Name Edit

Elronor Sin'Zaram, before the forming of the Blood elves, Quel'Zaram

Physical Traits Edit

Still to come.

Race and ClassEdit

A veteran warrior who now employs the ways of the Blood Knight.

Guild Edit

Magisterial Guard

Occupation Edit

Serving the Magisters and the ruler of Quel'thalas Lor'themar Theron.


Still to come.

Background Edit

Elronor has found great privileges for the likes of his breed. As a Quel'dorei without any talents for magics he was not required to undertake any military operations on the frontline. For his ancestors served as temple guards for the Highborne millenia ago, and now to this day Elronor has been serving those who call them leader of Silvermoon. During the Orc wars he was ensigned to a token army of Quel'thalas which was sent for support to the Alliance against the Orcs. As a token army they have only been involved in small skirmishes against the Orcs. Furtherly the tasks of Elronor involved maintaining relations with Alliance, ensuring the token support would soon become a grand-scale army. After having done similar tasks during every Orc war, Elronor joined the borderguards of Quel'thalas and has enjoyed few Amani assaults for the time being.

(to be continueed)

Family Background Edit

Still to come.

Personal Notes Edit

Still to come.

Current Status Edit

Serving as Magisterial Guard.

Personal quotes Edit

"There is a time for diplomacy and a time for action. Diplomacy is dead."

"Why do we kill our allies of old? Why do we help the orcs? You ask? Because we are told to."

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