Alliancecrest small.gif Entriia Darkstorm
Image of Entriia Darkstorm
Title(s) Mistress Nightshade
Gender Female
Race Night Elf
Class Shadowmancer, Fallen Druid
Age Unknown
Alignment Neutral Evil
Affiliation The Faith
Status Uncertain
Relative(s) House Darkstorm

Did you mean Entriia Shadowwind?

Name[edit | edit source]

Physical Traits[edit | edit source]

Entriia is of average height for a Kaldorei. She has a long mane of Snowy white hair. Her once brilliant white eyes are now a void black. She is very thin and her veins seem black. Her face has two long Druid markings down the length of it. Entriia always wears a metal, spiked collar around her neck. A Shadow Gem is set into it's centre. On the back of her neck under her mane of hair Entriia bears a complex magical rune, carved into the flesh.


Race and Class[edit | edit source]

Kaldorei Shadowmancer, Fallen Druid.

Notable Talents[edit | edit source]

  • Dark Tendrils

Level: Novice

Description: shadow energy is concentrated in the hands of the caster. This energy can be used to attack in a similar way than a whip does, or to render someone rooted or tied down.

Requirements: standing still to manipulate the tendrils. They move by pure willpower, no mantra required to channel. The movement is based on the caster's manipulation, so no use to use while imprisoned or handcuffed.

Requirements: Focus.

  • Rune of Minor Domination

Level: Master

Description: The caster carves the required rune into the skin of the subject and imbues it with a shadow-magic spell. The end result strengthens the mental connection from the caster to the subject, also allowing them to cast The Curse of Agony and Pleasure to much greater variables.

Requirements: Carved Rune, Incantation.

  • Curse of Blood

Level: Initiate

Description: Curse. Target is over-sensitive to pain.

Requirements: Incantation, Rune

  • Curse of Pleasure

Level: Initiate (joy) - Novice (pleasure) - Master (Ecstasy)

Description: Curse. Similar to Curse of Agony, but the target experiments sensations of pleasure and joy, which can be raised to any level, given the caster is skilled enough.

Requirements: Incantation, Line of Sight

  • Shadow Fire

Level: Initiate

Description: A glob of unnatural shadow fire capable of being tossed. Multiple shadow-flames can be conjured at once but it is more draining. Their affect is similar to a Shadow bolt used by Warlocks.

Requirements: Focus.

  • Shadow Phase

Level: N/A

Description: The caster fades away into the Shadows of the area, rendering it invisible to the untrained eye.

Note: As the shadow taint grows within her, this skill has developed to the point where she can loose her physical form when within a large, darkened area, although she is unable to leave this area or cross lighted areas without returning to her physical form.

Requirements: Innate talent.

  • Chittering Death

Level: Master

Description: The caster summons forth a swarm of carrion insects, akin to beetles, directly from their mouth. The carrion insects will swarm any target the caster so wishes, attempting to devour the target(s) from within and without. This spell was originally one of the Nathrezim's cantrips.

Requirements: Incantation.

  • Curse of Blackheart

Level: Master Shadoweaver

Description: The targets chest is wounded, most commonly with a knife, and dark tendrils of shadowmagic embrace his heart slowly until the heart has turned black and beats with energy of the nether. Then the chest is healed. The magic that remains in the heart is personal to the caster, so a link is established between him and the target. Over time, this allows for telepathical communication and the ability to feel the other ones presence. The caster however, can block the link from his side temporarily. Over time, the enchantment on the heart will affect the body with a taint of the nether, a procedure that is quite painful, as the magic will run straight through the blood and spread through the body. Various symptoms are possible: psychoses, a darker state of the mind, a longing for violence as well as similarities with the caster (in Annarima's case, the receives might develop red eyes that glow occasionally, and hissing). The curse will feed on the energy of the target's body, but might even be unnoticed if the target already has a strong magical potential. Gradually, the target receives a stronger potential for the use of shadowmagic, since a strong source is present within. This allows him to cast basic spells in the school of shadowmagic, as well as the ability to rush in a frenzied state that makes the target go berserk, but drains him quickly as well. Further states of enchantment and taint can be unlocked by the caster, allowing the caster to let the target develop stronger powers. Concerning control, the caster can also unleash the magic within the target, bringing him in a state of total agony, since the shadowmagic will burn whole of his body since it spreads quickly through the blood. This curse is very useful for control, or to empower Shadowknights, but is a gift the caster should only grant to others on rare occasions.

Requirements: A full ritual. The caster may receive assistance from other channelers. A magical circle is extremely useful here, since wrong usage of the spell might kill the target. A strong source of arcane magic is required, but this can also be replaced by a location with a great arcane presence.

  • Summon Shadow-Spawn

Level: Master Shadoweaver

Description: The caster summons forth a clutch of Shadow-Spawns, the amount depending on the caster's expertise. The Shadow-spawns are formed of pure shadows, possessing trailing shadow-flame appendages. They lack intelligence but possess the cunning of a predator. Best suited to hunting. Due to their predatory nature, a fel-magic spell of binding and servitude is required to control these Spawns.

Requirements: Incantation (both fel and shadow), Runes, Bindin Circle.

  • Note- Due to the shattered world of Outlands being vastly different biologically to the world of Azeroth, upon crossing worlds Entriia can reconnect with the ebb of Nature, thus once more having mastery over her druidic abilities. Although this is only possible within the world of Outlands, the spirit of Azeroth rejects her for her taint.

Guild[edit | edit source]

The Dark Embrace

Occupation[edit | edit source]

Family[edit | edit source]

All Dead as far as she knows.

Background[edit | edit source]

Her home was destroyed and her family killed when she was 5 ((human years)). Escaping to Astranaar on the family saber, Swiftwind, Entriia was taught the ways of the druid by her adopted father, Khadril, a Druid of the wild. She took to traveling the lands of Kalimador for some years alone, before making her way to Stormwind city. She could speak little common and was extremely shy and naive for her age after years alone. After being attacked by The Scarlet Missionaries she joined the group named The Order. She eventfully became aware that her dreams were showing her something. Opening herself up to the dreams, aided by Dreanna, former guild leader of the order, she was shown a vision of herself in an ancient Tomb within an ancient Oak in Ashenvale. Venturing to this tomb Entriia found the remains of a long dead Druid of great power. The Druid entered Entriia's mind and now dwells within it. Over time Entriia has "absorbed" the other's presence from her mind and now what ever remains of Shandris Forestsong is chained deep in Entriia's mind.

Entriia is currently keeping herself even more withdrawn than usual, angry and hurt, hearing of Honoria and Ems being together. After confronting Honoria, Entriia's mind has been plunged into despair and depression, she thinks herself truly alone. Entriia is recovering, mortally and brutally injured, at the brink of death from wounds inflicited by her former lover Honoria Detol along with Ems Dawnweaver. Entriia has finally realized that things cannot ever be as they were. She only seeks to find a way to end the emotional pain she is suffering but fears to face the Nether again upon death. She is alone without any companions to help her in her pain. Entriia has forced her emotions down and instead let her more primal uges take control. But at times it is obvious she still mourns her loss deeply.

Family Background[edit | edit source]

The Darkstorm family is an old clan that goes back before the sundering. The clan has been spread considerably but now little of them remain.

Criminal Record[edit | edit source]

  • Wanted for the blinding of Elizabetha Istro by the Stormwind Militia. But as the group disbanded the charges were invalid.
  • Wanted as suspect for the murder of the commander of the Stormwind Militia
  • Wanted for the Murder of Iana Leafshade, head counciler of The Order.
  • Marked by the Assembly as one of The Dark Embrace and thus wanted for the crimes of the Lakeshire massacre.

Personal Notes[edit | edit source]

Entriia is fiercely loyal to those she thinks of as friends. Before her 'fall' she used to spend a lot of time as a Panther which affects her way of thinking sometimes and has

Hejin's impression of Entriia

affected her speech, she often purrs.

Entriia is often very "playful" like a kitten, hunting and playing, often painful, games with people.

As she sucumbs more and more to the Shadow Taint within her, Entriia becomes more and more dark herself. She now rarely ventures out during the daylight hours and even at night she is nearly always hidden from sight, either by physical or magical means.

Current Status[edit | edit source]

Entriia Darkstorm is dead. Killed by the Mountaineer's under torture. She was burried outside Ironforge, the coffin she was burried in was detonated by the Mountaineer L.T Ulgarf, her ruined body set ablaze and found down the mountainside. Lashela Alania attempted to save Entriia but, alas , arrived as Entriia's coffin was detonated. In a rage, Lashela attacked the Mountaineer's, a fierce battle was fought, with a group of Embraced appearing to defend the greviously wounded Faith. Many of the Mountaineer's were also badly injuried

Entriia's ruined body, what remains, is currently locked deep in the Mausolin of the Scarlet Missionaries under the Cathedral of Light.

Entriia's body was last seen taken from the Scarlet Missionaries crypts by a sudden and lighting fast raid by unknown figures.

Alignment[edit | edit source]

Neutral Evil

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