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We see the girl with the long black hair talking to Gerris, he nods at her and they walk into the crypt.

Imoen and Aanson walk into the cathedral Suzanne is behind them reading a book.

Aanson: I hear a new recruit has joined today.

Imoen: Oh?

Aanson: Yeah she’s seems nice enough bit quiet just like dusty here.

Aanson smiles and messes up Suzanne’s hair she glares at him slamming her book shut.

Aanson: Wha! Dusty’s scary today!

Suzanne: Hmph. Start acting like a proper crusader for once.

Aanson: Oooh so if I dye my hair black and then leave the top bit grey will that make me one?

Suzanne face looks really angry Imoen is in the middle of them both.

Imoen: Now, Now-

Suzanne: No, I mean treating us with the proper decorum!

Aanson shrugs

Aanson: Whatever dusty.

Suzanne open her book and walks up to the altar her nose up in the air.

Aanson bursts out laughing.

We hear Imoen’s thoughts as she smiles looking at Aanson running after Suzanne teasing her.

Imoen: It feels so nice to see to of my friends getting along so well…after all that’s happened all the madness it’s slowly getting better…though this always seems to be the pattern…everything looks alright then another painful moment rearing it’s ugly head.

Imoen sighs, she’s tapped on the shoulder she turns around to see Louise.

Louise: Heya! I’m new here I was just wondering if you could tell me about the place as…well you’ve been here for a while.

Imoen smiles kindly at her.

Imoen: Sure ask away.

Louise: Why did some people have to beg to be aloud in?



Imoen looks at Gerris as he walks by scowling at him.

Imoen: I don’t know, it’s not the way of the light...the high ups keep themselves to themselves. It didn’t used to be like that…

Louise: What was it like?

Imoen: Nice, when I wanted to be let in all I had to do was to have an interview with brother Dufferin then I went upstairs joined everyone for prayers and got accepted in…it was really nice.

Louise: Oh. I just turned up and said "am I late?" they gave me a robe and then I went up on the altar and was accepted in.

Imoen: Alot like me then...that's odd they don't usually do that...

We hear in the background Suzanne shouting at Aanson, Aanson on the other hand is laughing madly and teasing her driving her up the wall. Imoen smiles and turns towards Louise.

Imoen: Here I’ll introduce you to my friends and breathren.

Imoen ushers Louise on who bites her lip and follows her.

Aanson now has Suzanne’s book and is waving it around teasing her.

Aanson: Hahahaha! Wooo! Look what I got!


Aanson: Dusty got dust on her book! Hahaha!….Can I read it?

Suzanne: No! it’s only child morals anyway nothing for you old people!

Aanson: Oh-ho! Dusty made a joke! Her prize for that wit is her book back…hey initiate catch!

Aanson goes to give the book to Suzanne but throws it at Louise catches the book and goes to throw it back at Aanson but Suzanne quickly takes the book giving Louise a cold stare.

Imoen puts her hand in her face and shakes her head sighing, she looks at her friends and smiles.

Imoen: Right, have you two had enough I think it’s time we acted like knights now.

Aanson: -sigh- how dull…fine, fine.

Imoen: This maybe a bad time but this is Louise, Louise meet Suzanne and Aanson.

Suzanne nods but doesn’t show much enthusiasm, Aanson does a two finger salute and smiles at her. Louise goes bites her lip and waves at them.

Imoen: So what made you pick the Crusade…if you don’t mind me asking?

Louise: You’ll proberly think im crazy saying this, but I saw it in a dream.

Aanson: Ah don’t worry in this day and age it seems like everyone has a story to tell.

Louise: My life is preety dull actually. I live in a house full of cats with my mum Donni

Aanson: You mean Thee Donni!?

Louise: Yeees…?

Aanson: Ha ha! Well I’ll be!

Louise: You know her?

Aanson: Who wouldn’t know the crazy cat lady?

Louise: WHAT!?!

Imoen sighs and shakes her head.

Aanson: Whoa hey calm it…Dusty help me out here…

Suzanne turns angrily at Aanson, Louise and Suzanne look at each other and grin evilly.

Aanson: Err…help?

Scene pans to Aanson dangling from one of the Stormwind bridges

Aanson: Ah! Alright! Alright! I get the message! I’m sorry!

Suzanne and Louise lean over an look at Aanson grinning.

Louise: Heh. Silly old man.

Suzanne: I think he must be made an example of to Stormwind for his foolish behaviour.

Louise: Oooh I like the sound of that.

Louise giggles and her and Suzanne begin to untie Aanson.

Aanson: Sisters…ladies…now come on. You have to let me up first.

Louise: Nah.

Suzanne: I Don’t think so.

Aanson gets untied and drops into the reservoir, he pops his head out the water and glares at Suzanne and Louise who are both bursting out laughing, he eventually smiles and starts laughing himself. Imoen is behind Louise and Suzanne her arms folded smiling.

We hear her thoughts.

Imoen: Louise cook…she seems like good fun we’ve only just met her and already she’s fit in. I’m so lucky to have these friends…my breathren…my family…things will never stay the same though will they? Just like Elizabetha…I will be the one who gets them killed…my father, why doesn’t like me to be with company…he always sends out some scourge or something to end my happiness…I should just enjoy this moment…but why can’t I just be myself…why must I hold back on my true self?

Aanson splashes some water at Suzanne and Louise, unfortuntly Magwitch is walking past with some books and gets splashed on she stops and turns towards Louise, Suzanne and Aanson laughing amounst themselves. Imoen stands to attention and salutes

Imoen: Emissary Magwitch!

Aanson, Suzanne and Louise stop instantly shocked.

Aanson: Aw crap…

Magwitch is fuming and stands there going bright red with anger.

Pan’s to the crypt Aanson, Louise and Suzanne sitting in the crypt.

Aanson: This is so your fault dusty.

Suzanne: MINE! Erm…my fault! If you acted more mature this wouldn’t of happened in the first place!

Louise: Great, my first day in the crusade and im already in trouble…im so dead.

Magwitch walks in.

Magwitch: Right! Would anyone like to explain what you were doing in the canal splashing water like a fucking bird in a fucking bird bath!?!

Aanson hangs his head in shame

Magwitch: And as for you two! You Sister Suzanne are supposed to show maturity to the new comer! As for you…this won’t happen again alright!?

Aanson stands up quickly.

Aanson: Emissary Magwitch it was all my fault please don’t take out on these two I was winding them both up and they threw me in the canal.

Magwitch smiles for a brief second and then changes back to angry.

Magwitch: Very good brother. You two may leave then as for you brother…

Suzanne and Louise leave and we don’t hear what happens to Aanson.

They go up to Imoen.

Louise: Poor Aanson…nice of him to stick up for us though.

Suzanne: That idiot, he had it coming.

Imoen: Well at least he accepted what he did wrong and is willing to pay for what he did.

Suzanne: Meh I suppose.

Louise walks off and grabs a broom and starts sweeping the cathedral

Imoen: [to Suzanne] heh, hey look at that.

Suzanne: So what?

Imoen: So…that’s what your laugh sounds like.

Suzanne: Hm? What ‘are’ you talking about?

Flashes back to Aanson being in the canal Imoen is watching Suzanne and Louise laughing, we focus on Suzanne laughing and then onto Imoen who smiles.

Imoen: When you got Aanson-

Suzanne: Yes.

Imoen: You were laughing…I…I just never seen you smile…or laugh for that matter before…

Suzanne: I see.

Imoen: -sigh- Still the quiet one it seems.

Imoen walks up to the stairs leading to the altar and kneels Suzanne watches Imoen and smiles.

Moments later we Aanson walk out with Magwitch with a smile on her face, Aanson on the other hand is rubbing his back looking grumpy, Louise shouts “Aanson!” and gives him a hug, Aanson winches and yells in pain.

Louise takes a step back and starts fussing him. Imoen and Suzanne walk over to Aanson.

Suzanne: The whip huh?

Aanson: [rubbing his back] Yeah.

Imoen: That and old age.

Imoen Smirks

Aanson smiles back and lets out chuckles a bit playfully punching her in the face slowly.

Louise: Are you hurt? Where are you hurt? Can I help you?

Aanson: Don’t worry sister Louise I’m fine…you know some men pay to be whipped by someone like sister Magwitch.

All three girls stop and stare at Aanson looking shocked by what Aanson just said.

Aanson: Hey tell you what sister Louise…I could really do with a…massage.

Imoen smirks, Suzanne scowls and Louise looks innocent and concerned.

Louise: Alright brother.

Imoen and Suzanne step in.

Imoen: heh, dirty old man.

Suzanne: I don’t think that will be quite sufficient sister Louise. He must not be relived of his punishment.

Aanson: Spoil sport.

Suzanne: We all have to follow the rules of the crusade brother ‘Aanson’

Aanson: Heh heh Oooh I like it when you talk like that.

Suzanne face scowls at Aanson

Suzanne: That type of attitude will get you more punishment…brother.

Aanson: Could you whip me sister?

Suzanne: If I was asked to-

Louise is caught in the middle looking at Aanson and Suzanne each time they speak.

Imoen: Err I think we should stop while were-

Aanson: My My I would just 'love' being wiped by you dusty. hey you whip must be collecting dust yeah?

Suzanne: WHAT!?

Aanson: [to louise] Heh heh I love it when she’s angry.

Louise: Brother? Maybe you should stop…

Suzanne: You never take anything serious do you!? Argh!

Suzanne storms off

Louise: Oh dear…

Imoen: Aanson. Think you best go see her.

Aanson: Hmm I suppose.

Aanson walks towards Suzanne.

Louise turns to Imoen.

Louise: Is it always like this?

Imoen: No, Aanson is just…

Louise: Silly?

Imoen: Heh, yeah I suppose you could put it that way…sometimes he keeps us all sane.

Louise: What do you mean?

Imoen: Makes us see the funny side of things, our job isn’t a pretty one and there have been many things that have upset me in the past…Aanson sheds light on these situations and makes them more…acceptable.

Louise: I like him, though I don’t think he takes his job to seriously.

Imoen smiles at Louise

Imoen: You know…I feel that you are a part of us already sister Louise.

Louise bites her lip

Louise: aww thanks! Now I best get back to my sweeping see ya!

Louise starts sweeping the floor, she stops, sneezes and then carries on again doing this every 10 seconds.

Pan back to Aanson

Aanson: Hey come on sugar lips…

Suzanne: Shut up! Light’s sake still cracking jokes!

Aanson: hey calm down, what’s wrong with cracking jokes anyway?

Suzanne: It’s not the Crusader way!

Aanson: Says who?

Suzanne: Says…the high Emissary!

Aanson: Dang, must of missed that meeting.

Suzanne scowls at Aanson.

Aanson: Listen Suzanne. When I joke around with you I don’t mean to upset you…in fact I only do it to escape from what we do all day…kill scourge come back here and be spat on by the general public…Suzanne, if you can’t look at things and just laugh at it…you will go crazy, we all have to find a way to escape.

Suzanne: You know what calms me down? Eradicating Scourge Scum! I don’t care about what people think!

Aanson: Heh, that so?

Suzanne: Of course!

Aanson: Your nineteen, still on the rough ride of what all teenagers have to take-

Suzanne: So? I’m old enough to be Crusader I know more than you do and I at least act older than you!

Aanson smirks

Aanson: I’m not going to say sorry for what I am, just like you don’t have to say sorry for being you.

Suzanne: Hmph.

Imoen walks in

Imoen: Sister? Are you alright?

Suzanne: I feel like im the ‘only’ one acting like ‘true’ crusader here at times.

Aanson laughs and starts talking to her, we hear Imoen’s thoughts

Imoen: It’s so strange…Louise and Suzanne are both the same age but their so different…when I was their age…

We see a quick image of a girl with shoulder length red hair her eyes are wide open and her hair messed up she seems to be staring blankly.

Imoen: …I didn’t talk at all…It makes me happy seeing them laugh and smile…though I worry about Suzanne. I can tell this isn’t her true self, that she’s hiding her true emotions…when I saw her at the bridge…she felt so…different like it was her…the real her. Louise…she is so innocent…cute really…huge war going on and she’s cleaning…

Imoen smiles looking at Louise chuckling to herself.

Aanson and Suzanne turn towards Imoen.

Aanson: [to Suzanne] light, what I would give to find out what she thinks about…all she damn well does sometimes…

Suzanne: What is it sister Imoen?

Imoen turns around quickly looking embrassed

Imoen: Oh…erm…I was…just…well…Louise…I,

Imoen takes a deep breath.

Imoen: I was just thinking…there is a war going on and Louise is dusting the place down.

Aanson smiles at the word “Dusting” Suzanne nudges Aanson scowling.

Aanson: She’s alright, very childlike…I suppose she came here to learn the ‘adult’ or ‘serious’ side of herself-

Suzanne: Great! Another person who won’t act like a crusader light’s sake!

Scene fades out as Imoen and Aanson try talking to Suzanne who is throwing her own little tantrum.

To be continued…

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