabetha came to know during her time in the Scarlet Mission and whom she served with. Imoen saw Elizabetha as a substitute mother after the death of her father, Khallid. The friendship between both women has been turbulent, due to Imoen's sometimes fiery temper and Elizabetha's urging of Imoen to adhere the teachings of the Holy Light. Despite this, Elizabetha holds Imoen very dear.

Endjinn VanKirk: Elizabetha's former superior Senior Knight during her time in the Scarlet Crusade, and whom she frequently tried to support when he seemed to be troubled. Both respect one another, though they do not agree on all things.

Richeron M. Withamhall: Elizbetha's husband. Initially met casually during her time in the Scarlet Mission, but became close after Elizabetha's loss of eyes, when Richeron discovered his feelings for the Apostate. Elizabetha initially rebuffed him, but later acknowledged that she in turn had feelings for him - they are now husband and wife, parents to the twins Iohannes Williaum and Annika Benedicta. Richeron saved Elizabetha's life as she was terribly wounded by Honoria's stepsister Nymphadora during the attack on Northwatch Hold where she, Ceadric and his nephew were trying to sway Entriia from the service to the Faith (Lashela Alania).

Amy Redcross Severket: Met shortly before Amy's marriage with Honoria. The two of them became solid friends following Amy's divorce and birth of Norra Redcross. Elizabetha helped Amy in her time of grief following her divorce from Honoria. Though there is a significant difference between the two of them, Elizabetha holds Amy very dear.

Iana Leafshade: Met in the Cathedral after some heated conversation between the Scarlet Missionaries and the members of the Order of the Silver Sun. Iana immediately saw Elizabetha's good intentions and the two met in secret on some occasions when things seemed to be heading towards a confrontation. Iana then promised Elizabetha sanctuary among her fellow members of the Order. Later during the time of Iana's apparent death, Elizabetha eventually helped getting hold of a druid that would return Iana, and later see her selfimposed withdrawal from public life. Elizabetha misses Iana, respecting her for her conviction.

Stoen Isilmë Pongram: Came to know this shy Gnome due to the friends she made in the Order, and quickly came to like Stoen for his honesty and general kindness. Though once having scorned him for his inability to let go of Iana after her apparent death, she did all she could in the aftermath to help him. Due to his modest nature, she holds Stoen dear.

Karina della Crue: Though far from always in agreement, Karina and Elizabetha have a friendship that seems to be holding. Both women appear as complete opposites, yet Elizabetha sees Karina as a close friend, and from it seems it goes both ways. Karina asked Elizabetha, back when she was leading Redemptio Coronae, to have her fellows assist with Karina's plan of attacking the Dark Embrace at Southshore - albeit some Redemptio Coronae members (former Embraced) were asked not to assist as per various Starlight members' persistant demands (most likely due to lack of trust). Karina led the raid with what appeared a success. The following time after saw Karina asking Elizabetha for advice after Elizabetha had become a mother - and both women seem happy upon seeing one another.

Mordacious: This enigmatic mage of Dalaran with a heart of gold had no trouble befriending Elizabetha and vice versa, selflessly offering her help shortly after her loss of eyes on the behest of Karina. His continuing jesting seems always to make Elizabetha smile, no matter how grave the situation.

Angst Ironboot: The Colonel of the Mountaineers 3rd and a staunch follower of the Light. Angst and Elizabetha seemed to quickly forge a respect for one another and seem to generally agree on most things. He was kind enough to provide 183 pieces of fireworks along with other Mountaineers for Elizabetha and Richeron's marriage.

Ulgarf "Longshot" Flamebeard: Originally met after Ulgarf's departure from the Dark Embrace, and seemed to respect each other equally following Elizabetha's welcoming him with open arms to fight the aforesaid organisation. Ulgarf also rescued Elizabetha at the time she tried to kill herself. Elizabetha was unfortunately unable to attend his burial as she had not received any news of his death, but visited his grave at Thelsamar some time later and placed a single Peacebloom, hoping that he was at peace in death.

Baron Ceadric Clayworth: A fellow ex-Scarlet, though he retired honourably from the Crusade - they met during Elizabetha's time in the Scarlet Mission and became friends fairly quickly. Elizabetha saved Ceadric's life after the attack on Lakeshire by the Dark Embrace, and fought virtually side by side at Northwatch Hold in Kalimdor when the Faith (Lashela Alania) came to take Entriia back. They've not seen each other for a long time.

Spearce: A pratically unknown man that Elizabetha happened upon during a patrol near the Allerian Stronghold, and whom she saved from death. Spearce subsequently vowed to serve Elizabetha out of gratitude.

Merwyn Lindor Morghani: A kind Gnome that Elizabetha acquainted during the time she fought the Dark Embrace. Merwyn, having left the Embrace, assisted Elizabetha in her struggle and played a key role in swaying Kisun from the path of Shadow. Later on she developed an arcane essence that enabled Elizabetha to attain temporary sight during her time of blindness. Elizabetha regarded Merwyn as one of her closest friends, who in turn was already an old friend of Richeron. Elizabetha was apparently the only one to have witnessed Merwyn's death, which was far from natural.

Sister Suzanne Bellmarsh: Once a fellow Scarlet Missionary during Elizabetha's time in the Scarlet Mission, Elizabetha came to know Suzanne better after losing her eyes, having various encounters with her during the time Elizabetha fought the Dark Embrace. Suzanne also presided over Elizabetha and Richeron's wedding ceremony. However the two of them rarely see one another these days.

Sister Louise Cook: A Scarlet Missionary that Elizabetha attempted to help on some occasions, though Louise's hot temper often drove them both apart. They had especially many encounters during the time that Louise's sister, Aydith Cook, attempted to kidnap her own sister for whatever reason. Elizabetha became Aydith's executioner, and after that time the two of them rarely saw each other, as Louise rejoined the Crusade and left for living in Hearthglen. Ultimately with Louise's death Elizabetha found herself conducting the burial rituals at the request of Blueleaff.

Count Kisun "Godric" Demont: An ex-Embraced that Elizabetha assisted Merwyn in saving from the path of Shadow, and befriended. He likewise assisted Elizabetha in fighting the Dark Embrace and after what seemed a successful conclusion left to live in Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale. The time that they were apart, their friendship faultered somewhat, though Elizabetha still holds him in regard - his crush on her notwithstanding.

Dirahm, son of Tharim: A Dwarf that Elizabetha befriended during her tour of duty in Redridge Mountains before she joined the Scarlet Mission - their meeting purely coincidental, but ultimately ensured a solid friendship between the two. He was at that time a fellow Paladin. He seemed perplexed when Elizabetha joined the Scarlet Mission in Stormwind, and their friendship was close to end when he complained of how he was treated by her Brethren for being a Dwarf. Elizabetha managed to convince him that she desired to keep his friendship despite the actions of her Brethren, and pleaded with him to understand why she had joined them. He understood to her joy. However, the time that followed saw the two of them being more and more apart, with little contact. Last she knew he had resigned and left for his home in Anvilmar, and she hasn't heard from him since.

Auburn: A fellow Paladin of the Church of Light that Elizabetha came to know, presumably through Honoria when she had joined the Order of the Silver Sun. Though utterly different in behaviour and conduct, the two of them formed a friendship. Auburn was in particular the factor that Elizabetha was able to regain an eye, due to her Kaldorei friends. Upon having her sight restored, Elizabetha only saw Auburn on very few occasions until Auburn was finally stationed in the Plaguelands, assisting the Alliance Forces there combat the Scourge. They eventually lost contact up until meeting again at Light's Hope Chapel, though it was brief. They'd meet later on in Stormwind City. However, as always, Auburn's constant service kept both women apart.

Silnaen Whitewater: Though not a friend per se, Elizabetha considers Silnaen a person worthy of respect and gratitude as she was the druid that inserted the eye that gives Elizabetha the sight that she was hoping for. The Night Elf is seldom seen, though on the occasion the two of them met, Elizabetha made sure to pick up Auburn's habit of feeding her steaks.

Professor Berdrin Stormspanner: Though not a Dwarf that Elizabetha knows that terribly well, he is one that Elizabetha respects and is grateful to have met. They originally met during the time of her service as a Scarlet Missionary and the time that he held the position of Chancellor in the Assembly of Stormwind - her curteous conduct presumably the reason they even spoke. He was also the one that oversaw her recovery after her kidnapping and exposure to a supposed Plague injection, which killed the regrowing occular tissue in both eye-sockets.

Fae Leafrunner: Berdrin's fiancé and mother of his child, Brannon. Supposedly met during the time Elizabetha was in Berdrin's care. The two seemed to be comfortable in each other's company, and Elizabetha showed great fondness of Fae's son, Brannon. Naturally she was also one to give Elizabetha a few tips on how to be a mother, and ultimately helped Elizabetha cope with her role of being both a mother and a Paladin - something that had great effect, whether or not Fae was aware.

Almalodaka Shadowstar: Initially met during Elizabetha's time in the Scarlet Mission, and was a tad hostile to begin with, until Almalodaka saw Elizabetha for what she was - after that a solid friendship evolved, with the Night Elf and the Human helping one another in many occasions. Elizabetha morally supported Almalodaka and vice versa in the tough times, though Almalodaka eventually grew distant. Elizabetha still nourishes a hope to being able to see Almalodaka more, as she treasures the relationship they had previously cultivated.

Illidor Stormfeather: Almalodaka's superior as such. Met due to Almalodaka. Elizabetha soon saw the value of Illidor due to his wisdom, and asked for his advice on many occasions. During her time of blindness he did offer her some combat training, which helped her some in her fight against the Dark Embrace. She was of course obviously hindered by the fact that she is Human, and therefore could never develop the same senses as that of a Kaldorei. Nevertheless, she respects Illidor greatly - he was also the one that initially gave her the nick names of Lady Pure Heart and Squirrel Heart.

Count Nathaniel Telrunya Wheeler: Met during Elizabetha's time in the Scarlet Mission. Count Wheeler often sought Elizabetha for spiritual comfort and advice in various matters. Elizabetha assisted him in combatting the spirit of his late father, which overtook his body on at least two occasions. Even after his change (when he became the Prophet of the Avatar) did she consider him a friend and tried her best to help him in various matters. His death was a blow to Elizabetha, and she mourned him greatly.

Professor Nelson DeBreton: Met in Ashenvale Forest when Elizabetha lingered there in Blueleaff's home, awaiting the time when she'd give birth to her children. DeBreton also provided her with the "prophecy" that he heard Telrunya give just before his death. Though their acquaintance has been turbulent to a degree (she gave him a knee between his legs once when she was angered), the two of them are fairly on good terms, though perhaps not out right friends.

Ashana Nightwind: Met during Elizabetha's fighting against the Dark Embrace. Merwyn and Elizabetha's combined efforts ensured Ashana's breaking with the hold of the Shadow on her, and the two became friends briefly. Ashana assisted Elizabetha in her fight, but was eventually killed and turned into a Banshee by the Faith (Lashela Alania), thus destroying the friendship, as Ashana was turned into a twisted and bitter form of her previous self. The two of them only met once after that on a happy occasion, that being on Elizabetha's wedding. However, afterwards Ashana expressed her utter disgust of the Light and all which was good, thus utterly ending their friendship.

Blueleaff "lilly" Moonsong: This Night Elf met Elizabetha in the Valley of Heroes during one of her more melancholic moments, and selflessly offered her help and comfort, despite not knowing anything about her. This was the start of their friendship, which was only strengthened though time. It was in Blueleaff's home in Ashenvale Forest that Elizabetha gave birth to her twins, something that Elizabetha, needless to say, is very grateful of.

Dywana Tabitha Raddcliffe : One of Elizabetha's Sisters during her time in the Scarlet Mission. Though their acquaintance was short, Elizabetha quickly came to view Dywana as a sister, and she tried continously to affect Dywana with the teachings of the Light, as she could perceive the pain Dywana had within. Dywana apparently showed her appreciation for Elizabetha when she presented her with a polearm of fine quality. Their relations was cut short, however, with Dywana's death at the hands of Entriia. Elizabetha mourned Dywana intensely, but was able to attend a small funeral due to Honoria's effort of retrieving her corpse - the head having been delivered to the Mission in Stormwind by Entriia. Elizabetha blessed the soil with the power of the Light, thus ensuring Dywana's remains the peace she'd been without in her life.

Lady Honoria Dawnweaver (formerly Detol): The one person that held greatest power over Elizabetha, and whom Elizabetha loved deeply as a sibling, though both were not related through blood. They initially met in the Scarlet Mission. Upon Honoria's banishment from the Crusade, Elizabetha defied the orders to not having any contact with the Apostate. She was even Honoria's bride's maid in her wedding, where she joined with Amy Redcross Severket. After a turbulent period where Elizabetha tried to make her "sister" forsake her hatred of the Crusade, the two of them acknowledged the bond between them and opted to openly call each other sisters. Honoria also helped Elizabetha greatly after her loss of eyes, and was the one to contact Mordacious to help bring her to Darnassus for healing. Their sisterly love was however slowly brought to an end with Honoria turning her back on the Light and the Church, joining the Dark Embrace. The last physical contact between the two of them was when Honoria tricked Elizabetha into giving her a hug, and stabbed her - this in order to get some of her blood, which was thought to be innocent (unbeknownst to Elizabetha). She did later receive a letter from Honoria, where she apologised. However, the betrayal was a deceisive end to their sisterly relation - with Elizabetha never speaking her name again.

Eileena Maureena Bannon: Initially met due to Iana's efforts after Elizabetha had lost her eyes. Eileena played a key role in getting Elizabetha to cope with her blindness, and how to function in daily life without precious sight - something that Elizabetha is eternally grateful for. Though the two of them seldom are enjoying each other's company, Elizabetha did attend Eileena's marriage to Nomine.

Nomine: Nomine and Elizabetha are not really friends, having met originally when Elizabetha was a Scarlet Missionary. Nomine didn't hide the fact that he despised the Scarlet Crusaders, nor that he'd gladly end her life if he had the chance. Elizabetha tried to convince him of her intentions, which had no effect. He seemed more approachable when she had resigned (and was declared an Apostate at the same time). The two of them seldom agree and it is often more than not that Elizabetha feels entirely annoyed by Nomine's actions and behaviour. Regardless, Nomine enjoys a modicum of respect from Elizabetha due to his talents and fighting against the common enemy, the Dark Embrace. Regardless, in most other things they seem always ready to spite one another. However, when he is accompanying Eileena, Elizabetha obviously refrains from upsetting his wife.

Hejin of Tirisfal: Originally one of Elizabetha's Scarlet Brothers, later an Embraced, and also the murderer of Khallid, Imoen's father. Elizabetha tried on countless occasions to redeem Hejin, despite the fact that he tried to kill her, even attending the ceremony of his brief marriage with Louise. After his daughter's death, she made him swear that he'd given up the path of Shadow, telling him that she'd do her duty and end his life if he'd lied. Upon hearing that he'd averted to go into exile as he was judged to, Elizabetha will undoubtedly do her duty as a Paladin - either forcing him into exile or ending his life.

Commander Kalliades Aurios: One of Elizabetha's former Scarlet Brethren. Though not a friend per se, Elizabetha had many dealings with him during his time as the head of the Guards under the State. Though she was mostly annoyed at what she deemed to be an inability to command, she nonetheless showed him respect.

Silentstep Sprocket: A friendly Gnome that Elizabetha met in the Park of Stormwind, when he inadvertly overheard Elizabetha and Richeron speak together of Entriia, who was being held prisoner in Northwatch Hold. He guided the couple from Theramore Isle to the Hold, and helped Elizabetha eventually in her fight against the Dark Embrace. During the attack on Southshore, where the Dark Embrace was hiding, Sprocket was blinded by a fireblast. Over time, Elizabetha lost contact with him.

Sister Shirah: Elizabetha met Shirah during her time in the Scarlet Crusade, and seemingly befriended her, and continuously reminded Shirah of the teachings of the Light, wanting her to give up her hate of the other races. This worked briefly, until Shirah was tortured and ravaged by Scarlet haters. After Elizabetha being branded as an Apostate, Shirah despised her, blaming Elizabetha for her own misery. After a while, Shirah seemed to realise how she was destroying herself, and forgave Elizabetha. However, upon meeting once again, Shirah was incensed at Elizabetha for berating her how she treated a pair of Night Elves, and her hatred of Elizabetha woke anew, promising to harm both Elizabetha and her family. Shirah died in the North, however, before making her threats a reality.

Teliviel Farseil TarShaila, Scarab Lady: A Night Elf female, also known as the Champion of the Bronze Flight. Initially met in the Temple of Elune in Darnassus, Teliviel and her companion Egitor Kleinstone, a Human, seemed quite warming to at the time newly blinded and ex-Scarlet Missionary Elizabetha. Mutual respect evidently grew in the few times they met. As a result, Elizabetha invited both Teliviel and Egitor to her own wedding, where she and Richeron were gifted with quite expensive gifts - a gesture that Elizabetha was greatly moved by. However, after Teliviel and Egitor eloped to Outland, contact between the two women was lost, until a rumour reached Elizabetha several months later that both Teliviel and Egitor were missing in action, presumed dead.

Caliyen Starbreeze: Elizabetha first met the female Night Elf, Caliyen, during her time in the Scarlet Mission, at which time Caliyen was a member of the Peoples' Militia. The two of them had very limitted encounters at that time, but it was at Commander Minetha Nightingale's funeral, which Elizabetha actually attended pratically uninvited in order to show her respects, that the two women spoke freely to one another. Several months later, Caliyen contacted Elizabetha out of the blue, asking for her help, thus re-igniting the frail bond of friendship that had sparked long ago. Ever willing to assist people in need, Elizabetha didn't think twice before replying, and eventually meeting with Caliyen again. How this friendship will evolve remains to be seen.

(More to come)