Theramore File (302): ElwoldiEdit

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  • Full Name: Elwoldi Pendragon
  • Rank: First Class Marine
  • Occupation: Marine and Footman of The Theramore Task Force.
  • Security Level: Green

The file as ordered is produced to our Majesty, Mi'lady Proudmoore on Lieutenant Pendragon.

Apperance As requested by our Majestic lady Proudmoore Ruler of Theramore:Edit

Elwoldi Pendragon has a well built body, and as Human's go is standard in height, as you'd only pick him out from a ground, by his Tabard. Elwoldi has a well trimmed beard, which is greying in places, which show his age. The most notible mark of his trade, is a small Silver Hand, which connects his cloak, to his armour. He has an warblade of Orcish design chained across his torso, which rests upon his back, and a 'Shattered' Broadsword which is a family hierloom, sheathed at his waist. Elwoldi is not as well built as his Superiors Major Vaylor and Captain Shadowbane, this may be down to his malnourishment during his internment to the hands of the Burning Blade clan. He has a black leather eye patch covering his right eye which has never been removed to show what is left of his right eye.

Pendragon's History:Edit

Pendragon hails from Strom (Stromgarde)the crown of Arathor, though at a young age travelled north to the kingdom of Loarderon where he was to work as a farm hand for much of his youthful live, whilst showing a contained passion for Swordsmanship, finding comfort in the Light. And was inducted into the Knights of the Silver Hand.

First War:Edit

Elwoldi fought in the First War, this much we know for certain Mi'lady but he does not speak openly or often about the events he took place in but we do know he was 17 years standard at opening of the Dark Portal. It is possible he sustained his injury which took his eye at the battle of Blackrock Spire, where Lord Lothar was felled, but that is only a rumor supported from a rambling drunkard. Which was found to be untrue.

Second War:Edit

My Great Lady, Pendragon's service in the Second War started at age 23 and fought in a large portion of minor incursions and skirmishs but nothing of great note. He had recieved around eight commendations by the end of the Second War for through out his Military Career at this point, for Courage and Bravery. Aged 27 and in the Forth year of the Second War he vanished after the company containing him was ambushed and massarced leaving a pocket of survivors which made it away. Elwoldi ceased to excist in record being marked as M.I.A presumed K.I.A for the duration of the War.

Third War:Edit

Mi'lady, my Majesty I record his military service in the Third War, He returned on the eve of the Scourge's rampant rampage of Loarderon, Fourteen years on from his 'Death' adorning mainy orc armanments, most notorius of these, was the War Blade he had taken from a Blade Master he had slain. He resembled a mess of hair and dirt, baring a tatty tabard of that of The Allaince of Loarderon. He took part in the Battle of the World Tree as his most notiable achievement of the Third War. But was also involved in the an array of skirmishs against the Scourge infected towns, before setting asail amongst your survivors of Loarderon.


  • Gregor Elwoldi Pendragon (Deceased, Blacksmith)
  • Elaine Pendragon (Deceased, Tailor)
  • Barrimus Pendragon (Scourge,Half Elven and Half Brother)


  • Theramore Tabard - Shown to reveal Lieutenant Pendragon's loyalty to the proud nation of Theramore, this is a white plain tabard with a golden anchor standing on its front and back, bordered by a fine golden line.
  • Broadsword - A broasword, with a thick leather hide grip across the hilt, the blade forged by his Father making the blade almost as old as Elwoldi himself. The sword's blade is around 60^ of it's original length and is still sharp, the edge is at an angle, damaged during his combat with Gor'gitz Blade Master of the Burning Blade Clan.
  • Orc War Blade - A war blade taken from Jubei'fel the Blade Master, after Elwoldi slew him in single combat, recieving the wepon as right of victory before making his escape with a few survivors of his squad after this event.
  • Shroud of the Lightbringer - Elwoldi is often seen with a greying-white cloak which drags behind him, he tailored made the cloak out of the Linen in honor of the Fallen and founding Paladin of the Order of the Silver Hand. His cloakhas a hood attached to the cloak, which matches the cloak's Greying-white linen colour he is most often seen with the hood above hiding a large amount of his face.

Criminal recordEdit

Lieutenant Pendragon commit assault and 'treason' assualting a superior, after a patrol within the marsh dealing with a clan of tauren who had captured some Theramore marines, the dispute ended in violence, Pendragon was punish by Major Kaijan 'Duke' Vaylor.

Current Status:Edit

Elwoldi is currently critical, with little chance of survival after recieving a bullet through the neck, it is possilbe he is simply dieing. Aridus Veltarn, personally disposed of the body.

Pychological state:Edit

Elwoldi hasn't been seen using either of his blades within the walls of Theramore, we know he prefers to allow anyone a second chance to redeem themself and is a firm believer that the Light will triumphth of all and that it is you who desert the Light and not it. He was seen using his fists to knock out several Agitators who spread Properganda against your Majesty. They were taken and placed within the cells deep below the City, released after a several nights there. Elwoldi will never fight an unarmed combatent with his own wepons.(There are some exceptions who break this rule, those who are totally corrupt and intent on desercrating the Light and all it stands for.) From what we've seen he has only been calm and concentrated we haven't seen any acts of enraged passion or self righteous revenge. He seems doggedly loyal to the Force and has seen to act as an ambassador for the Force at tense times.


The inspirations behind Elowldi were: possibly the most obvious one Varian Wrynn: Varian was known for his loyalty to King Menethil when the Allaince of Loarderon crumbled as nations such as Gilneas broke away and sealed themselves shut, while Varian offered as much help as he could to the man who gather his own people shelter and help fund the reconstruction of Stormwind. Varian was kidnapped by the Defias woth thr help of a well known dragon he escaped somehow from Alcaz Island, and became known as 'Shark bait' by an Orc slaver or saw the man had great potential to make him profit in the arena not knowing it was the King of Stormwind. Varian easily slew an Orc blade Master taking him blade, much like the basis of Elwoldi owning his own blade from a similiar exerpience.

Uther the Lightbringer:, Elwoldi acts in many ways similiar to Uther, that he will stride into the thick of combat, but will also resolve minor issues without violence and some calm words. Uther's simply the best Paladin.

Tirion Fordring: Got me to want to RP a Paladin, Elwodli's appearence resembles Trion's 'EPL' appearence in some ways.

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