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We are back at Imoen’s quarters, we see her get changed into her armor she opens the door and we see Aanson down the corridor.

Aanson looks at Imoen blankly.

Imoen: Are you alright Aanson you look a bit worse for wears.

Aanson just stares at Imoen. Imoen begins to walk up to Aanson as she does. Aanson shoots Imoen with a Ice beam.

Imoen: [ shocked ] Aanson…why?

Aanson: I’m sorry, Imoen. I had to.

Imoen shatters into a pool of blood. Aanson goes into shock burying his hands into his face. He looks into the pool of blood. A figure looks back at him we only see him smirking back at him.

Strange voice: She’s mine now!

Aanson turns around to see a huge female knight her armor is on fire. Aanson eyes widens.

The knight picks Aanson up by the neck and slowly chokes him before breaking his neck. She Throws him out of the window as he falls to the ground we hear a thump and then…

Aanson screams in horror and we hear a banging on the door.

Scarlet: Initiate Aanson! Initiate Aanson!

The door smashes open we see Aanson twitching.

Scarlet: We need a priest in here! Get one in here now!

A random Scarlet runs in

Scarlet Priest: By the light! Hold him down! Quickly!

The knight forces Aanson to his bed, keeping him still the Priest starts chanting she casts a spell, the whole room shines of a bright light, we see Imoen in the door way looking at the whole thing taking place….

3 weeks later…

We see Aanson in an inn alone drinking some ale. Imoen comes in and sits next to him.

Imoen: Brother…Aanson…you know the rules…

Aanson: …I need this.

Imoen: You havn’t spoken to me for three weeks now…who did that to you? The doctors told us it was an attack of some kind-

Aanson: I don’t know…let’s forget that it ever happened…it’s better locked away.

Imoen: But-

Aanson: Look. The doctors and priests told me I’m fine now. Whoever did this…argh! It doesn’t fucking matter anyway!!!

Imoen: Hey! Calm down will ya! That’s the first time I’ve heard you be so aggressive…

Aanson: Just leave me alone will ya?

Imoen looks upset by the remark she hesitates

Aanson: Look just fuck off will ya?!?

Imoen runs off crying.

Aanson is left alone at the bar, the bartender comes over to him.

Bartender: Hey…buddy, you sure you’ve had enough?

Aanson: Just keep em coming…

Bartender: -sigh- You’re the boss...

Bartender grabs another ale and puts it near Aanson, Aanson just stares into the ale. We hear the voice in his head go threw his mind “She’s mine now…” then tabatha’s voice “she will be the death of you…”

Three weeks later…

We see Imoen praying alone near the altar, Aanson walks in and kneels next to her.

Aanson: Here.

Aanson passes her a red head bandanna

Aanson: I made it myself…I’m sorry how I’ve acted these past few weeks, I’ve had to really think about my…future and what I want to do with it.

Imoen:[Worried] Are you leaving?

Aanson: No. Imoen…you remember you told me about your father?

Imoen looks around her quickly.

Imoen: Shh. Aanson…don’t even speak of him.

Aanson lowers his voice

Aanson: The doctors told me to-

Imoen: You told them!?!

Aanson: No, no. They told me to confront my fears…Imoen, tabatha told me you would be the death of me…Imoen…please…tell me what you know about him.

Imoen: Other than he took away everything I held dear…your worried he’s after you aren’t you?

Don’t worry…he would never show his face around here.

Aanson: It could have been one of his…people.

Imoen: Aanson, the guard would of found them, it was most likely either Hejin or Clarizy.

Aanson: Why them?

Imoen: To get at me I suppose…I’m sorry you got involved in all this.

Aanson: Don’t worry, sister.

Aanson grabs hold of Imoen’s hand and squeezes it

Aanson: We will still remain the same sister. Nothing can stop that.

Imoen’s eyes fill up with tears and she hugs Aanson they embrace each other and it pans out…

A month later…

We see Aanson arm around Imoen they are both laughing as they are walking down the cathedral square.

Aanson: So this guy, who was at the doctors thought he was a half titan!

Imoen: Your kidding!

Aanson: Nope. Imagine it a-

Imoen: la la la im not listening!

Aanson bursts out laughing

Aanson: Ok ok. Well we did have some right nutters at the doctors I had to go to-

Imoen: You mean the pub?

Imoen smirks, Aanson’s face doesn’t look to amused by the comment.

Imoen: Sorry.

Aanson: Ah. Don’t worry about it mate. Hey, can you remember that woman I told you about? The new recruit?

Imoen: Yeah, why didn’t they let her in last time?

Aanson: Well after the attack, they didn’t let anyone in for a while till they knew it was safe…She’s a good friend of mine, she’s a priest herself, young lass…she’s nineteen you know?

Imoen: Nineteen!?!

Aanson: Yup.

Imoen: Why in light does she want to do this as such a young age?

Aanson: Something to live for I suppose…ere lets go meet her she’s waiting for me at cathedral…in fact…crap! Im really late Gerris must be interviewing her now!

Aanson runs into the Cathedral Imoen follows shortly after. When they run into the cathedral they go past the altar, and down a ramp which leads into a small room. Then they go down a staircase which leads to a small dusty tomb.

Skips to seeing Gerris with a line of recruits in front of him.

Gerris: Alright you lot! Were going to let you in…but first…beg, beg to the light!

Some of recruits fall to their knees some stand still confused.

Recruit 1: Erm…Brother why do we beg to the light?

Gerris: You dare question me?! Get out!

Some of the recruits leave we see a woman and a man on their knees left.

Gerris: Good. It seems you lot can follow orders…it’s not enough…you will be taught much, much more….now go upstairs ready for the final stages.

Imoen and Aanson run in out of breath, Gerris glares at them.

Gerris: It’s finished now, Your late!

Imoen & Aanson: Sorry Gerris, Sir!

Gerris: Hmph. Get upstairs, both of you, you will at least see these new initiates.

Imoen and Aanson both walk upstairs, they kneel at the altar a few Scarlet Crusaders are already there kneeling next to them. A old man appears he is wearing a long red robe and holding a silver staff.

Habeus: Brethren, today we grant these civilians into our holy order they have proven to Brother Gerris that they are a ready to join our order.

Brother Jack, do you accept the light into your heart for now and always?

The old man nods at Habeus.



Sister Suzanne, Do you accept the light into your heart for now and always?

Suzanne: Yes.

Habeus: Then I now make you initiates of the Scarlet crusade, you may put these tabards on and wear our sacred robes…these are a symbol of poverty we all take.

The scene fades out as Habeus continues talking. We now see Imoen, Aanson and Suzanne in the cathedral talking amounst each other.

Aanson: So, Suzanne this is Imoen, Imoen this is Suzanne.

Imoen: Greetings sister, I’m sorry about brother Gerris he’s a bit…rude.

Suzanne: Don’t worry about it.

Aanson: Heh. You growing a white patch on your head already sport? At nineteen to that must suck.

Suzanne: It’s dusty Black!

Aanson: Heh, heh. Sure, sure.

Imoen: Ah, don’t listen to the old man…none of us do.

Aanson: Silence Carrot hair!

Imoen: Oh be quiet grandma.

Aanson: hey you could at least keep my gender intact.

Imoen: Ok Grandad.

Aanson: Thank you, anyway don’t worry sister Suzanne I am only jesting.

Suzanne: Ok. I have to go now…I’ll see you later?

Aanson: [smiling] Sure.

Suzanne walks off and kneels down near the altar.

Imoen: Good one Aanson, really smooth.

Aanson: You think I might of upset her?

Imoen: I won’t lie to you, proberly.

Aanson: Oh well…hey what did you think of her anyway?

Imoen: She’s a bit…

Aanson: Quiet?

Imoen: Yeah…and creepy.

Aanson: What makes you say that?

Imoen: Her skin is so pale…and her hair it’s white at the top…are you sure she’s nineteen she does look a bit young I suppose…but, I don’t know.

Aanson: Well some people are like that, they are quiet to suss out who we are then they talk to us if they feel safe.

Imoen: I suppose…

Scene skips to Imoen lying in bed thinking to herself.

Imoen: Suzanne…there is something about her…it’s strange, whenever im talking to someone she always seems to be there…

We see pictures of Imoen talking to random Scarlets and other races and in the distance we see Suzanne staring at her.

Imoen Shudders.

…I’m proberly being paranoid, but it seems like she’s always there looking at me, sure it could be her way of dealing with people but it’s strange, a simple hello now and again wouldn’t hurt…

Skips to see Imoen get changed into her armor she opens the door and we see Aanson down the corridor.. We see Suzanne, she is about to walk down stairs leading back into the cathedral.

Imoen: Sister!

Suzanne: Oh. Hello Sister.

Imoen: Here. Let me walk with you.

Suzanne: Sure.

Imoen and Suzanne walk together down threw the cathedral. Suzanne expressions don’t seem to be very lively and Imoen looks uncomfortable.

Imoen: So…erm, how are you enjoying the Crusade?

Suzanne: I’m enjoy it. I have to go…work.

Imoen: Oh ok, well…Light be with you sister.

Suzanne: Light be with you.

Suzanne runs off, Imoen looks slightly confused. Imoen starts walking threw the trade district she overhears a conversation

Night elf: Yeah, so their finally getting married.

Gnome: Yup, who would of guessed huh?

Night elf: So it’s open to the public? That’s a bit risky, what about their families?

Gnome: Well, if they have any families left, most people don’t nowadays.

Night elf: That’s true.

We hear Imoen’s thoughts

Imoen: A wedding huh? I could do with a happy sight after these past few weeks.

Night elf: So where is this being held?

Gnome: The temple of Elune.

Night elf: Wow, fancy due then?

Gnome: Tell me about it…you going?

Night elf: Erm…yeah sure why not?

Gnome: Cool. See you there then?

Night elf: Yeah, ok see you around.

Scene skips to Imoen in Darnassus she walks towards the temple and sees a female dwarf in a wedding dress

Dwarf bride: Ach! Im so nervous…

Night elf maid: Oh you’ll be fine! You look so preety! I feel so so… *starts crying *

Imoen: Oh brother…

Imoen walks into the temple and sits on a small bench. There isn’t many people there apart from a gnome and a crying night elf who is sitting right next to Imoen. Then all of a sudden Suzanne turns up on the altar.

Suzanne: Would everyone please stand for the bride and groom?

Imoen’s face is shocked by the sight and everyone else apart from her stands up, as she is shocked by the sight…

The wedding sermon goes on, it is the first time we hear he speak using full sentences. The Gnome is constiently cheering the night elf next to Imoen is constantly crying poking Imoen giving reamarks like “Oooh! Don’t she just look lovely!” Imoen smiles back with a slightly disgusted look at the elf who is constituently crying. As the reading is finished Imoen goes up to Suzanne.

Suzanne: Sister Imoen! Erm…I can explain.

Imoen: Relax-

Suzanne: Now I know were not supposed to do these kind of things but I owed him a favour so I did this for him…sorry?

Imoen: Don’t worry about it sister…you did good, im impressed.

Suzanne: I’m a bit shocked to see you here sister…I thought you didn’t like other races?

Imoen: It’s not that I don’t like them…I treat them all equally.

Suzanne: A bit like Sister Elizabetha then?

Imoen: Yes. I’m more like her than I am of say…Emissary Magwitch.

Suzanne: So…you won’t punish or tell anyone about this?

Imoen: Nope.

Suzanne: Phew. Thank the light…lets get to Stormwind before anyone notices…

Imoen and Suzanne both arrive at Stormwind. Aanson runs towards them out of breath.

Aanson: Imoen! Thank the light you’re here! Where in light’s name have you been?

Suzanne looks worried

Imoen: Oh, just went for a walk…why, is something wrong?

Aanson: Sister…this may come to a shock to you but Sister Elizabetha…she’s…

Imoen: She’s what? What’s happened?

Aanson: It was during her last mission…she’s badly injured, The high Emissary just heard the news!

Imoen: Where is she!?

Suzanne: By the light…I hope she’s ok.

Aanson: We don’t know. Her mission was at the eastern plaguelands so im guessing she’s there…

Imoen: Ok…Suzanne. You coming with me?

Suzanne: I will wait here. See if she returns.

Imoen: Alright… [to the flight master] To the Eastern plaguelands!

We hear Imoens thoughts as she is flying threw Azeroth.

Imoen: The High Emissary knows about this attack yet he hasn’t done anything…he hasn’t sent any Crusaders to come help her, what in the light is going on? Don’t worry Mother, I will come to your aid.

To be continued…

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