Elus Deathblade/Silverleaf, The Darkling, of The Grip of Death

Physical TraitsEdit

A brief description of physical appearance and objects of note.

Race and ClassEdit

Scourge (Former Human), Deathknight.


The Grip of Death


Killing things? Scourgies don't need money!


Father: Dead. Mother: Murdered. (By him). Sister: Missing, persumed a certain female acolyte of the scourge.


Elus' was a young human, of the age of Nineteen, when he was found by the Silver Hand, and trained as a paladin, but when the scourge came, Elus began seeing things, shades wanderred around him, whispering his name, drawing him in. By twenty-one he was a fully acomplished Paladin. When the scourge came, he wasn't ready, the magnitude he had been hinted towards, was overwhelming, and the creatures were attracting him, deeply towards, becoming their lord and masters' soldier, he saw pity on them, great pity. But in a way, he saw them as free, and so he took it on himself, to grab some tinder, and build a funeral pyre, and throw himself on it, piercing a spike in the back of his head, to hold him in place. After his soul was released, a Necromancer came along, as he had hoped, and pulled it back, into the body, forcing it to be controlled by the Lich King. A week later, Elus was directed to Ebon Hold in the plaguelands, the heart of the Scourge Invasion, he began doing small tasks for his betters, in a hope to be sent on a important erand, to the newly built Scarlet town, but sadly, the winds were not in his favour, and his greatest task, was helping obliterate the surrounding countryside, which he took great 'pleasure' in doing. Eventually though, Elus was pulled forth to attack Light's Hope Chapel, he fought hard, in a act to earn his place alongside the Death Knights of the Lich King, but the battle was lost, and many of the soldiers were freed, and pardonned by the Paladins, but Elus would have none of this, he had willingly joined, and wouldn't willingly leave, he was attracted the power, fleeing in the night, Elus made way to fix the trickery he had placed upon the Paladins, so he would not be slaugtered. Begging for mercy Elus gained a place of honour in the forces of the Lich King, and was chosen to lead a newly formed group, known as The Grip of Death.

Elus' more recent history is of the The Grip Of Death, after arrival in the Eastern Kingdom's once more, Elus sent out shades to find and seek mortal minds which could be broken, or to muster any forces that could still be found. In the early days of the process Elus had found numerous ammounts of Death Knight's, and made a numerous ammount of mages leave their human brothers, and join him. As soon as possible Elus designed a net work of death gates around Azeroth, and sent the wrath of the Grip against Theramore, aiming to crush their travels to Northrend, after a unsuccesful attack the Grip began to fall apart, until his forces wavered and eventually died out.

Summoned back to Icecrown, Elus now seeks to regain his former power as the Darkling, and crush any further troop movements to Northrend, to spite his former companions in life.

Family BackgroundEdit

The Silverleafs are a small family from Lordaeron, hailing from a house in Silverpine, out in the forest, the family earnt their pay, through logging. The Deathblade name is the creation of Elus, beleiving he control's his blade, more than it control's him, and his blade brings death, when he is at the grip.

Criminal RecordEdit

Many murders?

Personal NotesEdit

Some stuff.

Current StatusEdit

Broodling in Icecrown, plotting to regain his former power.

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