Enola Fall

Physical Traits

A rather small human male, smaller than by considerable amounts, although he manages to make use of his height, being extremely agile with terrific speed. His raven black hair is usually held off his face in a ponytail, allowing his somewhat handsome face to be seen, putting aside the scar going from his left cheek to his neck, the scars continuing across his body, mostly being able to seen, the majority of them old and fading. His right shoulder is tattooed with a large black widow spider crawling up it, although the ink seems to be fading, genuine goblin design. He tends to wear a mix of leather and cloth shirts, although occasionally using his battlegear when the opportunity occurs. His sheaths are never empty, mostly holding maces and daggers, his favoured. His attitude is rather obxonious around strangers, usually ether being rude or arrogant, mostly mixing between the two.

Alliancecrest small Enola Fall
Title(s) Merc
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Rogue
Age 31
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation N/A
Occupation Blade for Hire
Status Alive
Relative(s) N/A

Race and Class

Human Rogue



Mercenary, Freelancer


Mother - Quyon Fall (Alive)

Father - "Ray" Fall (Deceased)

Sisters - Tasses & Kelayi Fall


Family Background

Lived in Westfall for thirteen years of his childhood with two sisters and his mother and father, until his father was caught by Defias and then eventually murdered. He had no real feelings towards both ihs parents, mostly tending to blame them for his un-glam childhood, although he got on well with his sister; Kelayi, sharing his dreams of being rich, living in a manor, with typically high dreams for a child. They left home together in search, although never finding wealth.

Will add more when I'm feeling creative.

Criminal Record


Personal Notes

Holds a passionate distaste for Defias

Recently has acquired the nickname 'Snappy Fall' from Minerva Rasmussen, and has been using it on occassion tongue-in-cheek.

Tends to seperate his civilian life with his mercenary life, making him an interesting character, as he usually avoids conversation with merc business if within a city.

Current Status


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