Ethilio Trollsbane

Physical TraitsEdit

Ethilio had long neat white hair,He has a long scar across his right hand

Race and ClassEdit

Night Elf Death Knight


Fortified 2




Ethilio Trollsbane was born in darnassus after his mother died in birth he was sent to a orphanage.Ethilio wasc skilled in marksmenship and became a archer for darnassus.After years of service he travled to Ashenvale.He laster married a night elf called "Athaina" they had a child called dathmare. Ethilio travled to Stormwind for work. He Joined a guild called Graduel commanded by Silvesia. He travled back to Ashenvale to find his wife dead and his son missing. After mounths of searching for the killer he heard a elf named "Garodaf" was payed to assasinate them. Ethilio trcked down Garodaf and fought him but ulitmatly was killed.He was given a second chance,But one catch... He was to protect Silveia who he bearly knew...

After along time of watching over his guild mistress he becan to develop feelings for her... Time after time he would be there protecting her. Soon he heard she was getting married. Ethilio knew that Garodaf would stop at nothing to stop the wedding. Soon he made a deal with garodaf, his life for her safty. Garodaf agreed still awear of his deal he was stuck between the liveing and dead as ghost. He told her all about his second chance after that Silvesia and her soon to be husband Varros reserected Ethilio. Thinking Silvesia would be safe with Varros he signed up to go to Northrend with the argent crusade. After a week his camp was raided by the scorge and he was chosen to become a Death Knight. With help from Jesamine he broke free from the lich kings grasp. After being told that Silvesia was STILL not safe he returned...


  • Darthmare:Son (missing)
  • Athaina:Wife (dead)

Current StatusEdit

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