Alliancecrest small Lord William Stonewatch, Eordan.
Title(s) Lord Stonewatch, Earl of Redridge.
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Rogue
Age 36 (Human Years)
Alignment Neutral Good
Affiliation Stormwind, House Stonewatch
Occupation Rogue, SI:3 Operative, Lord.
Status Alive
Relative(s) Sir Oliver Stonewatch

Name and TitlesEdit

Eordan, or Lord William Stonewatch, is the last surviving member of the House Stonewatch.

His actual name is Lord William Stonewatch but for safety's sake he is known to anyone connected to SI:3 as Eordan. He also uses it as a pseudonym.

Physical TraitsEdit

Average height, long blonde hair, duellist's beard.

Race and ClassEdit

Human Rogue.




Alchemist. Also has interest in poisons and chemical warfare.


None. Most of the House Stonewatch is extinct.


Originally William wanted to use the Council of Nobles to organise a relief force to his castle, but he is currently quite disillusioned about politics in Stormwind, and has set up a small company, Stonewatch Trading Co., which exports goods like wool and cloths from human lands where they're cheap to places like Everlook where there's none and it's needed. Also, he sells luxury goods from the goblins to the human nobility.

Family BackgroundEdit

See House Stonewatch.

Personal NotesEdit

Works for SI:3, and owns the Stonewatch Trading Co.

Current StatusEdit

Feeling enterprising... considering moving from Stormwind to somewhere sunny like Booty Bay and organising SI:3 operations against Grom'Gol or maybe the Crossroads. He'd also like to expand his trading company, and is considering buying out some clothiers or maybe a general supplier.

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